Scratch cards in Australian online casinos

scratch card in online casino Each of you has seen instant lottery scratch cards that are sold at shops or post offices. Surely many of you have bought such tickets at least once. You can scratch the playing field of the instant lottery with a coin or nails. The advantage of such a lottery is that you know the result immediately. And you can get a small win right away.

Today, you can play the lottery in online casinos. Unlike the instant lottery, online scratch tickets do not end up in the hands of players, and the result of the game is determined by a random number generator. You can track it online.

Best Scratch cards in casinos are not as popular as roulette, blackjack, or pokies. But the online lottery still has fans. The principle of the game is very simple: place a bet, take a lottery ticket, and erase playing fields on it with a simple mouse click. If you come across a pair of identical numbers, then you won. Often, to win, you need to find three identical numbers, sometimes four, or five. It all depends on the conditions of the game.

The biggest advantage of the instant lottery is its simplicity. You don't need to learn rules, complex instructions, and strategies. The principle of instant scratch cards is similar to that of pokies, except that there are no bonuses, special symbols, or pay lines. There is only a sound effect when erasing the fields of the virtual ticket. It can be concluded that an online lottery is more suitable for conservative players. It should be noted that the lottery is quieter than other more dynamic types of casino games.

Online Scratch Cards vs Lottery scratchers

Online Scratch Cards Lottery scratchers
  • No need to leave home to play
  • Scratching a real card is much more exciting.
  • Variety in rates
  • No need for gadgets
  • Online scratch cards have free spins
  • The physical ticket can be lost
  • Higher chances of winning than terrestrial
  • The chance of winning is lower than online scratchers
  • Online casinos will run promotions that count towards scratch offs
  • No free spins
  • You miss the excitement of scratching the map live.
  • Need to go to the store to buy

A few words about history

The idea of ​​creating lottery tickets using scratch cards was innovative as this idea offered a draw with quick payouts. Also, one of the first lotteries in America with scratch cards was called "instant play". This concept became the basis of many international and local lotteries, which offered people similar prizes.

AstroMed Inc. patented the scratch card idea in 1987. This was a significant year in their future development and popularization in all countries. Also, scratch cards have been used in various industries, such as advertising, charity, and the like, not only in lotteries or receiving winnings. Today, popular scratch cards are used for various services.

At the end of 2005, the Scratch2Cash company released the first project, which was intended for online scratch cards. As a result, other creators began to use this concept, so today this lottery is widespread in any online casino.

The next step in the development of lottery tickets using scratch cards was their appearance in casinos on smartphones. Playing the lottery online is just as convenient as playing other games in an online casino. Since then, you can try your luck at any time of the day or night, without having to look for the nearest shop, wait for your turn, and then look for some hard object and rub the coating, trying not to spoil the drawing on the previous layer. Now, to do this, you just need to go to the casino website and move the mouse arrow over the picture.

List of Australian online casinos with Scratch cards

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How to choose an online scratch card lottery in Australia?

You can play any. Choose the one you like best. We recommend that you opt for a well-designed lottery. Playing with high-quality visuals can be much more impressive. Pay attention to the size of the maximum win. In some cases, the minimum winnings are equal to the stake, while in other lotteries, the winnings can be double or triple the stake. You can also choose an online lottery based on RCI (return to player), which ranges from 95-96%. However, the terms and conditions of all lotteries are identical.

The result of the game depends only on what numbers are hidden by the lottery ticket, so if you play it in the long run, you will always be a loser. It is inappropriate to talk about any winning strategies for scratch cards Australia here, we can only talk about two concepts.

If you want to play the lottery all the time, choose the scratch card with the most wins and the lowest bet. This game will have a fairly low variance.

If you are not afraid to take risks and want to win a large amount of money at any cost, choose a game with high winnings. Place a few big bets and refrain from small ones.

Many online casinos publish on their websites the latest winnings of players, as well as a list of the games they have played. Thus, the casino shows that scratch cards are winning and that the casino willingly pays out winnings. To play scratch cards online, choose free scratch cards and win real money, if there are any, or scratch cards with a nice design and take it easy. Perhaps it is you who will be lucky, and if not, then do not take defeat personally. Don't expect more from the game. This is just a game.

Odds and payouts

Scratch card payouts Chances of winning
х10,000 0,1%
x2,500 0,4%
x100 1%
x10 10%
x5 20%
x2 50%

The best scratch cards to win

In the classic version, scratch cards are made in the form of small tickets. On their front side, there is a playing field with nine cells. Each sector is marked with images indicated by the rules. The drawings are hidden under a special coating. The lottery participant is invited to erase the cover to see the pictures.

