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Crazy TimeCreative gambling entertainment Crazy Time was designed by the famous online gambling provider Evolution Gaming. The rapid growth in popularity of this game was caused by the fact that it is radically different from the everyday slots, online virtual games, and other activities that have already bored clients of online gambling sites.

Crazy Time offers a variety of major benefits that make it the entertainment of choice for players from Australia and everywhere in the whole world:

  • existence of awards with favourable odds;
  • a real croupier;
  • a possibility to make minimum and maximum bets, choosing a suitable solution for any income bracket;
  • an RTP is 96.8;
  • a unique ambiance of a real land-based casino, displayed in a traditional fashion;
  • a live chat with real dealers and other gamblers;
  • a top winnings rate, advantageous payouts, and multipliers;
  • to compensate for the cost of betting, it is possible to select all-wheel sections simultaneously.

The Crazy Time game is a fully functional online game show with a strong popularity score, which is available to all users who wish to register at online casinos. A special atmosphere of the entertainment increases the fact that it has a host who is spinning the wheel and registers the winnings of the bets made. In addition to simple prize sectors, as in conventional Wheels of Fortune, in the wheel, Crazy Time placed bonus cells that give players different kinds of gifts.

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At the top of the screen, there is a standalone specific pokie that can provide players with additional bonus rewards. There are several prize sectors with bonuses on this particular reel, in which you can make big cash.

It is necessary to know a few features of the game in order to play the Crazy Time game:

  • The main game reel is organized around eight main groups, with 54 sectors in use.
  • You can place bets on one section, some or even all of the sectors. For each cell, there are provided individual options, in which you can set a different value for your bets.
  • Launching the reel in the online Crazy Time game is performed right after the dealer has accepted all bets.
  • There are various multipliers (from x1 to x10) and four bonus sectors among the values of the Crazy Time wheel.
  • Most Crazy Time wheel sectors are multipliers (4 units at x10, 7 units at x5, 14 units at x2 and 21 units at x1). Obviously, they drop out more often than the bonus games.

Launching the Crazy Time pokie is performed at the same time as the start of the reel spin. The slot can give additional benefits to bonuses or a particular cell. Activation of the bonus is only available with a horizontal match of the sector with the multiplier after the spin.

In the bottom corner of the screen, on the very right, you can have access to Crazy Time stats of earlier rounds. Before you start betting some money, you can watch the game in online mode, and understand its characteristics.

How to Start Playing Crazy Time?

Crazy Time BetsTo start earning money in the Crazy Time live game, you can simply follow our guide:

Navigate to the website of your chosen gambling establishment, in case you have doubts about the quality of the chosen casino, you can use a proven recommendation and play any best online casino from our rating, which contains the best and safest establishments Australia.

Register on the selected website if you plan to play for real money. Provide your personal details and confirm your phone number/email. Next, make a minimum or bigger amount of money to deposit: certainly, the bigger your balance, the more spins and chances to win you are going to have.

Head to the Live Games section or you can use the search box by typing the title Crazy Time.

Make a bet, choose one or more sectors, and state the amount for each. Press the "Play" button and soon the croupier will start spinning the wheel. If you guessed the cell then obviously you will get your winnings.

To withdraw funds from an online casino you will sometimes be required to undergo identity verification by sending scans of your document. After that choose a convenient payment system to make a request for a money transfer, enter the required amount, then confirm sending the payment request and wait for the transfer to be credited.

Detailed Rules of the Game Crazy Time

  • When the wheel will stop on the sector you have made a bet on, you will be awarded according to your payout coefficient.
  • If the wheel stops in any bonus game, all players who bet in that game will advance to this bonus game.
  • In Crazy Time live bonus rounds, you can get more winnings, if you hit the proper sector on the playing field.
  • You can bet on everything in the game until the betting time on the screen expires.
  • Each Crazy Time live bonus round has its own method of playing and payout rules.
  • Any winnings will be instantaneously transferred to your gambling account after the bonus round has finished.
  • The maximum winnings that members can earn when playing Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming for real money is x25,000.

How to Play Crazy Time Properly?

Crazy Time is generally a relatively straightforward game with simple, linear gameplay. You won't need much effort to play, most of the work will be handled by your dealer.

First and foremost, select one or more betting options. Crazy Time has four primary types of bets:

  1. Numbers: 1, 2, 5 or 10. You can place your bet on one or multiple of these numbers.
  2. Bonus rounds: Patinko, Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, or Crazy Time. This is also possible for you to bet on one or more of these bonus rounds.

