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bonuses bettingBonuses are perceived as a non-removable part of the betting business. Its a good instrument to attract new and to keep registered players. But betting bonuses in Australia are pretty specific because of the local law.

According to the Australian gambling act, betting companies cannot advertise any promotions for non-registered players.

You can get and check the bonus only after signing up at the sportsbook. Sounds strange but it is what it is! Some players might even think that promotions are completely banned, because of the lack of advertisement. Fortunately, its not the case, and punters can take advantage of bookies bonus programs. 

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The best betting bonuses in Australia

You are looking for the best bookies bonuses with the most loyal conditions? Well, then you have to do your research. Choose one or a few brands from the top sportsbook list, sign-up, and then check the available bonus. Its the only possible way to find out promotions, as bonus advertisements are banned for players without accounts in a sportsbook. Its the law, and you need to respect it. 

We cannot exactly say which bookmaker offers the best betting bonus in Australia. Because the very same sportsbook may offer different bonuses for different clients. It could be a free bet, bet bonus, insurance, first deposit reward, or something else. We can only say that almost every new Australian bookmaker does offer promotions for registered punters. The most generous companies are Bet365, Play-Up, Sportsbet, Neds, William Hill, Unibet. 

The good thing is that best betting sites companies offer promotions not only for new players after registration but also for long-term clients. If you are active, place many bets, regularly make deposits then your loyalty will be surely rewarded numerous times. Our advice is pretty simple: start to play and then you will see whats going on! Who knows, maybe the best betting bonus waits for you just around the corner.    

Bonus Bonus Description
First deposit bonus Bonus for new players, for registration and the first minimum deposit (according to the conditions for receiving the bonus) the amount of encouragement is from 100% to 200%
Deposit bet bonus Bonus with a free bet in the amount of the first deposit
No deposit bonus A no deposit bonus is rare, mainly such promotions apply to new players and have a number of restrictions on the bet, minimum odds and require wagering
Risk Free Betting Risk free bets offer a refund if the bet fails
Free bets with money back Similar to a no-risk bet, but provided as a loan. Popular in various sports, in particular horse racing
Bonus code Promo code gives access to special offers and is valid for a limited time
Increased odds For a limited time, the bookmaker offers increased odds on certain events
incentive Incentive bonus is a regular bonus for activity

How can I get a bonus from an Australian bookie?

There are two scenarios to get a bonus for Australian players:

  • Sign-up in Australian bookie and check available promotions.
  • Make a research of the international betting market and find the best sport betting bonus offers. 

The second option might look even better because bonus conditions are clear before the registration. You can check all the important information and get the reward. At the same time, not every international sportsbook accepts Australian punters. Some companies even restrict promotions for Australian bettors. It could be not as easy to get that bonus, if you do not do research and ignore the rules of a betting company. We recommend checking if the bookies bonus is available for Australia in every particular international sportsbook. 

The first option is safer, but a bit unknown one, as you want to be able to read bonus conditions before registration. Bear in mind that legal Australian bookmakers accept only 18+ punters. Here is a small tutorial, which will help you to claim bonuses in Australian betting agencies:

  • Choose one or a few bookmakers from our list;
  • Fill in the registration form and finish the sign-up process;
  • Sign-in in sportsbook and check promotions section;
  • Find all available bonuses and check conditions.     

After that, you can claim the reward, or decline it. Its all up to you. If its the first deposit bonus bet, then you will need to deposit some funds into your account. Australian bookmakers mostly use matching deposit bonuses. It means you deposit 100$ and get another 100$ bonus. Or it could be a free bet, maybe even a no deposit. Or a series of free bets depending on your first deposit. 

Its important to understand that you will also need to meet some requirements to get the actual reward (money) from bonuses, free bets, promotions, bookmaker codes. Its not like bookmakers throw away money to every other player. If its a deposit match bonus, then you will need to meet wager requirements. If its a free bet, then you will get money only if your free bet wins. Thats why its so important to read bonus terms and conditions. Do not be fooled by big and round numbers! There are many nuances to take into consideration before claiming rewards. 