Scratch cards, in the cells of which there are three identical images, bring the prize. In a separate sector, the amount of remuneration is indicated.

Players can scrape off the coating in two ways: sequentially in each cell by hovering the mouse over the desired sector, or in all cells at once. To do this, use the Scratch All or Show Card key, depending on the version of the game. Pressing it instantly opens all images on the map.

Modern versions of online free instant win scratch cards in Australia

Virtual lotteries have additional features. In an effort to diversify the entertainment, the developers are presenting scratch and win online in various improved versions. As a result, users are offered lottery tickets of all kinds.

Larger field maps

On scratch cards of this type, the playing fields are supplemented with several rows and levels. They may contain several dozen cells with images. To get a win, you need not just find several identical pictures. You should collect a number of identical images located vertically, diagonally, or horizontally, depending on the rules of the game.

Best scratch cards with "winning" patterns

A special "winning" picture is determined on such tickets. It is located in a separate cell. The image is immediately assigned a specific value. The user is rewarded if the "winning" drawing is on the common playing field..

Scratch cards with service symbols

Most often in lotteries, one of two options for special patterns occurs.

"Wild" symbol. It is able to replace any picture and supplement the set of pictures to get a win. An example of such scratch cards is the development of Playtech X-Men Scratch. The Wild symbol replaces the images of any characters in the game. A card with Wild is guaranteed to bring a win.

The bonus symbol appears in the cells of the lottery ticket, it gives the right to participate in additional prize rounds.

Scratch cards with bonus games

Prize rounds are launched mainly by the mentioned bonus symbol. In various types of lotteries, bonus rounds are implemented as:

  • pick & win mini-games. The user is prompted to select drawings for additional prizes;
  • Wheels of Fortune. Depending on the rules, a gambler can receive a reward in credits or additional multipliers;
  • additional free cards - an analog of free spins in pokies.

Lotteries with non-standard graphic design

In such scratch cards, the usual fields with cells are replaced with unusual images. For example, Playtech's Classic Slots Scratch Card is designed like a pokie. To get a win, you need to "collect" a line from the same patterns. In the Roulette Scratch Card version of the same Playtech, the image of a roulette wheel is applied to the card. The reward is brought by the number where the ball stopped.

Scratch cards with video

Playtech's Rocky Scratch model is a decent example of video scratch cards. There are three cells on the scratch card. Each contains images of Rocky's rivals. The user is prompted to select a participant in the competition. Selecting a cell will launch a short video - an imitation of the broadcast of the battle. The prize is awarded if Rocky defeats the opponent.

Poker Scratch Cards

Unusual instant lotteries are available not only in online casinos. Scratch cards have also spread on the portals of poker rooms. In particular, the terms of the PokerStars bonus policy provide for the provision of lottery tickets to active users. Draws are held according to the classic rules. The winnings are brought by cards with three identical patterns on the field. There are also bingo scratch cards and bingo doubler scratch cards.

Online Scratch Cards vs Lottery scratchers

Online Scratch Cards

Lottery scratchers

No need to leave home to play

Scratching a real card is much more exciting.

Variety in rates

No need for gadgets

Online scratch cards have free spins

The physical ticket can be lost

Higher chances of winning than terrestrial

The chance of winning is lower than online scratchers

Online casinos will run promotions that count towards scratch offs

No free spins

You miss the excitement of scratching the map live.

Need to go to the store to buy

Famous manufacturers of online scratch cards

As mentioned, online scratch cards are available in the collections of many manufacturers. Among the most famous are:

  • Playtech. The company represents one of the most extensive lines of scratch cards. It combines more than fifty versions. In addition to the mentioned models Rocky Scratch, Classic Slots Scratch, and Roulette Scratch, Gladiator, Kong - The 8th Wonder of the World, Thor, A Night Out, Blackjack Scratch are popular among players. In addition, gamblers give positive feedback on lotteries based on Marvel comics.
  • Microgaming. This manufacturer offers several dozen scratch cards. Among the most popular are Set & Scratch, Scratch Card, Scratch N Spin, Game, Slam Funk, Pharaoh's Gems, Lucky Numbers.
  • NetEnt. The collection of this developer contains cards with classic rules and non-standard options. For example, the Zodiac scratch is distinguished by its unusual design of the field, but the rules of the game are standard. And lottery 7 Gold Scratch provides for the opportunity to participate in a bonus round. The maximum winning reaches 100 thousand credits.

