What if I lost all the money in the casino: is it possible to return the payment in Australia? Game process Today, the network constantly displays information on how to return the lost money to the casino. And most of it is presented in such a way that players begin to think about the possibility of returning any payments made through bank cards.

A common practice in the West is the chardgeback procedure. But in the CIS countries everything is different. Therefore, we will try to figure out how difficult this path is for the players in Runet.

What is chargeback?

Unfortunately, law enforcement agencies or lawyers cannot help a client who has lost a lot in a casino. But international banking law provides for the possibility of contesting payments subject to the provision of evidence of fraudulent acts on the part of the recipient. This is called Chargeback, a procedure that protects the interests of bank card holders.

This happens in several stages:

  • What if I lost all the money in the casino: is it possible to return the payment in Australia? Game process A letter is written to the payee requesting a refund of the transactions;
  • An application is drawn up to contest the payment to the security service of the bank that issued the card with the statement of the account and the above correspondence;
  • Initiation of a chargeback by bank employees begins;
  • Pending application;
  • A notification on resolving the situation or a request for additional data is sent to the bank's client.
  • A refund is made.

As a rule, a reply to a letter with a request for a refund is not received. But this point is important, since it is mandatory in the procedure of the chargeback procedure.

Expectations and reality: do players get money back?

There are only a couple of real conditions for the return procedure. It:

  • If funds were transferred to the account of a legal entity;
  • 540 days have passed since the transaction.

It would seem that everything works in an elementary way, but in practice it is not so simple to issue a chargeback casino. Mainly because in Russia and a number of CIS countries, gambling is completely illegal. That is, their residents, by law, should not play in a casino at all and, accordingly, qualify for the return of lost money.

An important nuance in this case is the availability of a license for a gambling club. And, if there is one, then accounts for accepting deposits should be opened at banks operating in accordance with international laws. Only in this case the transaction will be legal and the registered user of the resource will be able to make a chargeback and receive a refund.

Fraudsters are not welcome anywhere

What if I lost all the money in the casino: is it possible to return the payment in Australia? Game process If online casinos and their visitors did not try to deceive each other, there would be no problems at all. For example, in the case of illegal (scripted) sites, everything is clear - you can play them only at your own peril and risk. Because they work illegally, without providing customers with guarantees when conducting monetary transactions.

But, the fact is that among the players there are many scammers who, when they lose, are not happy with the prospect of winning back at the casino. Instead, they are looking for ways to bypass security systems.

The owners of legal gambling portals are ready for this, they know how to respond to fraudulent actions, and also describe in detail the possible consequences in the rules and conditions of their work.

To prevent loss of profit, one of the areas of activity of gambling resources is the dissemination of information about the impossibility of returning lost funds.

Some sites even talk about criminal charges for chargeback, but it's just bullying. Because the banking system works exclusively in the legal field, which means that all approved decisions about the return when providing evidence by the client are legal by default.

Cases when a refund in an Australian online casino is really possible

You can initiate a chargeback procedure if:

  • Blocked game account on the online casino site;
  • A technical failure occurred at the time of the transaction;
  • When making a deposit, a bonus was automatically credited with the requirement of mandatory wagering;
  • Applications for withdrawing money are repeatedly rejected.

When any of the above occurs without explaining the reason, you can safely make a request for a refund. And collecting the most complete information about possible fraud on the part of the resource is an important point that increases the chances of resolving the situation in favor of the client. But, ideally, of course, you should be careful even at the stage of choosing a club on the network.

Because in an online casino where you can win and withdraw your money from your account without problems, the issue of chargeback becomes irrelevant.

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