Keep in mind that you can place multiple bets on various options. This may increase your chances.

The game starts very similarly to Dream Catcher: you need to bet on the part of the wheel where you think the spin will stop. You can place bets ranging from €0.10 to €1,000 per round.

Once you place your bets, the host will spin the game wheel, which consists of 54 segments that represent the numbers sections as well as bonus sectors you bet on to receive a corresponding prize depending on the segment the wheel stops on.

You can see a special reel at the upper part of the screen, which is called the Top Slot. This reel will set a lucky bet from the eight available bets (four numbered and four bonuses) along with a multiple for this bet. The drum spins at the same time as the wheel spins, but there will be Top Slot totals ahead of the scores of the wheel spin.

Once the number that you have bet on hits the same as the one on the reel, then the bet will be increased by the odds of the multiplier that hit. For instance, if you placed a bet on the number one and that number comes up on the reel, your stake will be maximized by the multiplier indicated on the reel (e.g. x2, x10, etc.).

If you are lucky enough to hit one of the bonus rounds that you have staked on, you will proceed to compete in that particular round. In every single bonus round, you will find creative winning possibilities, while your stake may as well be increased by the multiplier displayed on the wheel.

Crazy Time Bonus Rounds

If you place bets on either of these game rounds and then the wheel pauses on the bonus section, then both you and the host are relocated to a different area of the bonus roundhouse. The Crazy Time slot machine offers gamblers the following extra levels:

Cash Hunt.

The Cash Hunt bonus has the look of a shooting gallery with over a hundred random multipliers. This is where one will discover a game board with various characters and multipliers that will be shuffled primarily. These values will be covered up by various symbols before being shuffled. You have to choose one of the multipliers that is hidden in the game, a total of 108 of them, by pressing on the display or with the aiming tool selecting the target behind which you think is the largest multiplier. Once the player hears the cannon fire, the round is complete and they will see their winnings.

Coin Flip.

The Coin Flip bonus involves choosing between one red and one blue reward. The host draws a coin from a specific device with red and blue sides. Every coin face carries a value that will be maximised by a multiplier by your bet if the coin lands on its upward position. The coin will be flipped after you choose a colour. By flipping the coin, you will determine the multiplier amount of the payment you receive.


This bonus game is the equivalent of the Japanese Pachinko slots. In this round, you'll encounter a big wall with lots of boxes down there, each with differing multipliers. A dealer launches a ball that will finally enter into any of the boxes with a multiplier applied to your bet during this special round. If the ball drops on the "DOUBLE" value, all multipliers at the bottom of the screen will be multiplied by 2x. This ball keeps falling until the multiplier is activated. In addition, this ball can continue to be dropped until the maximum multiplier of 10,000x has been triggered.

Crazy Time.

This particular round will bring you into a unique world with a huge spinning wheel separated into 64 different sections with various multipliers and either "DOUBLE" or "TRIPLE" boxes. You will have to select from different coloured arrows.

When you start spinning this wheel, the value your arrow hits multiplies your stake. If it reaches the "DOUBLE" or "TRIPLE" sectors, any multipliers on the wheel are doubled or tripled and then the wheel starts spinning once again. This event may occur as many as three times, which will significantly boost the sum of your winnings.

Crazy Time Tracker

A lot of players utilize Crazy Time's advanced stats analytics tools, like the Crazy Time tracker, to help enhance their gambling.

A lot of gamblers review the results of their earlier games to review the stats of the game and figure out the probability of the following outcome. One popular technique is to use the number of spins that have been played over the last time since a certain outcome last appeared. You can use all this information to make an intelligent decision about when it's best to place your bet.

The Crazy Time stats tracker has functionality that can be used by players to their advantage. By analysing the results of past games, you may gain insight into the performance of the game.

Strategies and Tips for Crazy Time. Statistic

With the probabilities of each possible scenario known, we can suggest you test strategies designed by our experts who have already played Crazy Time for a considerable period over the years.

  1. Bet on number one: statistically, this number has the greatest chance of happening, which is 38.89%. By betting on this value, you can significantly decrease the chance of loss.
  2. Don't think too long, and think about your bets in advance, as the betting time lasts 13 seconds.
  3. Bet differently: instead of having to bet on just a single figure, you might consider placing bets on a variety of different numbers or bonus rounds to maximise your winnings. Such an attitude will result in more potential results and give you a satisfying payout if you hit a higher odds number or if you make it to a prize round.
  4. Use the autoplay function if you make the same bets in each round.
  5. Don't blame the casino if the game is not working as you planned. If you have had a bad day, then pause and return next time if you have a bad luck streak.
  6. Place more bets on bonus rounds. While the chances of hitting a bonus round are fewer, the prizes in these types of rounds may be massive. To win a large amount at once, you may want to try placing bets on either one or several of the bonus rounds listed above.
  7. Statistically, the majority of bonus wins will award you between 10x and 25x.