The first manufacturer of online scratch cards, Scratch2Cash, continues to maintain one of the leading market positions. Her collection includes lotteries with large jackpots. In particular, in 3WOW gamblers have a chance to win a million game units.

Modern manufacturers are constantly presenting new projects aimed at increasing the attractiveness of instant lotteries for users. Digital platforms are being developed, scratch games for mobile devices are being created, and the range of models is expanding. Experts predict further development of the online instant lottery market.

Questions from Australian players about Scratch cards

🤔 What is a scratch card in an Australian online casino?
In entertaining portals, scratch cards are actually a combination of a lottery and the pokies. They have an "erase" area like a panel or a button, in which characters appear. These symbols form the winning combinations. For those looking to speed up the gameplay, buttons like ScratchAll or RevealAll are available. They allow you to activate all available fields and determine the outcome of the game. This process is much faster than scratching cards in real life.
🙄 Can I play scratch cards?
Any adult can play scratch cards online. Licensed online casinos strictly adhere to a ResponsibleGambling policy, and if you are under the age of 18, then you, unfortunately, will not be able to play. To prove his age, each player must provide the casino with his passport details by uploading a photo / scan of his document. After confirming the identity and age of majority, the customer can start playing scratch cards.
🤑 Is scratching a card a lottery?
In the classical sense, (offline) scratch cards are a kind of lottery. Online they are closer to pokies since scratch cards are based on Random Number Generators and there are combinations here.
⚡ What are the types of scratch cards in online casinos?
Players who have never dealt with games of this genre will be surprised at the variety of types of scratch cards online for real money:
  • CasinoGames: if a gambler is not interested in the usual options, he can play online scratch cards styled as poker, blackjack, roulette, or other table and card games;
  • Lines: this is the closest thing to pokies. To win, you need to match certain symbols in a column or in a row. A common theme in such games is the so-called "near misses", for example, three identical symbols in a row with another fourth at the end.
  • Instant Win: as the name implies, there is nothing superfluous here, only one attempt, no second chances, etc.
  • Multiple Chances: everything is also clear here, gamblers are offered several chances to win the game.
In addition to differences in the gameplay, scratch cards also have differences in themes, such as sports or adventure, in the size of the playing field (e.g. 3x1, 3x3, 2x3, 2x2, 3x4), or in the size of the bets.
🔞 What is the payout rate for scratch cards in online casinos?
If we are talking about physical scratch cards, then the percentage of Return to Player does not exceed 90%. As for the return on scratch cards at gambling platforms, it is 94-97%, depending on the game.
😤 What are the strategies in scratch cards?
There is no effective long-term strategy for scratching cards. You can try to play by systems based on progressions: Martingale, Labouchere, D'Alembert, and so on.
🤔 Who are the best scratch card providers?
The leading developers of these casino games include Microgaming, Pariplay, NeoGames, Playtech, GameSys.
🆓 Is it possible to play scratch cards online for free?
Yes, in addition to being able to play online scratch cards for real money, gamblers can also play for free. A demo version is available for each game to practice and check if this game is right for you or not. In addition, some casinos offer No Deposit bonuses like sign up bonus. Thereafter, players can play scratch cards for extra money.
🤠 What is the highest payout in scratch cards?
In online mode, payouts differ in different scratch card games. It can be x1000 or even x5000.
🔥 Are scratch cards games fair?
Of course, playing scratch cards on gambling sites from our list is more than fair. Each of the online casinos offered by us has an official license, regularly undergoes all kinds of checks, and will not deceive its customers. Moreover, if you want to play online scratch cards, then neither the administration of the entertainment portal, nor anyone else will be able to interfere with the gameplay. The fact is that all games have the latest RNGs, so it's completely safe to play scratch cards.
❤️ Is it safe to play scratch cards?
As stated in the previous question, playing online scratch cards is more than safe. In addition to licenses and audits, gambling websites use the latest encryption methods. The administration of these projects is concerned about both their players and their own funds and safety. The most common encryption method today is SSL.
🙄 Can I play the mobile version of scratch cards?
Yes, most modern casinos allow you to play both the desktop version and the mobile one. It doesn't matter from what device you play, whether it be a computer / laptop, or a smartphone / tablet. You can play from any of them, and some projects even create their own applications, both for the browser and for mobile devices.
🤔 Is it possible to make money by playing scratch cards?
Yes, but the most important thing is not to get carried away. Remember that you play first of all for fun, and only then in order to make money. Well, if you still count on big wins, then scratch cards with jackpots are more suitable for you, but the stakes there are higher than in the ordinary ones.

Author: Vadim Rotar

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