bitcoin crypto wallet While traditional media were just starting to pay attention to cryptocurrency, various gambling portals were pondering with might and main about how best to use its advantages.

Many of those online bitcoin casinos that once ventured to build a business around Bitcoin (or simply add a few cryptocurrencies as another payment method) are still successfully operating.

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Of course, the Bitcoin exchange rate very much influenced the growth of interest in virtual currencies. But even if we abstract from the charts with the price of BTC, the willingness of representatives of the gambling industry to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is easy to explain.

Year of foundation 2009
Alternatives Ethereum, Litecoin,Dogecoin
Payment method Cryptocurrency
Casino games 4500+
Website address
Address Newport Beach, California, United States
Do casinos accept Yes

Advantages of Bitcoin gambling sites

The unprecedented interest in cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin, in particular, was largely due to the technical features of this innovative ecosystem. Financially savvy people have paid particular attention to several key aspects of digital currencies:

  • Speed ​​of payment processing;
  • The cheapness of money transfers;
  • The ability to send small parts of one BTC;
  • Security and privacy of transactions;
  • Relative independence from the state.

It just so happens that each of these points is of great importance in online gambling. Therefore, as soon as the first casinos with the best Bitcoin slots appeared on the Internet, the rest began to realize the indisputable advantages of cryptocurrency for casino games.

The technical features of transaction processing on the Bitcoin network make money transfers very fast. The transfer of funds from one account to another is instant. It remains only to wait for the final confirmation of the transaction from the miners. The exception is the periods of extreme network load when this procedure takes about 10 minutes.

For the average online casino user, this can be a double benefit. Firstly, he will be able to save on deposits and withdrawals. Secondly, the gambling portals themselves will lose less profit on commissions, which makes it possible to offer players more “tasty” bonuses.

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of using top Bitcoin gambling sites is player privacy. There is no personal information about the owner of the cryptocurrency on the Bitcoin network. They are not sent along with wallet addresses or public keys. Many best btc casinos do not even require special personal information from users - and if they do, it is only to comply with legal procedures.

Not all users would like to advertise their interest in casino games. Bitcoin makes money transfers much more private - and, in some cases, completely anonymous.

Another feature of bitcoins is the ability to play for very small amounts. There is one hundred million so-called satoshis in the Bitcoin conventional unit, and some casinos allow you to bet on very small amounts. Again, this almost never happens with fiat money. That’s why free bitcoin satoshi slots are the best way to try this benefit.

This should be of interest to gamblers who do not take the risk of playing big on Bitcoin. In this case, caution does not prevent you from enjoying the winnings, albeit small, but still pleasant amounts. And in the case of cryptocurrency, you never know what the value of this amount will be tomorrow.

Another advantage concerns not so much the cryptocurrency itself as the casinos that accept Bitcoin. The fact is that on such bitcoin casinos in Australia one can often find so-called “provably fair” games. Perhaps you have already met the words "Provably Fair" in the titles of sections of some reviews.

This principle means that everyone can take and check the honesty of the result of this or that game. The ability to see with your own eyes how the result was generated increases the credibility of the portal better than a thousand reviews.

Do you know what else makes bitcoin casino aus games stand out? Great bonuses for users!

Bonuses in bitcoin games

It is difficult to surprise gamblers with bonuses. And yet, cryptocurrency portals do it successfully from time to time. First of all, we are talking about bonuses for deposits - in case of large deposits, players are often entitled to huge sums.

A 100% deposit bonus with the ability to receive up to 1 BTC has already become almost a standard for every more or less large bitcoin casino. Some portals go further, increasing the value to 3, 5, and even 7 BTC. And this is just a bonus for the first deposits.

Players will also find a sea of ​​free spins, various bitcoin no deposit bonuses, promo codes, quests, and tournaments. New bitcoin casinos and major ones occasionally hold large-scale competitions with huge prize pools - a few years ago, crypto enthusiasts would have considered it a joke at best. And now, on the cryptocurrency site, you can win a trip to Las Vegas.

One has only to go to the first casino with Bitcoin games that comes across, and promotional offers will catch your eye. In general, this becomes another reason for the casino's interest in cryptocurrency games.

Bitcoin Slots

Collections of slots in cryptocurrency casinos often reach incredible sizes. On some portals, you can find hundreds of them, while others break all records and offer users more than a thousand unique applications.

Bitcoin slot games are not limited to the same interface with nondescript reels. On the contrary, every bitcoin casino app tries to make it as interesting and exciting as possible. There is a feeling that Bitcoin slots are trying to "outperform" each other in appearance.

