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blackjack play card game Blackjack is one of the most popular gambling entertainment in gambling halls around the planet. Its worldwide demand comes from simple blackjack rules, speed of play, and the simplest card counting strategy that allows you to increase your advantage over the casino. In general, blackjack Australia is an easy and straightforward game, where even beginners can get a good profit.

21 card game online is one of the most popular and demanded games around the world. The main thrill is built from its simplicity. One distribution lasts no more than a minute, and the rules can be learned in about the same time. As with all casino card games, many countries want to gain fame from blackjack. France claims that vingt-et-un (from French twenty-one) appeared in its casinos in the 19th century, but the version with Italian roots has more supporters. Historians have found mention of the game "Thirty-one", which completely repeats the rules of modern blackjack, with the exception of the number of points - instead of 31, there should be no more than 21. There are still fierce debates among professional players over the origin of the game. But the official version of the origin of blackjack has not been confirmed.

It is difficult to assume that this game was so unpopular at the beginning of the last century that gambling houses offered all sorts of bonuses and reduced their advantage in order to gain favor with the players. And this strategy worked - players noticed this type of gambling entertainment, and today even free online blackjack with other players is an integral part of any casino, both land-based and online.

Before playing blackjack, you should familiarize yourself with its rules. They are quite simple, but, meanwhile, just knowing all the features of all the rules of playing blackjack will maximize your winning at blackjack.

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Blackjack rules

Casino blackjack is played with a different set of decks - from one to eight, which are most often taken out of the shoe. If a shuffle machine is used, then it is considered to be an infinite deck. The players do not compete with each other, even if they are sitting at the same table - the game is played against the casino.

The game takes place as follows: the player places a bet - its size varies from the selected table. After all players have placed their bets, the distribution begins. The dealer deals two cards to the players face down and two to himself, one of which is face up.

Further, the player looks at his cards and must decide - to take him one more card or the accumulated number of points will be enough to win. Blackjack card values are counted as follows: from two to ten - at face value, all pictures - 10 points each, ace - 11 or 1 point (at the player's discretion).

If a player has a picture and an ace from the first two cards, this is called blackjack, and the player automatically wins. An exception if the dealer did not make the same combination. If the participant in the distribution considers that the number of points is not enough to win, he can ask for another card. The number of cards is not limited, but if the player has collected more than 21, it is "overkill" and an automatic loss. The move goes to another player, in the case of a one-on-one game, it is the turn to open the dealer's cards.

The main task is not to collect blackjack, although it certainly pays higher, but to beat the dealer by scoring more points than him. The dealer must play blackjack according to clearly defined rules. He cannot decide for himself how many cards to take - all this is dictated by the rules of the casino. In classic blackjack, the dealer stops at 17 points even though the player may have more. But in some varieties, this figure may differ.

Also, the distribution may end immediately after the cards have been dealt. If the dealer has a picture or an ace card up, he looks at the second one. In the event that the dealer has blackjack, the game ends and the player loses his bet. Of course, if he also didn't have blackjack from two cards. Then a draw is claimed and the initial bet is returned to the player. An exception is when insurance is valid at the table. Additional options for this card game will be discussed below.

Pay attention to the Blackjack variation. In the basic (American) version, the dealer acts as described above. If this is a European table, then the dealer takes the second card after the players finish the set of cards.

And a few words about the coefficients. The usual winnings when the player scores more than the dealer is paid 1 to 1. Blackjack is paid 3 to 2. These are the basic rules of blackjack, which will be enough to enjoy the game.

Terms for playing blackjack online
Dealer Casino employee, dealer distributes cards and accepts bets
Deck Actual translation Deck
Deck Penetration Split deck
Double Down Decreasing a bet by a player
Blackjack The best combination, the player scored 21 points from two cards
Hand The term denotes the first pair of cards
Bust or  Break Bust, player who scores over 21, automatic loss
Round The process of the game from the beginning of the distribution of cards to the issuance of winnings, in case of victory
Draw The term is used to ask for another card
Split Separation of two cards of equal denomination - king and king, queen and queen
Stand Indicates the desire of the player not to take an additional card, the player is satisfied with the amount of points
Stand-off Draw symbols
Surrender Denotes refusal to play, from continuing the game

Additional Blackjack Rules Options

If you don't use additional options correctly, your question will always be - how to win at bom blackjack? They are not that complicated, so you can get acquainted with them in a couple of minutes.

