history casinoThe history of gambling in Australia has quite deep roots. From the very beginning of the development of the Australian continent in 1788, we can trace the interest of the first Australians in gambling. Of course, in those difficult times, gambling entertainment was mostly simple and unpretentious. According to historians, it all started with a simple flip of a coin. The game was reduced to trying to guess which side would fall — heads or tails.

The Growth of Online Gambling in Australia

The development of online technologies, and internet as well, has changed every Australian’s life significantly, and essence of gambling in particular. Conventional land-based casinos operated successfully in all Aussie cities and towns, but with the boom in online gambling in the late 90s, the situation changed. Local residents quickly appreciated all the advantages that online gambling could offer:

  • First of all, they didn't have to travel or go anywhere to play. Given the geography of Australia, such convenience immediately attracted many players.
  • You can play at any convenient time — the sites are open round the clock and virtual "doors" of online casinos are free to visit in the morning and evening.
  • A very good selection and availability of different-styled slot machines from around the world is another benefit. Not all land-based establishments could boast of such a set of offered slots, card games, crabs and roulette, and during the influx of visitors there were long queues to the tables and machines. In virtual space, however, everyone was always first and could play whatever they wanted.
  • A little later, a free demo mode appeared, and it gave everyone the opportunity to play without risk, learn a new slot or just spend time with pleasure.

Although the current law doesn't allow Australian operators to operate cash games, Australians are still legal to use any online casino. It is possible that the law will be revised soon and that will cause an even greater growth of online gambling in Australia.

Gambling Statistics in Present Day Australia

As the financial reports show, gambling is now a serious part of the whole country's economy. The level of income of Australians is very high; so many people can afford to spend some money on gambling. According to recent research, up to 70% of all adults in the country play gaming activities in one way or another.

Land-based casinos in Australia bring in a combined annual income of about $5 billion. In addition, the gambling industry provides a large number of jobs — about 20,000 people work in casinos and related businesses.

Australians and Sports Betting

The Australians’ love for gambling couldn’t help but ignore sports betting. The tradition of betting on the outcome of sporting events dates back to the late seventeenth century and has only grown stronger and broader over time.

Today, in Australia, you can bet on any kinds of sports and on the outcomes of all sorts of events, from world championships to local games. The growth of the internet has had an impact on this side of gambling too, with most Australians now using websites and mobile apps for sports betting. Betting interests include not only world cup competitions but also the Australian National Football and Rugby Leagues.