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Blackjack is one of the most popular Australian online entertainment. For playing online Blackjack, Australia allows using both national and international sites with hundreds of Blackjack games of dozens of types. The top australian online casino even have separate Blackjack sections. NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, and other reputable companies create new Blackjack games, improving gameplay and design, and adding extra bets and bonus features. Casinos eagerly hold numerous Blackjack tournaments and attract players with huge jackpots.

In Australian online casino reviews, we touch on all the main aspects of playing Blackjack online in Australia: the game rules, steps and terminology, its main types and options for live playing. We tell a couple of words about the game playing on mobile devices, compare Blackjack for free and real money, discuss strategies and their efficiency, and help to find the best casino with online Blackjack in Australia.

Where to play Live Blackjack Australia

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How to Play Blackjack Online?

You may choose the demo version of the game or play online Blackjack for real money in Australia. Online Blackjack is similar to any other online casino game. Besides classic bets, players may place advanced and original ones for rare combinations. For betting, fun coins, national fiat currencies, or cryptos are used. 

To start playing Blackjack:

  • Choose a safe online casino with a section of at least several dozen of Blackjacks.
  • Play a couple of games to test the casino's interface for user-friendly navigation and possible delays and errors.
  • Sign up and log in to the site. Do not avoid casino tasks for a no-deposit bonus. Though a typical reward is free spins, casinos may also add free bets to them.
  • To play the game in the demo, you don’t need to deposit your money. Most AU casinos offer this mode for Aussie gamblers. 
  • To start playing Blackjack online, real money punters must make their first deposit. Choose such a deposit method and amount to claim a first deposit bonus. The average minimum required sum is 30-45 AUD or even less in Bitcoin Casino Australia.
  • Select a Blackjack game in the section of the table, card games, or a separate Blackjack section. The live game is located in live dealer casino sections. In rare cases, Blackjack may be also labeled as a 21-game or a 21-card game online.
  • On the game icon, click the real money mode button, select bet amount and type, and start a round.

Advantages and Types of Blackjack

Blackjack is a dealer-player casino game with the aim of collecting a card combination of a total score closest to 21 but without exceeding the limit. Blackjack's outstanding popularity is caused by its unique features. Here are some advantages of the game:

  • Unlike Roulette and pokies online playing, Blackjack requires both luck and great skills. The game result is mostly determined by players' steps.
  • Blackjack has a higher score limit than Baccarat, therefore, players have more space for maneuvers.
  • Blackjack is much simpler than Poker, has shorter hands, and is easier to study.
  • Blackjack has enough steps, strategies, and combinations to be a thrilling interesting game.
  • Blackjack has numerous additional bet types. In Blackjack for real money in Australia players may have up to 100x like in a bet for the same dealer's and player's hand.
  • You may place Blackjack online AUS bets for both a few cents and several thousand dollars, particularly on high-roller casino sites.
  • Blackjack has the lowest casino advantage among all card games.
  • Blackjack gameplay can be easily widened with additional features and steps, therefore, there are a lot of different types of Blackjack.

However, Blackjack shares the same lack as all casino games - casino's advantage, or edge. Сlassic Blackjack contains 2% and is mostly caused by the rule that all bets from pushes and passes are taken by a casino. There are various types of real money Blackjack that decrease this advantage to 1.5-1.75%:

  • European, when a dealer receives one card at the game beginning and takes one more at the end;
  • American with a couple of dealer's cards, an open and closed one;
  • double exposure Blackjack, when both dealer's cards are opened from a game start;
  • 3-card Blackjack with initial 3-card hands for dealer and all players; 
  • Blackjack switch with 2 hands for each player and the option to exchange the top cards between them;
  • Spanish 21 that differs with a hole card, participating all hands, and 1.5x multiplier for each Blackjack hand;
  • Super Fun 21 that assumes player's win with 20 points or more;
  • Pontoon (Vingt-Un) with an opportunity to buy up to 5 cards.

Blackjack Terminology

Blackjack players have developed various and ingenious terminology, and you cannot play the game without knowing it. The Blackjack table below helps newcomers to learn all necessary words and phrases quickly. 




Card combination of a total ranking of 21; instant Blackjack is formed by an ace and a 10-point card.


A card combination.

Dealt cards

Cards in players' and dealers' hands.

Card ranking

Value of a card (2-10, jack, dame, king, or ace).

Card suit

Card type (clubs, spades, hearts, diamonds).


A Blackjack game round.

Shoe (also shuffle machine)

Place for a card deck. 


Any action on a table.


Refusal of continuing the game.


A situation without losers and winners when everyone gets the bets back.


Dividing a hand into two and buying additional cards to create 2 full hands.  


Placing a bet of the same size as the previous one.


Refusal of continuing the game with keeping a part of a bet.


