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roulete in online casino The most hazardous place in the casino, which gathers not only dozens of players but also crowds of observers, is roulette. This is where the biggest money is spinning. Many players do not even pursue the goal of winning, but enjoy the process and play live roulette for fun.

An interesting legend about French mathematics and physics Blaise Pascal is associated with the creation of roulette, which has two different versions. According to one legend, he tried to create a perpetual motion machine with a wheel and a ball. On the other, he retired to a monastery, where he was solving the problem of the probability of lotto with 36 tickets. One way or another, after 1655 roulette became entertainment for monks, and then it was taken over by the French nobility.

The last changes in the numbering and the table for betting were made in 1837 by the brothers François and Louis Blanc, after which roulette began to spread throughout the world. This is how you can see European roulette today. Each country tried to make its own changes, but in the end, only three varieties remained at the international level: European, French, and American.

Fast forward 200 years - all gambling has become available on the Internet, including online roulette. You can get no less excitement in it. The main thing is to know the roulette game rules, and, if you wish, also the roulette strategies. If in blackjack players can somehow influence the course of the game, then in roulette it is impossible - the ball spins at a breakneck speed on the wheel, and until the last second no one knows where it will land.

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What is roulette and how to play it in Australia

Roulette is a large wheel with 36 numbered sectors painted in red and black with the obligatory alternation. The 37th sector is "zero", and traditionally it is colored green. The numbers are arranged randomly, although the Blanc brothers probably saw their own pattern in this.

Players place their bets on a special field, after which the dealer, and in the case of online roulette, the RNG pronounces the catchphrase "Bets are placed, no more bets!". And the ball is launched in the opposite direction of the wheel rotation. After a while, it stops at one of the sectors, the players take the winnings, and the round starts over.

If you add up all the numbers on the roulette wheel, you get the number 666 or better known in Christianity as the "Number of the Beast." For this reason, it has been nicknamed "Ferris Wheel" and many refuse to play it. But judging by the popularity of roulette, it tempts many.

Roulette Betting options

In both live and online casinos, online roulette does not have to be bet on a specific number to win. There are many side bets that can bring good payouts: red / black - 1 to 1; even / odd - 1 to 1; small (1-18) / large (19-36) - 1 to 1; columns (1-12, 13-24, 25-36) - 2 to 1; for 6 numbers - 5 to 1; corner or cross - 8 to 1; 3 numbers - 11 to 1; 2 numbers - 17 to 1; 1 number - 35 to 1.

It doesn't matter if you play American or European roulette, the payout ratio will be the same. The casino makes money on zero, otherwise, you could just bet on the odd and even numbers and just leave the casino with six figures

Inside bets are any bets on the numbered sectors of the game table. All lines and intersections are also included. And outside bets are outside the playing field. There you can bet odd/even or red-black.

In online casinos, roulette highlights all bets and names - it is not so difficult to deal with this seemingly complicated table. Round after round you will get more information and understand this game and the importance of betting right. For that, you can play free roulette online.

Types of roulettes in Australian online casinos

Modern casino roulette has several varieties, which differ not so much in technical data as in the advantage of the gambling establishment and the players. There are only three well-established options:

European - the most widespread type of roulette. Has 36 sectors and one "zero". In this version, the casino earns mainly on zero. Only avid gamblers can bet on this number.

French - it is the least likely to be found both live and online. It is the most disadvantageous for the casino: if a "zero" falls out, players are asked to take 50% of the bet or leave the bets in place for another round.

American - the most profitable from the casino point of view. Differs in the arrangement of numbers and the presence of an additional "double zero". Professional players try to bypass such tables.

Of course, today internet roulette game has many more varieties. There is no need to upgrade the 500 kg 300-piece table - you can simply create a new version by sitting at the computer. For example, some species have 38 sectors, where some numbers bring 500 to 1, while other developers put a mini-game in individual sectors. This provides a great incentive for those who lack the excitement. Do not forget that online casino roulette is very diverse - therefore it is important to know how to play casino roulette and win.

However, over the course of several hundred years, no one was able to create a strategy for playing roulette. The maximum that mathematicians and scientists could do, shine the risks of losing to a minimum, but even this approach does not guarantee anything.