How to Get a Bonus

For registered For new players
For registered players, the opportunity to receive a bonus in the form of a coupon for special events or an incentive bonus for activity For new players, the opportunity to receive a bonus to register on the site and make a deposit, it is also possible to pull a no deposit bonus if the bookmaker has such a promotion

There are quite a few types of betting bonuses. And one bookmaker can possibly offer up to 5 different rewards. The simplest classification is by the type of target audience:

  • Sports betting sign up bonus to attract new clients;
  • Promotions and rewards for registered players. 
  • Because of the current betting law in Australia, one can possibly think that there are no bonuses at all. Especially when it comes to new players' promotions. This is not true, as Australian bookies do offer promotions for new clients. They just cannot advertise and reveal it before registration. 
  • We decided to describe the most popular bonuses for new players, as well as promotions for seasoned clients.
First Deposit Bonuses The bonus is activated when the account is replenished
Freebets Free bet on any event, with success you will receive a win
Insurance Bets A bet with no chance of losing, a bet with insurance
No deposit bonus Free bet with limits

New players bonuses

Players get these kinds of rewards after becoming a client of a Horse betting agency. Bookmakers basically use welcome bonuses to attract new players and to increase the number of active clients. 

First deposit bonuses

The first deposit bonus bet is probably the most popular welcome reward in Australian bookmakers. You make a deposit and get bonus money after that. Bookmakers usually have limits on the maximum size of the bonus. For example, 300 AUD or 500$, and it doesnt matter if your deposit is bigger than that. Another parameter is the percentage. Most of the time we see a match betting bonus in Australia or 100%. It means you will get a 200$ bonus after depositing 200$.

After receiving a first deposit bonus you will need to meet bet requirements to actually get some from the bonus. A Bookmaker might set the type of bets (single, multiple, pre-match, in-Play, specific markets), qualifying odds (like 1.50 and higher), the time limit for wagering (14 days, 30 days). And the most important part is an actual wagering requirement (rollover). Its a multiplier that represents the number of times you have to play through a bonus before you will be able to withdraw any winnings. If you get a 100$ bonus with a 30x wager requirement, then you will need to place qualifying bets by the total amount of 3000$. If your bets do not meet requirements then they just wont qualify for the wager.  

Bear in mind that your actual deposit will be used first during playing through. Bonus money will be used only if your real balance is 0.  


Most players rate Freebets (or freebies) is even higher than first deposit bonuses. Thats because some bookmakers offer them right after registration. Indeed, a no-deposit free bet is a very attractive offer, as you dont even risk your money. 

Freebies are also very easy to understand. You just get them after registration (or after deposit), place a bet through it, and then just wait for the result. If your bet is successful, then you will get winnings minus free bet amount into your main balance. Sounds cool!

But there are a few limitations and requirements when it comes to freebies. Bookmakers usually set the maximum possible playable odds – 3.0 or 4.0. They also can limit the available type of markets or sports. Also, free bets in Australia rarely go over the 50$ mark, so you wont win a fortune from them.

Still, many punters consider free bets the best betting bonus out there, as requirements are pretty loyal. You only need to make a minimum deposit in order to open a withdrawal option for your winnings of freebet.  

Insurance bets

Another type of betting agency promotion is an insurance bet for your first stake. Its pretty similar to a free bet. The main difference is an insurance option. The bookmaker basically gives you a chance to bet without any chance to lose. If your bonus insurance stake loses, the bookie will give you money back (or free bet in the equivalent of losing stake). And if its a win, then you will get your winnings in full size. 

In order to get an insurance bet, you need to make a deposit and then place a qualifying stake. The requirements are standard. The bookmaker can possibly limit the maximum possible odds, set the type of bet of affordable betting markets. The size of insurance rarely goes over 50$ (AUD). 