An additional bet that secures a player's main bet against a dealer's Blackjack. 

Hit me

A player's command to receive one more card.


A player's command to refuse an additional card.

Live Blackjack

To play live Blackjack, it is enough to go to any live casino. Blackjacks by the best providers finely imitate the design and atmosphere of land-based establishments, even if winnings are paid in cryptocurrency instead of AUD. The appropriate atmosphere is accomplished by chats where Blackjack players from all world countries exchange winning tips and tricks.

Live casino game developers create wide ranges of numerous Blackjack subtypes with jackpots, extra bets and advanced rules. Their game rounds are held in up to 20 languages and offer interactions with numerous and various dealers. 

Mobile Blackjack

Options for mobile playing are implemented in all AU's new online casinos. You can  play Blackjack mobile version on a device with any popular OS: Android, Windows, or iOS.

Online casinos for Aussie players may optimize their sites for tablet and smartphone screens or develop mobile applications for certain OS.

Mobile applications are the solution for the best online casinos. Though this software requires additional memory and RAM, it is better adapted to a certain device which decreases the possibility of errors and delays. Mobile casinos site does not need downloading, and your mobile Blackjack session is almost independent of the features of your mobile device. 

Be cautious, getting unblocked Blackjack or similar pirate apps may infect your smartphone with malware. Download apps from official sites only.

Both Australian Mobile Casino sites and applications have all functions and services of the desktop web version: the same game library and its organization, bets, supported payment methods, and customer service options. Besides, mobile navigation is as similar to desktop one as possible, therefore, you do not need to be accustomed to a particular mobile interface.

Play Blackjack for Free and for Real Money

Almost any Australian casino allows you to play Blackjack free online for fun. In a free mode, players may try not only Blackjack but also Poker, Baccarat, Online Pokies, Roulette, Craps, and Scratch Cards

Fun and real money mode differ by using fun coins only. Most casinos assume an infinite demo bankroll, but some offer only a few thousand fun coins and then insist on playing for real money.

Playing Blackjack for free suits starters, meanwhile, Blackjack for real money is a good choice for experienced players. Anyway, both modes have their own pros and cons.

Playing mode



For real money

Chance to earn by winning real money or cryptocurrency, an investment type. 

Risk of losing real money during every bet, testing and study.

A big amount of real money changes the winner's life level.

Additional stress and higher risk of irrational gambling.

The thought of winning real money makes a Blackjack round more thrilling.

In Blackjack 21 online, real money play only allows claiming deposit bonuses.

For free

Studying rules and steps in practice without risking your deposit.

Even the biggest fun coin winnings do not influence your real life.

Creating and testing new strategies, selecting the most efficient tips and tricks without losses.

No bonuses.

Looking for the most profitable and thrilling Blackjack as long as you wish.

Playing for free is less thrilling than a real money one.

No additional stress because of losing real money.

Blackjack Rules and Strategies

Blackjack basic rules are learnable by anyone in a few minutes but their complexity drastically grows with a level. To become a professional, a player must study multiple steps, hands, strategies, and probabilities. 

The Blackjack basics are the following:

  • A shuffle passes between a dealer and a player or several players. 
  • A shuffle ends after the victory of a player, a dealer, or with a push.
  • For the game, a dealer can use 1-8 limited decks or an unlimited deck which is dealt with a shuffle machine.
  • Every player gets a 2-card hand. A dealer receives either 1 open card or a pair of an open and closed card.
  • Rankings of the cards mean Blackjack card values: 1 or 11 for an ace, 10 for jack, dame, or king, and 2-10 by their value. 
  • For ace, 11 is credited for a total score of up to 21, and 1 for higher scores.
  • The value of each hand must reach as close to 21 as possible but without exceeding this amount. A player with a score of 22 and more loses.
  • A player that gets an instant Blackjack with a 2-card hand receives 1.5x of his or her bet.
  • If a player and a dealer get Blackjack hands, they have a push and take their bets back. 
  • Players without instant Blackjacks may order a third card or keep the hand untouchable.
  • After players' cards, a dealer takes them by himself or herself until getting more than 16 points. 
  • Players reveal their hands, and those who have fewer scores than a dealer lose.

The main Blackjack steps have their standard strategies. Combining them, each player can create an individual perfect Blackjack strategy. These steps are the following.

Step or Pass Strategy 

Due to the step or pass strategy, players must take one more card or miss a step by orienting on the hand score:

  • for 5–8 points – a step;
  • for 12–16 points – a step with strong cards, a pass with weak ones (2 and 6 points);
  • for 17 points or more – a pass.

Split Strategy 

This Blackjack strategy helps to play Blackjack online for money in a more profitable way.

Split means dividing a hand into two if it has two cards of the same ranking. Then a player adds a bet of the same size and, therefore, buys two cards to finish both hands. 