Of course, casino game developers are interested in appealing to the widest possible audience. One way to achieve this goal is through the amazing variety of Bitcoin games in mobile bitcoin casinos.

From time to time, Bitcoin slots developers deviate from their usual themes and make products with original characters. Some games even add a semblance of a plot in the form of cutscenes and bonus rounds!

Almost all Bitcoin casinos host slots from well-known providers on their sites. This means that players have nothing to worry about the security. After all, such game products are required to pass independent audits before entering the market.

The percentage of refunds to the player most often fluctuates in the standard range of 95-99%. Some portals with slots for cryptocurrency make this data as transparent as possible by placing an information box next to the name of the game.

Board games for Bitcoin

Although slots occupy the lion's share of bitcoin games, gambling software developers do not forget about other indispensable attributes of traditional casinos. Without board games, portals would look rather dull and unoriginal. And not everyone likes slots.

Usually, these games imitate real tables. That is, the player will have the usual markup, a green canvas, cards, dice, or wheels with balls, depending on the game. In addition, many crypto casinos offer bitcoin live casino versions of table games.

In most cases, players will have at least several types of the same game. Add to this the fact that the games can be from different providers and you have a pretty good selection of BTC table games.

Pros and cons of bitcoin casinos 

Since the number of bitcoin casinos is steadily growing, due to the popularity and flexibility of cryptocurrencies, it is important to investigate the advantages and possible challenges that online casinos with bitcoin pokies may have.

Advantages Challenges
Fast payment speed. Volatility due to unpredictable price changes
Privacy and security of transactions. Many players still prefer traditional payment methods.
Minimal or zero transaction fees. Uncertain legal status..
Independence from state.
Not always subject to taxation.

It is worth noting that the sphere of crypto games is still being actively developed, which means that not every iGaming software vendor currently has games with bitcoin support. But, some of the most reputable companies already provide their clients with high quality crypto-friendly software.

Playtech Provides some of the most reliable bitcoin software.
Microgaming One of the first providers to apply bitcoin to gambling software.
Netent The company has some of the most high quality crypto gaming software.
RTG (Realtime Gaming) RTG is the main software vendor for players from the USA.
Play’n’Go Many popular online casinos that accept both bitcoin and standard transaction options.

Bitcoin poker

The poker table is a zone of intense emotions. It all starts with that very sense of anticipation when no one has yet looked at their cards. Of course, it is difficult for virtual games to recreate this atmosphere of psychological battles. But some establishments come close to this.

Cryptocurrency platforms allow things that are hardly possible at a physical table. Users of gambling portals can play poker with Bitcoin and this transforms the game into something completely new in terms of tension.

It turns out that virtual poker, on the one hand, loses in interaction with other players, and on the other hand, it provides an opportunity to get a unique gaming experience thanks to the game for cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Roulette

Experienced players know how well the spin of the roulette wheel can bewitch people. Together with the bouncing ball, variants of the outcome flash in their heads. Red or Black? 26 or 0? Perhaps this is one of the reasons why some players sit at the table much longer than they should.

The advent of cryptocurrencies in online casinos has added charm to this game. Now that the chips on the table match the BTC bets, playing btc roulette is even more exciting. Realistic tables and sound effects make players really stick to the screen.

Crypto casinos offer players different types of roulette for Bitcoin. There are almost always the usual three "national" versions of the game: European, French, and American roulette. In addition, there are variations with different types of bets, additional functions, and even several wheels at once.

Bitcoin Blackjack

Blackjack seems like a pretty straightforward game with simple rules. However, seasoned gamblers will only laugh at this. They know how many pitfalls and possible strategies there are. And if you play blackjack for bitcoins, it only becomes more interesting.

Bitcoin blackjack has become the favorite game of many gamblers due to its external simplicity and hidden fascination. The ability to play for cryptocurrency made the virtual version of the game a worthy competitor to noisy gatherings in the colorful halls of traditional gambling houses. Experienced gamblers will attest that BTC blackjack can evoke just as many emotions, if not more.

Bitcoin dice

Craps are perhaps the simplest bitcoin game, but this does not make them worse than other gambling entertainment. On the contrary, dice has gained a fair amount of popularity among crypto gamblers. There are even entire gambling portals dedicated exclusively to this game.

No special strategies are needed to dice on Bitcoin; you are unlikely to find the Top 5 Dice Secrets. Probably, all its charm is just the same in minimalism. It is also worth remembering the low house edge: in this game, the indicator rarely exceeds 1%.

On some portals, bitcoin dice stand out for the ability to place very small bets. Surely many players will consider this a plus - playing satoshi dice is clearly more fun.