Blackjack Split: when a player receives two identical cards, for example, 7 and 7, or any two pictures, they can be split. Thus, the game is played in two hands. Please note, however, that an initial bid must be entered. Some casinos allow you to split a limited number of times, while others, on the contrary, give players the freedom to split.

Blackjack Double Down: Players can double their bet - for this, the initial bet is placed, and, accordingly, the winnings increase x2 times. You can use this option only when the player has two cards. When requesting doubling, the player is given one card, after which the move goes further along the table or to the dealer.

Insurance: When the dealer reveals an Ace with the first card, players are encouraged to ensure against blackjack. If the player agrees, he makes the initial bet. Further, it all depends on the dealer's cards: the dealer has collected a blackjack - the player receives a 2 to 1 payout (covers the distribution costs). The dealer has not collected the blackjack - the insurance bet goes to the casino, the game continues with the initial bet.

Dealer's open card Chance to win %
A 11,65%
K, Q, J, 10 21,43%
9 23,34%
8 23,86%
7 25,99%
6 42,08%
5 42,89%
4 40,28%
3 37,56%
2 35,30%

Risk of losing

The player's hand and his score Risk of losing %
12 31%
13 39%
14 56%
15 58%
16 62%
17 69%
18 77%
19 85%
20 92%

Proper use of additional rules will allow you to be in a greater advantage over the casino. There are no win-win blackjack strategies - you only need to operate with the dealer's card, your own cards, and additional options.

Types of blackjack

If we draw a parallel between other gambling entertainment that can be found in modern online and stationary casinos, then blackjack has the largest number of varieties. But one rule holds true always and everywhere - you need to collect more points than the dealer's and not exceed 21. Since there are really a huge number of varieties, we will tell you about the most popular ones that are most often found in online casinos.

European Blackjack

If you are new to this type of gambling, feel free to choose the European option. It is practically no different from the classic version. The game is played with two decks, the dealer gains up to 17 points, players can split, double, and insure against the dealer's blackjack. Insurance can be taken only if the dealer has the first card an ace. But doubling after the split will not work.

American Blackjack

Derivatives such as "Vegas Blackjack" and "Atlantic City" are originated from American blackjack. And they are less profitable for the player. All classic rules are preserved (except for Atlantic City - played with eight decks), with the exception of one - if the dealer has the first card equal to ten points or an ace, he immediately checks the second card for blackjack. And if the dealer has 21 - all players lose their bets, except for those who also collected blackjack.

Spanish Blackjack

The most "remade" type of blackjack. It is played in eight decks of 48 cards (instead of the standard 52), and its rules give the player the maximum advantage over the casino. Its significant differences - a player can split three times and play four hands at once. Another unusual rule concerns payments. For example, 21 points collected from a different number of cards will be paid in different ways: from five cards - 3 to 2, from six cards - 2 to 1, from seven or more - 3 to 1.

You can also get various payments for the collected three sevens. In Spanish blackjack, you can get the maximum coefficient, which is not found anywhere else - if the dealer has an open seven and the player has collected three sevens, then the payout is 50 to 1.

Among other interesting types, one can note Double Exposure, where the dealer opens two cards at once. In Super Fun 21, you can do doubles after a split, split aces, and make sarrendos with any number of cards and dealer's cards.

But naturally, it all starts with classic blackjack. We recommend that you start with it, and then discover new types of the most popular entertainment in the world.

Tips for playing Blackjack

Today it is even difficult to count how many blackjack strategies exist in the world. There are more and more new ways to beat the casino. Some of them show positive dynamics and allow you to gain an advantage, while others simply copy the old strategies, only changing some values. One way or another, everything is based on accurate card counting, which means it requires a mathematical approach. For beginners, this can be quite difficult, so here are just a few helpful tips.

Don't use insurance. Insurance can only be done correctly with full control of the table, i.e. when you are counting cards.