Bonuses for long-term clients  

Here is the list of the most popular bonuses which bookmakers offer to their long-term clients:

  • Reload bonuses. Another betting deposit bonus. You can actually get a reward not only for the first deposit but for the regular transaction. Bookmakers may offer to reload bonuses for deposits on a specific day(-s) of week or month. Or when you reach another level in VIP-program. The requirements and conditions are similar to the first deposit bonus.
  • Cashback. Some bookmakers partially compensate for your losses during a particular period. It could be 10%, 15%, 20% of your monthly net loss. Or even 10% from the overall amount of money you bet. Cashbacks usually have a maximum limit like 1000$ and also soft wagering requirements (from 3x to 10x).  
  • Price up. Bookie can offer you 100% payouts (0% margin) on some markets. They usually do it in pre-match and only on big markets. 
  • Multi bets odds boosters. Another popular promotion that enhances your odds. The scheme is quite simple: the more picks you add to your multi bet coupon, the bigger booster you get. For example, 10% for 6 picks, 15% for 8 picks, 100% for 18 picks…
  • Multi bets insurance. Its really frustrating when your big multi-bet coupon loses because of one bet. Some bookies might save you from this kind of frustration, as they have insurance. They usually do it for big multi bets (no less than 5 picks) with decent odds (1.40 and more). If only one pick from your multiple losses, youll be able to get the money back (or free bet in the equivalent of losing stake).
  • Loyalty program (VIP). Its a reward system for the most active and dedicated players. Loyalty programs most often have levels. Levels are based on gained points or the total amount of deposits, bets. In short, the more you play, the higher level youll have. Every new level means new rewards: free bets, deposit bonuses, bigger cashback, faster payments, personal manager, and so on. On the VIP-level players can make big bets way over the market limit. 
  • Refer-a-friend. This is an old and mostly forgotten type of bonus, but it still exists on some websites. All you need is to invite another player to the sportsbook via a personal link or special code. A bookmaker will reward you both with some bonuses.  
  • Others. You can also find special best sports betting apps tournaments (multi bets, biggest winning odds, most points), contests for predictors, birthday gifts, jackpots, lotteries. There is also a possibility that the bookmaker will reward you individually with some bonus. All you need is to play and be active.  

Frequently asked Questions

Do Australian bookmakers even offer bonuses for players?
Yes, Australian bookies offer bonuses to their players. You can get the expression they don’t because any advertisement of betting promotions is banned in Australia. But you’ll eventually get a bonus after registration.
What are the best bonuses in Australia?
We cannot say directly what is the best bonus in Australia, as bookmakers reveal conditions of promotions only if you signed-up. All we can say is that you can get deposit bonuses in Australia, free bets, insurance bets (money back), and some other types of bonuses.
What is better: the first deposit bonus or no-deposit free bet?
To each his own. Some players prefer deposit bonus bets in Australia, while others rate free bets higher. Freebets often don’t require a deposit, so you can get it straight after sign-up. At the same time deposit offers are usually bigger.
Where can I find promo codes?
You can find actual working bonus codes on our website. Just check the appropriate section of our site.
What is a wagering requirement in bonus?
A wagering requirement is the number of times you should play through your bonus in order to get money on real balance. For example, if you get a 100$ bonus with x30 wager requirement, then the needed amount of wagered money is $3000 (30 * 1000).
Is it Ok to get bonuses from international bookmakers?
All we can say is it’s not illegal and there will be no legal consequences for you after claiming a bonus on an international betting website.
Can I decline the betting bonus?
Yes, you can. Just ask customer support or decline it in account settings.
Why did the bookmaker cancel my bonus?
You have probably violated some rules, or maybe the bookmaker changed its promo programs. You should ask customer support about the reasoning.
Can I create another account in the sportsbook to claim the bonus multiple times?
Nope, you can’t do it, as multiple accounts are prohibited by bookmakers. Even if you somehow get a Tab bonus bet or promotion in other legal bookies there is a big possibility you eventually will be caught.
Why do bookmakers even offer bonuses for players?
Because it’s a good attractor for new players. And as you know bookmakers cannot exist without punters, so they offer match betting bonuses in Australia, free bets, and other rewards.

Author: Vadim Rotar

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