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Live dealer casino games provide you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a real casino while staying in the comfort of your own home. In Monopoly Live, you will have the chance to feel the nostalgia of your favorite character from childhood and roll the dice chasing some big winnings.

Monopoly Live is an exciting game show, very popular in Australia as well as all over the world, that converts the classic board game "Monopoly" into a realistic "live" mode. This show successfully combines elements of a game show with real life, creating an unforgettable and addictive gameplay experience. 99% of new online casinos include Monopoly Live Game.

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Monopoly LiveIn live casino Monopoly, you need to make bets on different segments of the wheel, which have different prize fields such as numbers or special bonus features like "Chance" and "2 Rolls". You have to predict where the wheel will stop if you want to win, and then you will get the relevant payouts accordingly. The Monopoly Live game is hosted by a special dealer who interacts with players during the entire gameplay.

Once you enter the game itself, you will see a semi-circular room, and in the background, you will find a game board for the Live Monopoly game. In the center of the screen, you will see the Monopoly wheel itself, with a host standing on the right side of it. Nearby you will see a dice-rolling device built into a huge golden structure.

On the left side of the screen, you will notice Mr. Monopoly himself, cozying in his chair with a newspaper, and this character, familiar to many people, creates pleasant memories and adds some visual appeal to this game. 

Monopoly Live is broadcasted in FHD quality, so with good internet quality the game's detail is extremely high, and therefore you can easily enjoy the lush and attractive picture.

Monopoly Live Rules

Now, to begin your Monopoly Live game, simply place a bet on one of the segments available on the game wheel:

  • 1;
  • 2;
  • 5;
  • 10;
  • 2 Rolls;
  • 4 Rolls.

Next, after all bets are placed, the dealer will start spinning the game wheel while you wait for it to stop and drop one of the winning segments. You will have 12 seconds to place your bet, and in addition, you can bet on multiple numbers and bonus games at the same time, with no betting limit in this game, and you can even use the "Bet All" feature.

You will understand the payouts very easily: they are, as in most gambling activities, based on the coefficients listed in the winning sections. Everything here is very simple: if you bet on segment 5 and it wins, you will receive a payout of 5 to 1, betting on segment 10 will result in a payout of 10 to 1. It is important to remember that your original bet will be returned to you together with your winnings.

Everything with numbers is as simple as possible to understand, but at first sight, it is not obvious what the sections "2 Rolls" or "4 Rolls" represent. Well, if you get these sections, you will enter the bonus game.

Two dice are thrown in the bonus game. If the wheel stops at "2 Rolls", you can roll the dice twice. If the wheel stops at "4 Rolls", you can roll the dice as many as four times. The amount on cubes will determine the number of moves, during which Mr. Monopoly will move across the playing field, collecting your prizes and multipliers.

During the bonus game, all areas of the playing field, such as Real Estate, Utilities, and Free Parking, can bring you prizes. Just like in the original game, houses and hotels can be built in some of the areas during the game, which will increase your potential winnings.

If Mr. Monopoly ends up on the "Go to Jail" box, you must roll a double number (two identical numbers on the dice) to break free. Any previous bonus wins you have made remain untouched. Rolling doubles gives you an extra roll of the dice unless it is used to escape jail.

If you roll a Chance sector, it means you get a Chance card: it will award you with an instant cash win, or a multiplier that will increase all the values of the money wheel. In the second case, the game wheel starts spinning again with all your bets.

This means that when you hit "Chance", you can get a 10x wheel multiplier, and if you get a new multiplier on a new spin of the wheel, it will be multiplied by the previous multiplier, resulting in a bigger win. Furthermore, this bonus multiplier even applies to the bonus rounds. But if you land in sectors with income tax or super tax, then you will lose 10% or 20% of your winnings accordingly.

What you definitely won't like is hitting a sector that will get you thrown in jail. We have already written above that just like in the classic Monopoly variant, you will just get stuck and you will have to make double dice rolls to get out of there. Since you already have very few rolls, only two or four, your time in jail can negate the entire profitability of the bonus round if you're unlucky enough to get in.

How to Bet in the Live Monopoly Game

You can select the value of each chip for your bets, but only chips that can be funded by your current balance will be active. Once you have selected a token, place your bet by clicking on the corresponding bet point in front of the game wheel.

Each click increases your bet by the value of the selected chip up to the maximum limit, and when you reach it, you will be informed that you have reached the maximum bet and accordingly no more money can be accepted.

Please, remember a piece of important game information: while betting, it is important that you do not minimize your browser or open any other tabs because such actions can be considered as quitting the game and your bets for this round will not be accepted.

Now let's take a look at the controls of this entertaining game.

BET ON ALL button

As you can understand from its name, by pressing this button, you will bet on all fields at the same time, which means that your pre-selected chip value will be placed in all sectors at once.