Jackpot Bitcoin Games

Jackpots in traditional currencies look pretty tempting, but Bitcoin jackpots can really drive gamblers crazy. Cryptocurrency portals are taking full advantage of this, offering their users a variety of Bitcoin jackpot games from well-known providers.

Although the chances of hitting the bitcoin jackpot are small, the point is quite different. The pursuit of a large sum and the realization that every spin of the drum, in theory, is capable of giving fabulous money - that's what is really cool. Of course, the desire to win does not disappear anywhere, but only a few can manage to do this, while the thrill is available to everyone.

Cryptocurrencies make jackpot games that much more exciting. Players anticipate the moment of winning and mentally try to calculate the amount of the current jackpot according to the Bitcoin exchange rate. Thus, bitcoin gaming becomes as fun as possible.

💰 What is a Bitcoin casino?
Just like in other countries, in Australia, Bitcoin casinos are gambling portals that use cryptocurrency. There are several types of such casinos:
  • Highly specialized casinos accepting only Bitcoin (for example, Bitcasino);
  • Multipurpose casinos that operate both cryptocurrency and fiat money (BitStarz).
💱 Is it legal to use cryptocurrency in online casinos?
Yes, it is. For example, in Australia, the use of bitcoin is allowed in online casinos. If the game portal is duly licensed and provided with licensed software, cryptocurrency can be used along with fiat money. A list of legitimate online casinos accepting Bitcoin to play pokies and other games can be found on our website page.
🤑 What is the reason of bitcoin casinos popularity?
The popularity of gambling portals and online casinos using Bitcoin games is simple to explain:
  • It's modern - you move with the times;
  • It is convenient - no additional accessories are needed, just a smartphone or a tablet is enough;
  • It's fast - deposits and withdrawals are instant;
  • It is safe – refillment of the game account and withdrawal of the won funds are carried out without risks, keeping your anonymity and confidentiality.
🏦 Where can I get Bitcoins to play in the casino?
There are a few options to do it:
  • You can buy Bitcoins on a cryptocurrency exchange and then store them there.
  • The other way is to transfer them to a hot or cold wallet after the purchase.
  • You can also buy Bitcoins via exchangers, cryptomats, or even using Webmoney system.
  • Some casinos work directly with exchanges. Thus, you can acquire Bitcoins through the gambling portal.
📋 Can I play my favorite games for Bitcoins?
Yes, sure! Specialized online portals offer a huge selection of gambling entertainments: table casino games, roulettes and pokies for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
🏆 How can I make a deposit into a cryptocurrency casino account?
Just follow a simple guide appended below:
  • At the beginning, you need to create an account on the gambling site or log into it;
  • Next step, you have to select «Bitcoin» in the «Payments» section;
  • Then copy its address and paste it into your wallet to create a transaction. You can also do it by scanning a QR Code, provided by the casino;
  • Confirm the transaction.
💰 How to withdraw Bitcoin?
The procedure for withdrawing funds in cryptocurrency is as follows:
  • First, you need to log in;
  • After that, you should click the «Withdraw» button. It is located in the «Cashier» section;
  • Then you need to indicate the wallet to which the won amount is planned to be transferred. Copy its address;
  • In the «Payments» section, select «Bitcoin», paste the wallet address and after all of that, confirm the transaction.
😎 Is there any fee for transferring bitcoins?
Gaming platforms do not charge additional transfer fees. However, the Bitcoin network has internal fees. They are usually $ 1-2.
🔒 Are Bitcoin Casinos Safe?
Yes, because modern cryptographic methods are used to secure transactions in cryptocurrency. In addition, electronic payment is carried out without the participation of any intermediaries. Moreover, the cryptocurrency does not depend on the state economy, therefore, it has a more stable exchange rate.
🆓 Can I play free at bitcoin casinos?
Yes, you can! A lot of online casinos offer their customers to play favorite games, including BTC pokies in demo mode.
🔥 Is it possible to get bonuses in cryptocurrency?
If an online casino offers Bitcoin for slots or table games, you can certainly get a bonus in the same cryptocurrency. In most cases, bonus programs at bitcoin casinos in Australia are quite generous. You need to visit the corresponding section of the gambling site in order to see what kind of bonuses it offers.

In conclusion

A Bitcoin casino is a gambling site where you can gamble and receive winnings. Slots, card games, bets, lotteries, and other entertainment are available - depending on the site. The main advantage is the ability to replenish the casino with bitcoins or another cryptocurrency, play on it, and withdraw the winnings to your crypto wallet.

Author: Gabe Bais

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