How to choose the right slot machine in the casino | Newbie and Pro Game process

The variety of entertainment in gambling clubs often confuses both novice gamblers and professionals. The former have no idea of the criteria to be taken into account. And the latter are simply too selective due to experience.

The main advice for both is to try playing slot machines for free. But it is worth paying attention to other parameters. Which we will now examine in detail.

Software from trusted manufacturers

The first important criterion is the reliability of the developer company. Therefore, when deciding how to choose a slot machine, a beginner and an experienced gambler need to know popular brands that have earned respect for their high quality products. Trusting unfamiliar manufacturers is not the best option. Indeed, from such devices one can hardly expect high percentages of return and consistently honest work.

Reputable developers include:

  • Novomatic Gaminator (Greentube);
  • Net Entertainment;
  • Microgaming;
  • booongo
  • BetSoft
  • Mega Jack (Casino Technology)
  • Playtech
  • Aceking
  • Playson and others.

That is, those companies whose software successfully passes honesty audits. Their products are always presented in licensed online casinos in a wide range.

RTG and variance in slots

Before choosing a slot machine in a casino, players should also learn more about such basic parameters as variance (volatility) and RTG (already mentioned return percentage) . The latter is usually indicated by the manufacturer (higher is better!), so let's take a closer look at what dispersion is. In a nutshell, this is the degree of risk, reflecting the frequency of winnings and their size.

In online casinos, slot machines are:

  • Low dispersion - where small wins often fall out;
  • With medium variance - with the same probability of issuing large and small rewards;
  • With high - with rare winnings, but the opportunity to immediately get a huge jackpot.

The most common option in online establishments is medium dispersion devices. And it is most convenient to play such games, since they do not involve a big loss and allow you to sometimes remain a stable plus.

Number of lines

This point is also relevant, since games with a small number of lines are not only boring, but also not very generous in terms of payouts. The optimal number is from 9 to 21. But today, developers are increasingly giving preference not even to prize lines in the usual sense, but to options for making paid combinations of identical symbols. The number of which in individual machines reaches 1024.

As for the so-called three and five-line classics, it is also worth playing slot machines with these parameters. For a change - to feel the retro atmosphere and appreciate the benefits of modern software.

Availability of bonuses and jackpot

When choosing a slot to play, experienced and novice gamblers almost always pay attention to the presence of bonus rounds, special symbols and the jackpot. And this is logical, because ordinary spins can quickly get bored. In most popular products today, there are traditional Wild symbols, which complete combinations, and Scatter, which launches free spins without hitting active lines. And also Bonus, which allows you to run themed mini-games.

If everything is clear with bonuses - it is much more interesting to play such slots, then the situation with the jackpot is not so clear. Many casino customers are attracted by the opportunity to hit the big jackpot, but in pursuit of it they often lose all their money. The situation is similar to highly dispersed software, so those who choose a slot machine with payouts on a card can be advised to stick to the golden mean. But also do not forget about your plot preferences and decide in advance what you would like to get from the game as a result.

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