Type of roulettes


Real money

Free games

Mobile version


Pragmatic Play, Evolution, NetEnt, Extreme Live and other

3D roulette

Pragmatic Play, Evolution, NetEnt, Extreme Live and other

American Roulette

Pragmatic Play, Evolution, NetEnt, Extreme Live and other

French Roulette

Pragmatic Play, Evolution, NetEnt, Extreme Live and other

Live dealer roulette

Pragmatic Play, Evolution, NetEnt, Extreme Live and other


Auto roulette

Pragmatic Play, Evolution, NetEnt, Extreme Live and other

How different are European, American and French roulettes?

Every modern day casino, both land-based and online, boasts a vast library of roulette games. Among the whole list there are three kinds of roulette that are especially favored by gamblers: European, American and French. Their base rules are mostly equal, but they do have several key differences.

For instance, American roulette’s most noticeable distinctive characteristic is its second partition for a zero located parallel to the first one. This add-on is applied to both real life and online casino roulette games. A new zero slot makes the game even more quick-paced and intense. Notably, American roulette tables are mostly popular among the players from the USA, but not all over the world. Notably, the Australian roulette wheel in an online gambling-club can fit the needs of players from any country, because it comes with special settings to spice up the game.  

Both European and French roulette wheels feature no additional 00 slot and are considered classic. Those two types have no wheel-related differences, but one major contrast in rules. In contrast to the European one, the French roulette has two specific rules for betting even money – “La Partage” and “En Prison”.

  • La Partage. According to this principle, when the bettor places a wage with even-money and the marble hits a 0 box, the dealer refunds 50% of the stake.
  • En Prison. This rule’s conditions are similar, but somewhat more complex. When the marble hits a 00 slot, the player’s stake gets “imprisoned” and then used for the next round, thus repeating the original wager.

Though all the three aforementioned roulette variants are unlikely to be applied at one casino at the same time, Australian roulette tables of online gambling services have all the possible versions.

Mobile Roulette

Nowadays the gambling industry is steadily moving towards the online and mobile segment. Modern gamblers choose to play free online roulette with no download in the comfortable domestic environment. The best Australian online gambling services are available as a mobile phone application. This is a convenient way to play mobile roulette and many other casino games.

Live roulette

To preserve the true spirit of excitement, Live Roulette was created. This is a studio in which there is a real table, at which a real dealer spins a real ball. Several cameras are watching the betting table (as well as the wheel and the dealer), and the player sits in front of his PC and makes bets fully participating in the process. This allows you to feel like in a casino chair, despite the fact that you are sitting at home on a cozy couch. Change the location of the cameras, communicate with the dealer, note where the ball falls more often, in general - behave like in a real casino! And if you get bored with the "lucky" dealer, just choose another table!

How to win at roulette?

Roulette is directly related to mathematics. More than a dozen scientific reports have been published on this topic, but the use of any strategy is stopped by the casino. The security service of gambling establishments works perfectly and is able to recognize those who use their mathematical structure of the brain to exit the casino with seven-figure amounts.

In fact, there are several ways that will significantly increase the player's chances in front of the casino. However, this will take a little time and effort. And play European roulette - in it, you will get the maximum advantage over the casino. Before risking with real money, be sure to practice for free. Almost every gaming room will provide the player with such an opportunity. However, you won't be able to play for free in a live casino.

Types of bets:


Straight / Single Single number bet
Split Bet on 2 numbers, next to each other (horizontally or vertically)
Street Bet on 3 numbers, chils go horizontally in a row
Corner / Square Bet on 4 adjacent numbers
Six Line / Double Street Bet on 6 romers in a row forming two horizontal lines
Basket Bet on 3 numbers, of which one is 0
First Four Bet on four numbers, first street and 0 at the same time
Top Line Bet on two sectors with zero (0 and 00) and the first street (1-2-3)


Low, Manque Bet on a certain period
Red / Black Bet on a specific color
Even / Odd Betting on an even or odd number
Dozens Bet chilso in intervals 1-12; 13-24; 25-36
Columns Bet on a number in a vertical column of 12 numbers
Snake Bet Bet on a combination of red fields 1-5-9-12-14-16-19-23-27-30-32-34

Roulette strategy

This section simply physically cannot contain all the strategies that have been invented today. But we simply could not help but tell at least about one, and its name is Martingale.

Martingale strategy

This is the most popular and at the same time simple strategy. It consists of the following: a bet of 1 chip is made. If the round is lost, the rate is doubled - and so on until there is a win. After that, the rate returns to the original size, and everything is repeated. It would be risky to use it without experience. We recommend roulette free play at online casinos and only then placing bets for money. And one more important point - the Martingale strategy implies a bankroll reserve. Calculate your balance to be enough for 70-100 rounds. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing funds without achieving a result.

