French roulette in a Australian casino: how to play for free and for money Game process French Roulette is the very first variety in the “roulette family”. Which, according to one version, was created by the famous mathematician Blaise Pascal in the XVII century. In addition to it, there are also American and European versions. But in fact, they simply duplicate this type of game, having not very significant differences in the rules.

Next, you will learn how to play French roulette with maximum benefit. And also about where it is more convenient to do this - in online casinos or ground clubs with a lively atmosphere.

French Roulette: game rules and types of bets

The meaning of French roulette is the same as that of other varieties. To win, the user needs to guess which number will appear on the wheel at the end of the rotation. But for even more interest and, of course, to increase the chances of earning a jackpot in the game, you have the opportunity to additionally guess even or odd numbers, the color of the field, etc.

Now consider the main points. On the French roulette wheel there are red-black cells with numbers from 1 to 36. In a real game, the dealer accepts bets. And he throws the ball and starts the rotation of the wheel. And online, these options are performed by the machines themselves, for the randomness of the outcomes in which the random number generator is responsible. With the exception of Live Roulette , where all the management functions are in the hands of a live dealer.

As for bets, there is no difference which mode you select. You can play offline, give preference to simulations in online casinos or download French roulette. But the rates are always the same and are divided into two types.

Domestic rates

  • about any number, that is, one number with a payout ratio of 35: 1;
  • a pair of numbers - 17: 1;
  • three numbers at the same time - 11: 1;
  • four numbers with a payout of 8: 1;
  • six numbers at once, when the chip is placed at the intersection of two rows of numbers - 5: 1.

External rates

This view is also quite diverse, but the coefficients are not so solid. Players can bet:

  • on Rouge/Noire (red/black), Pair/Impair (even/odd numbers), more/less (on sectors of numbers from 1 to 18 and from 19 to 36) - these are equal chances with payouts of 1: 1;
  • 12 numbers in one column - 2: 1;
  • a dozen, that is, on groups of numbers from 1 to 12, from 13 to 24, from 25 to 36 with payment also 2: 1.

Features of French Roulette

Important differences of this kind of roulette are a couple of special rules that allow you to minimize the advantage of the institution and increase the players chances of winning.

  • The first is the so-called prison (En Prison) when betting on equal chances with the possibility of returning half the amount if you lose. But the user can, if he wishes, take a chance and not take this half and wait for the completion of the next round without updating the bet. True, in the event of another defeat, the entire amount will automatically go to the institution.
  • The second rule of La Partage is a variation of the previous one. The meaning is the same, only if the ball hits the zero sector, half of the bet without options is transferred to the casino account.

The advantages of French roulette in online casinos

The main advantage of virtual gambling is the presence of a demo mode. This means that you can play French roulette without registering to familiarize yourself with the rules and features of entertainment. True, such a game option is impossible with a live dealer, but you can play as many as you like in the test versions of the devices in the online casino. Including for studying various winning strategies and roulette betting systems.

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