REPEAT button

This function allows you to quickly and conveniently repeat all your bets from the previous game round, however, you should remember that this button is active only until the first chip is placed.

DOUBLE button

After you place any bet, you will have access to this doubling button. Pressing the button will double all your bets up to the maximum limit, but before you press it, please, check first if you have enough money in your gambling account to double all your bets.

UNDO button

 This button is useful in case you want to delete the last bet placed. But it not only removes the most recent bet, you can also press it several times to remove bets one by one in the reverse order of their placement. Holding down the CANCEL button will cancel all your bets at once, so be careful not to undo unnecessary ones.

Total bet indicator. This number displays the total amount of all your bets placed in the current round.

Auto Play Mode. The total amount of your bet in this mode is determined by multiplying the number of auto-play rounds by the total amount of your bet. Your game will automatically continue for the specified number of Auto Play rounds, or you can stop Auto Play by clicking or touching the STOP button.

In addition to the previously mentioned buttons for betting and playing, the live casino Monopoly game has several other settings that make it easier to navigate and allow you to better customize your gameplay. These include the options to switch views, sound effects settings, video quality settings, the live chat area, the tutorial, and the ability to enter full-screen mode.

Play Monopoly Live for Real Money

To start playing for real money, you must first find and register at the best online casino that has the Monopoly Live game in its collection. You can find such online portals in our rating, which contains only proven and quality Australia online casinos.

Next, you must deposit money into your new casino account: the minimum deposit amount usually differs from one online casino to another. After successfully finishing payment processing, you are free to enjoy the Monopoly Live game and make your wished bets in real money.

How to Win More in Monopoly Live

To maximize your success in Monopoly Live you will definitely require some strategy, patience, and of course, a little luck. We've put together some good tips to help increase your chances of success:

  • Familiarize yourself with the rules first, learn about the various segments on the wheel, as well as explore the bonus features, which are definitely going to help you make more thoughtful decisions during the gameplay.
  • Use the multipliers on the wheel, because they can significantly increase your winnings. If the wheel stops on a multiplier, your bet will be multiplied by that value.
  • Also use a betting Monopoly Live strategy, in other words, manage your bankroll wisely and set reasonable limits for your bets. You will learn about the strategies of the game itself further in the text.
  • Play intelligently, for example, use the opportunity to speak with the host to get additional tips and ideas. Monopoly Live dealers may provide useful information about the wheel or offer some new, unknown to you recommendations.
  • Don't lose your temper, and always remember that Monopoly Live is a game of luck, and the results of this game are always determined by a random number generator. There is no guaranteed way to win this game like any other casino game, so play it safe and enjoy the game.

By following these tips, you will be able to increase your chances of a positive outcome in Monopoly Live.

Monopoly Live Strategies

Although Monopoly Live seems to be a simple and straightforward game, it is in fact a very variable game with the possibility of different combinations of chances and different risks. You can choose a Monopoly Live strategy according to your own preferences:

  • play for long periods of time with regular winnings;
  • take risks for the possibility of a big win, but also with an increased probability of losing.

Maximum Risk

In Monopoly Live, the highest risk strategy is betting only on the "4 Rolls" segment. Potentially this tactic can make you a millionaire in a few minutes, but in practice, it is much more complicated. In Monopoly Live, the "4 Rolls" sector hits the reel on average only once per 54 rounds, which means that you will lose with this strategy very often. But it makes sense because this is the price you pay for the enormous potential winnings.

Maximum Return To Player

RTP (Return To Player) is the percentage of return to player: the amount of money you will get back from each of your bets. Let's say that some game of chance has an RTP of 97%, and this means that if you bet 100, then on average from each bet you will get back 97, moreover, it will be mandatory only in a huge number of games. Accordingly, 3% will be the casino's profit.

To understand this strategy, you should be familiar with the return percentage of Monopoly Live from the Evolution Gaming provider.











4 Rolls


2 Rolls


As you can see for yourself, the most profitable sectors to bet on in Monopoly Live are cells numbered 2 and 10, while the other sectors are much less profitable. So, to implement this strategy, you will always have to bet only on the number 2.

This is obviously not the most exciting strategy for a fun game, but understanding its concept will help you realize the profitability of different sectors, and eventually, possibly, develop your own strategy, which will be more fun and varied than this one.

All in all, it can be stated that betting on the number 2 would be a good idea, and in addition the sector covers 28% of the entire wheel, making it even more profitable to bet on.

Maximum Safety

In this strategy, you need to bet your chips on all segments of the money wheel at once, and for this purpose, the Monopoly Live game even has a special button to make this easier. With this strategy, one of your bets will always win, but the other five bets will always lose.