D'Alembert system

The system of the French nobleman Leron D'Alembert is very similar to the Martingale strategy. The player also plays outside bets and chooses an even number. After a loss, the bet is doubled, and after a win, you need to go back just one bet. For example, it looks like this: a bet of $ 5, $ 10, $ 15, and $ 20 lost. The next $ 25 bet wins, which means the next bet is $ 20.

In theory, you will lose about as many bets as you win. In this case, at the end of the gaming session, you should make a good profit. Do not forget that this strategy needs serious adjustment, as it implies a very significant bankroll.

How to increase your chances of winning

Perhaps this is the most popular request of Australian players. Our answer is no way. As we have already said, it is impossible to influence the result. The only thing that can be done is to change the volatility, but it depends on the type of rates. Almost all types of bets have the same payout percentage, but there are also those where the payout percentage is very low. There is such a bet in American roulette - a bet on five numbers. If you want to play this type of roulette for real money, we strongly recommend not to make such a bet.

Another way to increase your chances of winning is through practice. But if you practice playing for real money, you can be left without anything. Therefore, we recommend playing free online roulettes more often in order to understand the principle of the game and learn the rules. Last but not least, only play in trusted and licensed casinos.

Where to play roulette in Australia?

Today, roulette can be played in almost every online casino. But each gaming hall has its own choice and conditions - for example, some casinos have clubs for high rollers, where you can not only play at high limit tables but also get a large welcome bonus on unique terms.

Pay attention to our rating of online casinos. The best gambling establishments are concentrated there, offering to play roulette at tables with live dealers from the best providers such as Egusi, Evolution Gaming, and NetEnt.

Choose a casino, train your chosen strategy, and take your luck into your own hands - fortune loves well-trained players.

🤔 What is the essence of online roulette?
The main essence of the game is to place bets on a special field, hoping for a successful result after throwing the ball and spinning the roulette itself. The outcome is determined randomly and does not depend on the knowledge and skills of the player.
🙄 What kinds of roulette are there?
There are two main types of roulette: American (with zero and double zero) and European (one zero). There is also a French version, mini roulette (13 sections on a wheel), boules roulette, multi-reel roulette, and pure roulette without zero.
🤑 What is the level of RTP in online roulette?
Depends on the variety. In European roulette the RTP (recoil) is 97.3%, but in the American version it is lower - 94.6%.
⚡ Can I play roulette with a dealer on the Internet?
Yes, there is such an opportunity on the tables of live casinos. You can watch the process of throwing the ball onto the dealer's wheel after making bets.
🔞 What is an auto roulette?
Auto Roulette is a kind of live roulette without a dealer. The ball is thrown in by a special automatic device.
😤 What is the maximum possible payout ratio in roulette?
The maximum odds are 35 to 1 (36.0) for a direct bet on a certain number. For example, you bet on 0 and the roll is 0. Then your bet will win, and you will increase your winnings 36 times.
🤔 Best Roulette Strategies?
Most of the gambling strategies were initially applied and tested on roulette. This also applies to the Martingale strategy and other progression-based systems: Fibonacci series, Passwords, D'Alembert, and so on.
📐 Is it possible to get a positive mathematical expectation in roulette in AUD?
There is no practical method to achieve this. Some players recommend keeping an eye on the wheel and catching streaks of the same color. For example, if red has dropped out seven or eight times in a row, then it is more profitable to bet on black (and vice versa).
📱 Can I play online roulette from a mobile device in Australia?
Yes, you can play online roulette from your mobile device. Just go to the site from your tablet or smartphone and launch the desired game. Almost all modern online roulettes support HTML5 standard.
🆓 Where to play online roulette for free?
This can be done in an online casino, on the developer's portal, or directly on our website. Run roulette in demo mode and play for virtual balance.
💰 Can I play roulette for free and win money?
In theory, this is possible if the casino offers a no deposit bonus for roulette. But this is rare enough.
🏦 How many times can you play roulette in a row?
If you make 1000 bets in roulette, then with a probability of 98% you will catch seven consecutive losses (or wins) at least once.
👎Online roulette is a scam?
Online roulette from a licensed developer in a licensed casino is not a scam. RTP in it corresponds to the declared one. "Scam" with twisted RTP and modified RNG is found in casinos without licenses.

Author: Vadim Rotar

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