How to Find a Pokie Machine on Recoil | Top High RTP Pokies Game process Recoil (aka RTP - Return to Player) is one of the key characteristics of a pokie. It shows how much the pokie returns to the player at a distance. The higher the return rate, the more profitable from a mathematical point of view to play it.

When choosing a game, beginners focus on multipliers, gameplay, the frequency of free spins and bonus rounds. And more sophisticated players take into account returns. Only now far from always in online casinos is information available on the percentage return on pokies. We will tell you how to find such data, and generally introduce you more closely to the concept of RTP in gambling.

What is RTP and how does it happen

RTP - Return to Player or return or return. This mathematical parameter is embedded in the gaming machine using algorithms. The return is set by the developer. And in licensed pokies, this indicator is a constant. A legitimate return casino cannot make changes, since all games are downloaded from the official servers of providers or aggregators. So pokie A RTP will be the same everywhere. But in the so-called “scripted” (pirated) devices, the return level can be changed.

In theory, the percentage of return shows how much the pokie will “return” to you over a distance. Roughly speaking, RTP of 97% means that 970 will be returned to you from the amount of 1000 euros. In fact, you can “catch up” the return at around 10,000 or even 1,000,000 euros. It should be understood that RTP is not distributed in proportion to the amount of bets of a particular player at a particular moment. But the return is relevant for the total amount of bets. That is, if all the players bet € 1,000,000, then 970,000 euros will be returned to them. And the winnings will be randomly distributed.

It is important to understand that in RTP bonus wins and winnings from free spins are "laid down". Developers take into account the features of the gameplay of the device in advance. For example, if the “bonus” in the pokie has the potential to issue a large multiplier, then in normal sessions, such an automaton can “eat” for a long time. The big win in the prize round that was lost covers the loss of "zhora".

The lion's share of modern pokies has a built-in return rate above 95%. Everything below is considered bad form. Most popular range: 95-97%. Although there are pokies and 98% and even 99%. Pokies with returns below 95% are also found. And often these are extremely popular names - like the same Riches of Ra from Play'n Go. So far, there are no games with neutral (100%) returns in online casinos.

Where to look for pokies on the return

At the beginning of the 21st century, there was practically no information about RTP pokies in open sources. Some enthusiasts even tried to set the indicator manually. Now such information is freely available. Here is a list of sources you can use:

  • Official sites of providers . Who else but the company that released the gaming machine knows about its main characteristics. Some developers (NetEnt) directly on their website in the catalog with demo versions of games indicate their percentage of return. If there is no information on the portal, then contact the manufacturers support service. If their products are licensed, then they will not hide their technical characteristics from the audience.
  • In the gaming machine itself. Prudent manufacturers “embedded” RTP information into pokies. You can find it not in the information section, but in the FAQ or help section. Yes, these units are not always integrated into the device, but if they are present, then there will most likely be RTP data there.
  • Online casino. Operators almost never disclose data on the return of the game on the site. Theoretically, the visitor can make a corresponding request to the support service. If the casino is licensed, then it should easily indicate the numbers or provide a source with information.
  • Our website. The easiest and most effective way is to use our resource. We publish reviews of one-armed bandits, including indicating the level of return. So you just have to go to the games section , or use the built-in search.

Top pokies with good returns

How to Find a Pokie Machine on Recoil | Top High RTP Pokies Game process It is not so easy to compile the actual rating of the pokies by return, since it is not always possible to find out the exact data. The standard situation for the gaming industry: the provider released a game with an RTP of 96%. A few years later, the company was absorbed or ceased to exist, and someone else bought out its portfolio or inherited it. The new copyright owner decided to make adjustments to the mathematics of the one-armed bandit. And this is not always advertised.

If you are looking for not just pokies with good returns, but something unique with close to neutral mathematics, then we recommend Jackpot Jester. This simple three-line and three-reel machine returns 99.902%. The authorship belongs to NextGen Gaming .

List of popular high payout items:

  • NetEnt Mega Joker - with bets of 10 coins and more, RTP reaches 99%;
  • NetEnt Blood Suckers - 98%;
  • Mighty Black Night (Scientific Games) - 98%;
  • Big Bad Wolf - “face” Quickspin has a return of 97.34%.

Many pokies with great returns are found in the catalogs "Netent", Kalamba Games, iSoftbet, Habanero, Worldmatch.

Top online casinos with good returns:

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