Sports Betting Gray Hound Racing Rules how to play? Game processThe gray hound has been bread for thousands of years to hunt for us. Its no wonder they can run faster than any dog. Some people say that this is because over time as they are used for a certain specialized duty, i.e. chasing, they evolve to run faster since that’s all they have to do. The grey hound was brought to America in the 18th century and have form that point been turned into a competitive racing dog due to there speed and agility when they are used to hunt.

Today this has evolved into a full gambling sport. Large amounts of money and time have been placed into such events. Dog Racing has been going on since people domesticated dogs. People would always think that they had the better dog and tried to get there dogs to race, but could not get them to in most cases. A man named Owen Patrick Smith created the sport when he invented the mechanical lure that runs the length of the circular track.

This idea to get these amazing dogs to fly around the track was ingenious and without it there would be no racing. Now that you know something about the background of the game and I have completely entranced you in the gray hound gambling scene, lets go over the rules and the type of bets for this game. The purpose of this game or the way you will win money is by beating the sports books, or the person who takes your bet. There are many different types of bets you can make. You have to make a bet either on the phone, in person where the races are taking place, or online. You have to base your bet based on the odds that are available.

Lets see all the more common bets that can be made. Straight bet - This one is pretty simple, all you have to do is bet on a dog and depending on the odds you win if Sports Betting Gray Hound Racing Rules how to play? Game processthe dog comes in first. Place - You win if your dog comes in first or in second. Of course there is a price to pay for the higher chance of winning. Show - Same as the place bet except you collect on upon the third place dog. Across The Board - This bet combines the single bet, the place bet, and the show bet. You wager 3 bets on 1 dog costing you 3 times as much. if your dog comes in first you win with the straight odds, if your dog comes in second you win with the show odds, and id your dog comes in third you win with the show bet odds.

You win with all the money you bet. Combination Bet - You can bet on 2-4 dogs to win In an order that you have to choose. Quiniela or Reverse Forecast – bet on 2 dogs that will finish in the any orderorder. Perfecta or Exacta or Straight Forecast – Same as the Quiniela or Reverse Forecast except the gray hounds have to come in a precise order Superfecta – you can bet on 4 dogs in precise order that you choose that they have to be in at the finish line for you to collect winnings. Twin Trifecta - This is a multiple pool bet in which you make two combination bets in two races. Half of the pot of the first trifecta pool will be paid out to the winners of the first half of the trifecta. The rest will go to the winners of the second half of the trifecta. Daily Double - You have to select the winners of the first and second race of the day. Jackpot – you have to pick 6 winners in 6 races and share a jackpot with others who do the same. Some other sports where betting is done are: Football Betting Rules Baseball Betting

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