How to Open an Online Casino in Australia - Recommendations, Secrets Game process Recently, online gambling has attracted the attention of not only new players, but also businessmen. People with money often wonder where to invest the most profitably. One of the most popular solutions for today is to open your own online casino. At first glance, the idea seems very interesting and profitable. The casino always remains in profit, and the owner remains to enjoy life near the ocean with a cocktail in his hand. This is how the future of the owner of a gambling establishment is drawn.

We will share secrets with readers and tell you how to open an online casino. How much money is needed at the start and what expenses will follow in the first time. Yes, you read it right, the first time will have to incur losses. As in any business, it is impossible to open a casino site without risks. It is worth considering the high competition in the market. The attractiveness of pokies has led to the fact that almost every week you can hear about new online casinos with cash games . Most of the new clubs have not been operating for more than six months.

Open Online Casino Site

Readers could see ads on the network, where they are offered to open an online casino for 500-1,000 dollars. Recently, such ads rarely appear, but may come across. To open a high-quality gambling club, not small funds will be required. According to the stories of the owners, to legally open a casino will require at least 300-500 thousand Euros . With this amount, you can start a business and develop it qualitatively during the first months. Of course, more money will have a more positive effect on work.

If you sift out the financial moment, the owner must have knowledge in gambling, or hire specialists. Having no relation to online casinos, it will be extremely difficult to open it. There will be more questions at each stage of the opening. Unscrupulous suppliers and partners can take advantage of the knowledge of the future owner and deceive him for a large amount. What you need to open an online casino:

  • The amount of 300-500 thousand Euros. The more, the better, a supply of funds is needed.
  • A competent team of specialists, as well as personal knowledge.
  • Aggregator selection, software and license provider.
  • Next year action plan for the development of activities.

Of course, it is better to open a business with the help of reliable specialists who know the right approach.

Aggregators / White Label

How to Open an Online Casino in Australia - Recommendations, Secrets Game process Over the past 10 years, gambling has become popular, as we discussed above. Therefore, companies began to appear on the market that helped in the opening of virtual clubs. The so-called aggregators that provide future owners with everything they need. White labels take on all contracts with game manufacturers and help in obtaining licenses. Such companies help to avoid many difficulties in the initial stages of work.

When contacting the company - White Label, you can familiarize yourself with the tariff plans. Expensive services allow you to place a wider range of games and get the best server. In fact, your casino will be hosted at the partner site. Aggregators have a personal interest in the provision of services. They receive payment for the conclusion of the contract and in the future it is necessary to pay service fees. The most famous aggregators: SoftSwiss, Pokieegtator, Softgaming and others.

The average amount for a partnership with one of the aggregators is 10,000 euros. Readers may think that this amount is enough for the legal opening of a casino. In reality, everything is more difficult. Ten thousand is enough when using black working methods and cheating players. Fraudulent activity will not bring profit in the long run reputation will be lost in the first months.

How gambling works - additional expenses

We will not focus on black working methods; quality services are always a priority. Suppose we signed a contract with one of the aggregators and we have a virtual club. A lot of pokies, a license, connected payment systems and even an online chat of technical support. But there is no main thing - the players, only they provide the virtual club profit. Nobody knows about the new casino and is unlikely to find out without further development. Many owners use affiliate programs.

Casino revenues are built on a constant audience of players, to get them you need to create an affiliate program. Example, we begin to work with affiliates who have traffic. We pay the percentage of the player brought at the selected rates and get visitors. The average percentage of payments to partners is 40-50%. Few owners are prepared to incur losses in such percentages.

Work on the site

How to Open an Online Casino in Australia - Recommendations, Secrets Game process In addition to promotion through affiliate programs and advertising, you will need a quality website. After creating an online casino, the owner receives a clean site that needs to be worked on. You need to hire an SEO specialist who competently draws up all the sections and makes the pages relevant to search engines. Work on the resource in the early stages is the most difficult, almost everything needs to be created from scratch. Therefore, you can not give up and wait for profits.

In the first six months after the opening, we should expect losses of about 100-150 thousand euros. The money will go to the loyalty program, payments to players, technical support salary, affiliate managers and other points. Of course, you can do everything yourself, but theres not enough hands to do everything. Therefore, we need a competent team. For the first time, you need a backup bankroll for the first payments. For a high roller, robbing a new online casino at a high rate is a matter of honor. Therefore, be prepared for losses during the first months.

With quality work on the resource in the future, you can get considerable profit. Most virtual clubs close after 5-7 months of activity due to lack of professionalism. Therefore, develop a competent action plan and stock up on the necessary amount.

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