This strategy will give you an RTP of 94%, which would seem to be worse than the base value. But, in contrast, you will very often enter the bonus rounds, where your maximum profit can be found. This strategy can also be upgraded if you remove the bet on the most unfavorable sector of Monopoly Live, the sector with the number 5.

Then the total RTP of this strategy will increase to 94.54%, and sector 5 statistically falls in about every eighth round, so you will be losing all your bets very rarely.

As a result, you bet on all segments of the game wheel except number 5 and eventually get quite frequent wins and additional entertainment in bonus rounds.


The Martingale strategy was originally designed for roulette, where you bet on red or black, and if you lose, you will double your bet. Sooner or later the required color will definitely fall out, and the winnings will cover all losses and bring in a profit equal to the amount of the initial bet.

But casinos are not charitable organizations, so in order to overcome this strategy, they have implemented betting limits on almost all games, and Monopoly Live is no exception. You can certainly try this strategy by betting on the sector with the number 1, as the payouts will be one-to-one. But the limitation of bets will most likely lead you to lose your entire bankroll sooner or later.

Rounds History

A lot of Australia Monopoly Live players believe in strategy based on the history of previous games. There are special services called trackers for such players. They track all rounds of these types of live casino games and give detailed statistics about them.

But unfortunately, this does not work, as the probability of falling out of any sector does not depend on the previous history. This strategy was borrowed from blackjack, and in this game, the probabilities for subsequent cards in the deck change depending on which card the dealer has pulled. But in both pokies and the live casino Monopoly game, the outcome of each round does not depend on the previous rounds, so the probabilities of falling sectors from round to round do not change.

Maximum Return

In this Monopoly Live strategy, you eliminate the most unfavorable sectors and place your bets on the remaining ones. In this case, these sectors are "4 Rolls" and the sector with the number 5. This strategy is best suited for beginners who are just getting to know the functionality and learning how Monopoly Live works.

Final Recommendations for Playing Monopoly Live

  • Do not win back your losses on 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls. Such a game can quickly drain your entire bankroll if you start increasing your bets on bonus games to win back your previous losses.
  • Don't look at the history of the games. While you may have a strong feeling that there is a pattern, there isn't. Game history will not help your strategy in any way, as the outcome of each following round is completely random.
  • Play responsibly. Just like in any other casino game, responsible gambling is essential. Never lose more than you can afford and never try to win back, as we all know some stories that have ended extremely badly because of this.
  • Using casino bonuses can help you increase your bankroll significantly at the start. However, pay attention to the rules of the bonus, including allowed games and betting: not all online casinos allow bonuses to be used for live games or may not fully consider the bets placed in them.
  • Make a minimal deposit to try Monopoly.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Monopoly Live Game

Advantages Disadvantages

A wide betting range

An RTP ranges from 91.3 to 93.9% for most betting scenarios

You have a chance to win up to 10,000 times your own bet (500,000 limit)

RTG casinos do not support Monopoly.

An amazing 3D animated board game as the bonus round

An animated version of Mr. Monopoly played live in the studio

Mobile version supports

Frequently asked Questions

Who is the developer of this casino game?
Monopoly Live is a creation of Evolution Gaming.
Does the Monopoly Live slot have a maximum payout?
The maximum payout per game round is limited to $500,000 or 10,000 times your stake. It is important to notice that even if you reach the maximum payout limit, the bonus round will still continue, but the maximum payout limit only applies at the end of the game round.
Can I talk to the host of Monopoly Live?
Yes, it is possible in Monopoly Live. The game host communicates with players via chat during the game. Players can use the chat to send messages. The host responds to messages and provides an interactive and immersive experience for participants in the game.
Can I play Monopoly Live for free?
No, you will not be able to play Monopoly Live for free because live games do not have demos. However, if you want, you can evaluate the game itself without placing any bets there. In our list of the best Australia casinos, you will find a lot of good options where you can play with a nice welcome bonus.
What is the return to player (RTP) percentage in the Monopoly Live slot game?
The game has a payout percentage that ranges between 91.3% and 96.23% depending on which bet you place. You will get the highest payout from placing bets on the numbers 2 and 10, while the other options offer an RTP below 94%.
Does the Martingale strategy work at Monopoly Live?
This strategy can work, but sooner or later you will hit your betting limit and you will lose your entire bankroll.
How reasonable is the strategy for Monopoly Live based on game history?
The spins of the wheel of fortune are independent of each other, as the wheel has no memory. Therefore, trying to predict the outcome of the next round based on game history is completely pointless.
How to always win at Monopoly Live?
There is no reliable way to always succeed in winning at Monopoly Live. However, if you follow the rules, you can increase your chances of success by using the appropriate strategies and by gambling responsibly.

Author: Gabe Bais

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