Stay on 11 or more points when the dealer has 4, 5, or 6. He must take one more card, and in 40% of cases, he will be bust.

Never split pictures. 20 points is almost always a winning hand. It can only be interrupted by the dealer's blackjack. But always split the aces - the chance of two blackjacks is pretty high.

Double your bet when your hand has no more than 10 points and the dealer has 9 or fewer points. But please note that some tables may prohibit doubles at certain points in the hands of the player and the dealer.

Always play blackjack online. Almost all online casinos allow you to play free blackjack games for fun, which will allow you to hone your strategy. And you can watch and play live blackjack.

To get started, we suggest using a basic strategy. It can be used on rules where the dealer deals himself two cards (one face down), draw at 16 points, and does not collect more than 17 - in general, on the classic version.

How to win at blackjack at online casinos?

Today, almost every online casino offers Blackjack Online. Players are offered dozens of options, each of which has its own branches in the rules. And the free mode will allow you to familiarize yourself with the rules without financial costs. Our team has collected the best online casinos where you can play blackjack for free. After you know all the secrets of this exciting game, you can proceed to bet for real money, and we will tell you where you can get a good welcome bonus!

Live dealer online blackjack

Live casino gameplay for blackjack is currently provided by almost every online gambling facility. This mode is especially popular among those who want to try real money blackjack in the comfortable environment of one’s home. Trying live online blackjack is also good for the gamblers who distrust the random number generator system that is used in every online gambling machine.

Blackjack games with a live dealer are performed via video broadcast from a land-based gambling facility, where the dealer does all the game related actions.

Why is it better to play blackjack at online casinos?

Though blackjack is a simple and well-known game, played by people from all over the globe, it still must be taken cautiously. That is the reason why many players, especially novices, prefer blackjack online gambling. It is recommended to learn how to play 21 in a secure and calm environment with little to no moral pressure and distractions from gaming. Moreover, playing blackjack apps on the internet is the best guarantee of safety and convenience.

🤔 What is the main purpose of playing blackjack?
The main goal of playing blackjack is to collect a larger combination than the dealer.
🔝 Which hand is worth 21 points in blackjack?
In the classic version, you only need to have two cards in your hand: an ace (A) + one more card with a picture (Q, J, K). In total, you get 11 (ace) + 10 (picture)=21 points.
🤑 How many points are awarded for Ace (A) in blackjack?
Either 1 or 11. Depends on the total "value" of the hand. If the combination with the ace (A) does not exceed 21 points, then it counts as 11, otherwise - as one.
⚡ What is the maximum payout in blackjack?
In the classic version (Atlantic City), the maximum payout is 3: 2 - if the player has blackjack. Although in some variations of the game there are increased payouts: 2 to 1 or 3 to 1.
💰 What is a split in blackjack?
A split in blackjack is the division of one hand into two. Possible only if there are cards of the same denomination after the deal. For example: 10 and 10, Q and Q, and so on.
📜 Is it possible to count cards in online blackjack?
In online blackjack, card counting does not make sense, because the game itself is based on RNG and the card shoe is virtually endless.
🤔 What kinds of blackjack are there?
In fact, there are several dozen, if not hundreds of them. Classic options are Atlantic City (one face down card from the dealer) and European (the dealer does not take the second card until the players have done it). Various subspecies: Blackjack Switch, Spanish 21, Double Exposure, and so on.
🤑 What is the RTP of blackjack?
Depending on the type and number of players at the table, the return to player ranges from 95% to 99.7%.
🔒 Is there a jackpot in blackjack?
There is a Jackpot Blackjack modification, in which you can get a winning of 1000 to 1.
🤖 Can you get a mathematical advantage in blackjack?
In classic blackjack at a real table, you can. By counting cards in plus-minus or halves systems. In online blackjack, the player can, at best, reduce the mathematical advantage of the gambling establishment.
💯 Can I play blackjack live with the dealer in AUD?
Yes, online casinos traditionally offer live dealer blackjack.
🆓 How to play online blackjack for free in Australia?
Just start the game in demo mode and play with virtual funds.

Author: Vadim Rotar

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