In general, it can be said that when you gamble strategically, then you can actually experience profits as your decisions are better suited to the game. Crazy Time, despite its apparent simplicity, is a complex and challenging game, and you should definitely not play it without studying it first.

How to Play Crazy Time from Australia?

Players from Australia can have fun at Crazy Time Quiz by using the services of an any new online casino with an active license. To do so, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Find a Australia casino with a Crazy Time game.
  • Create a game profile by fulfilling the registration requirements.
  • Refill your gaming account balance using one of the available methods.
  • Find Crazy Time in the list of released games and start playing.
  • Find a good casino Australia you can from our rating, if you have problems with finding one on your own.

Crazy Time Mobile Version

No matter where you are located today, you can comfortably play Crazy Time from Evolution Gaming live from any of your devices. Play all your favorite live games from the comfort of your own home. It only takes seconds to deposit from your bank account to your balance. We recommend try a minimal deposit first. Grab your tablet, smartphone or PC and access Crazy Time anywhere.

  • Find a casino that has the Crazy Time game by Evolution Gaming.
  • To register in any of the preferred Crazy Time casinos, fill out the registration form with your personal information such as your name, email address and password.
  • To find out how to reach the mobile casino app, go to the casino's site and seek out the link to download it. It is typically located on the main page or in the "Mobile Casino" tab.
  • When the application is downloaded, access it and perform the following steps.
  • Once the application is launched, sign in with your registration sign-in information.
  • To be able to play Crazy Time, search for it in the Live Games sector of the online casino application or use the search tool.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Crazy Time Game

Advantages Disadvantages

Massive payouts

High volatility

Online chat available

Spectacular visual effects

Great bonus games

Unique gameplay

Frequently asked Questions

Where can I play Crazy Time?
This game is offered by many casinos. We have some good Crazy Time casinos for you in our ranking.
Can I chat with other players during the game?
The live chat is provided in the context menu, in addition to the live broadcast and control buttons. In it, you can chat with other users who are taking part in the draw.
Do I need to register to play Crazy Time?
Since each draw of this contest is live, registration for participation is required. It is important to know that in every online gambling portal that has Crazy Time in its collection, you will require to register a personal account.
How to make a money transfer from Crazy Time?
To receive the opportunity to be able to cash out your winnings, it is necessary to gamble at a reputable online gambling portal and place real money bets. After a successful gambling session, proceed to the
Is there an autoplay feature in Crazy Time?
This option can be chosen by selecting the
Does the Crazy Time game have a demo version?
No, this online live game does not have a demo version. Because this is a real live event, the only alternative you have is to gamble with real currency.
Is the Crazy Time game fair?
Yes, Crazy Time is a fair game. Evolution Gaming, the developer of the game, is a reputable and well-established company in the online gambling industry and it uses a random number generator (RNG) to ensure that the outcome of each spin is determined in a random and fair manner. In addition, all live casino games are usually broadcast live from the casinos studio and the game is run by a real human host.
Can I play Crazy Time with my friends?
Crazy Time is a live casino game that is usually played against other players at the same table, but you can chat with them using the chat function provided. However, it is not possible to invite certain friends to play at the same table or in a separate room. If you want to play with friends, you can always recommend a game to them and play together at different tables.
What is the maximum payout in the Crazy Time game?
The biggest payout in the online game Crazy Time can be up to 25,000 times the players original bet, depending on the outcome of the bonus rounds. This can lead to potentially huge payouts for gamers who were fortunate just to have triggered the higher-paying bonus games.
Is there a strategy to win at the Crazy Time live game?
Crazy Time is a game of chance and the outcome of each spin is determined randomly. This means that there is no guaranteed strategy to win in this game. However, players can increase their chances of winning by betting on multiple outcomes rather than just one, which can spread the risk and improve your odds of winning. It is also important to understand the different betting options and their respective payout odds in order to make informed decisions when placing bets.
What are Crazy Time stats?
Crazy Time statistics is a special section in which you can view all the winning sectors that have fallen in the most recent game rounds. In other words, its a convenient way to see your Crazy Time results.

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