big win For most people, happiness requires a measured life without stress, stability and a decent decent salary. But there are those who dream of real luxury and the presence of a tidy sum on the accounts of foreign banks. How to make a dream come true? You can work around the clock, patent ingenious ideas and sell them expensively. Or wait for the inheritance from a distant relative. But it’s much more effective to act - for example, determine the appropriate option for playing in a casino, take a chance and break the big jackpot.

Just imagine. A minimum of effort plus a little luck will make you a multimillionaire. But is luck in gambling smiling indiscriminately? Unfortunately not. Therefore, we will talk about the huge winnings in land-based casinos and the minions of fate that they got.

Big jackpots or what kind of gambling games for victories choose lucky

Most gamblers today are skeptics who are unable to resist gambling. But, interestingly, they often mistrust the fabulous wins. And this is understandable, because not everyone managed to just look at millions of crispy banknotes. But the stories of getting huge jackpots in the world are still real.

Laden with adrenaline and getting rich:

james gold

1. American Jamie Gold. He won $ 12 million in the 2006 World Series of Poker poker tournament. In total, he managed to beat 8,772 players.

Of these, 7 are highly professional, including poker star Allen Cunningham. And the prize received by Gold is still considered the largest among those paid in poker competitions.

Archie Karas won a large sum

2. The next lucky one is Archie Karas. A man of legend, addicted to gambling since 15 years. In 1995, the guy managed to turn $ 50 into $ 40 million in a number of poker games. And, what is noteworthy, I was able to safely lower this colossal win at the casino in the same year.

Many consider Karas the greatest player in history, and he confirms that he never spared money on bets.

Cynthia Jane hit the jackpot

3. An impressive prize still went to Cynthia Jane on the day when she celebrated the birthday of her future mother-in-law in the casino. The girl chose her favorite number 27 for a bet in machines and became the owner of almost 35 million dollars.

By the way, she also allocated only 27 bucks for the game then. And the sound of the jackpot that came was at the moment when she and her future husband Teri Bernann "fed the one-armed" the last five bucks out of the agreed amount.

Charles Wells won roulette

4. Huge winnings in roulette, though rare, but also happen. In Monte Carlo in the XIX century a couple of similar cases were recorded. A million francs back in 1891 went to Charles Wells.

The player had only 4 thousand, which did not hurt, after spending 11 hours at the table, 12 times to get huge wins. They say Wells did not plan to stop, but the casino ran out of chips.

Don Johnson

5. Another hero of the top of successful players is Don Johnson, who managed to win $ 15 million from December 2010 to April 2011. In three different land-based casinos in Atlantic City, playing blackjack he received about 5 million each. The lucky one at that time was even given the nickname "Atlantic City Killer" and tried in every possible way to find out the secret of success.

What Johnson laughed off at, saying that his chip is a frivolous attitude to victories and losses. But in addition, the player did not deny that he is well versed in gambling strategies, he is friends with mathematics and can banally count cards.

As you can see, where there is a place of great profit, funny things often happen. Therefore, when you are lucky enough to break the treasured jackpot, do not take an example from those who are not able to cope with emotions. Control risk and believe in luck.