Conditions of the strategy:

Player's hand

Dealer's card


А-А, 8-8 

any but A


А-А, 8-8 



5-5, 4-4





Wait for the round end.


any except 7, 10 and А



7, 10 or А


2-2, 3-3, 6-6, 7-7

up to 7


2-2, 3-3, 6-6, 7-7

8 and more


Double Strategy 

Doubling is the most frequent step in card games. Double in Blackjack means that a player adds a bet of the previous amount, receives one more card, and boosts his or her chances. In some games or casinos, players may buy 2 additional cards by placing a double additional bet. Another local limitation is doubling only after a split or with a hand of 9-11 points.

Player's hand

Dealer's card


up to 9

weak (up to 6)


up to 9

middle or strong (7 and more)



any but 10 and A



10 and A


11 and more

any but A


11 and more



Surrender Strategy 

Surrender assumes an option to quit the shuffle and save half of the last bet. It is recommended to surrender in the following conditions only: 

  • player's weak hand;
  • dealer's open card costs 10-11 points.

Insurance Strategy 

Players use insurance to secure their bets against a dealer's Blackjack. Insurance is a bet on this combination of the same amount as the main bet. Therefore, a player does not lose everything in any conditions. Winning multipliers are presented in the table:

Dealer's hand

Bet multiplier

Insurance multiplier

Average multiplier









Players choose insurance eagerly but, due to statistical data, it is a money waste: dealers get Blackjack in 30-35huffles, and insurance covers only part of players' losses. However, insurance stays a good option for players who prefer betting on all.

Is Counting of Cards in Blackjack Good Idea?

Counting cards is a basic strategy that assumes monitoring cards on a table to find out which are still in the shuffle and may drop next. Dealing Blackjack cards help in choosing the best steps and strategies at the moment. This strategy may be highly efficient or absolutely useless depending on a Blackjack deck.

If you play with a finite deck, card counting does allow you to know a set of shuffle cards. Several finite decks make the strategy less reliable but it stays useful, especially at the shuffle end. 

Meanwhile, an infinite deck means that any card may drop at any moment and at unlimited times. Therefore, card counting becomes useless.

How to Choose an Online Casino with Blackjack?

To get maximum profit and enjoyment from playing online Blackjack Australia, spend some time to find the best casino first. The best online casinos in Australia have the same main features:

  • Blackjack games by high-quality providers of a Microgaming and NetEnt level and site software created by a SoftSwiss level company. Check not only Blackjack but also its second name online 21 real money.
  • Legislation details of Dama NV casinos level guarantee their fairness in gaming and payments.
  • Check whether available payment methods, cards, e-wallets, or cryptos, suit you.
  • A casino must have the best Blackjack app compatible with your mobile device or an excellent mobile version of the site.  
  • Minimum deposit casinos require about 30 AUD to credit bonuses. Pay attention to bonuses: a welcome pack, cashbacks and reload rewards. Welcome Bonus Online Casino offers must be 100% or more and may be used for Blackjack playing. A no-deposit bonus is an advantage.
  • If you plan to play the live game, read players' messages in live chat.
  • Live customer support must be contactable 24/7.
  • RNG check certificates, a Provable Fair option, and icons of cybersecurity protocols are a big advantage.
  • Bet and deposit limits, and self-exclusion are must-haves for gambling addiction prevention.
  • Choose instant withdrawal casino - because sometimes the best strategy to win is to switch to another online casino.

These tips will help to select the best online platform for Aussie punters. Choose what suits you best and start your gambling experience.

🤔 Is Online Blackjack Legit in Australia?
Online Blackjack is absolutely legit in Australia, you may play it on any Australian casino site.
🔝 How to Count Cards in Blackjack?
Pay attention to all opened cards on the table and exclude them from the list of possible dropping cards. Remember that this strategy is useless when playing with an infinite deck.
🃏 Playing Blackjack, when to Split Hand?
It's recommended to split a hand of А-А, 8-8, 9-9, 2-2, 3-3, 6-6, and 7-7 into several conditions. Read details in the appropriate paragraph of the review.
⚡ What Is Blackjack Insurance?
Insurance is a bet on a dealer's win in Blackjack. It allows a player to never lose all.
💰 What is a split in blackjack?
A split in blackjack is the division of one hand into two. Possible only if there are cards of the same denomination after the deal. For example: 10 and 10, Q and Q, and so on.
🃏 What Is the Difference between 21 Game and Blackjack?
There is no difference, these are two names of the same game.
🤔 How Can I Play Online Blackjack for Free in Australia?
Choose an appropriate mode in any AU online casino, select a game, and place fun bets. Register and log in if the casino requires it.
🤑 Why It Is Called Blackjack?
The game is named after its strongest combination: an ace and a 10-point card which can be also a jack..

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