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roulete in online casino Online roulette is the most challenging spot in the casino, attracting numerous players and crowds of onlookers. It's where the most considerable sums of money are in play. Some players aren't focused on winning but rather relish the experience and participate in live roulette for entertainment.

Blaise Pascal, a renowned French mathematician and physicist, is linked to the invention of roulette through an intriguing legend with two variations. In one version, he attempted to design a perpetual motion machine using a ball and a wheel. On the other, he withdrew to a monastery to tackle the challenge of calculating the probability of winning the lottery with 36 tickets. Regardless of which version is accurate, roulette became a popular pastime among monks by 1655 and eventually gained popularity among the French aristocracy.

In 1837, François and Louis Blanc made significant alterations to the roulette numbering and betting table, leading to its global popularity. As a result, the European version of the game that we know today emerged. Although various countries attempted to modify the game, only three versions - European, French, and American - have persisted internationally.

Looking ahead 200 years, all forms of gambling, including online roulette, are now accessible online. The thrill of the game remains just as intense. Understanding the rules of roulette is crucial, and mastering roulette strategies can also be beneficial for those interested. Unlike blackjack, where players can influence the game's outcome, roulette depends entirely on chance. The ball spins rapidly on the wheel; until the end, no one can predict where it will land.

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What is roulette online casino and how to play it in the Philippines

Roulette is a sizable wheel featuring 36 numbered sections painted in alternating red and black colors. The 37th section, traditionally colored green, is labeled as "zero." The numbers are arranged randomly, although the Blanc brothers may have perceived their pattern within it.

Gamblers make their wagers on a designated area, following which the dealer, or in the case of online roulette casino, the RNG, announces, "No more bets, bets are placed!" The ball is then released in the opposite direction of the wheel's spin. After some time, it comes to a halt on one of the numbered sections, and the players collect their winnings before the next round begins.

The sum of all the numbers on the roulette wheel equals 666, commonly called the "Number of the Beast" in Christianity. Due to this association, the game has earned the nickname "Ferris Wheel," and some individuals choose not to participate. However, despite this reputation, roulette remains a popular game that entices many players.

Roulette Casino Online Game options

The online roulette game, whether played in a live or virtual casino, offers a variety of betting options beyond simply choosing a specific number. Players can place side bets on outcomes such as red or black (with a 1 to 1 payout), even or odd (also 1 to 1), small numbers (1-18), or large numbers (19-36, both with a 1 to 1 payout), columns (1-12, 13-24, or 25-36, with a 2 to 1 payout), six numbers (5 to 1), corners or crosses (8 to 1), three numbers (11 to 1), two numbers (17 to 1), or even a single number (with a 35 to 1 payout).

Whether you play American or European roulette, the payout ratio remains unchanged. The casino's profit is generated from zero slots. Otherwise, players could bet on odd and even numbers and walk away with a six-figure sum.

Bets placed on the numbered sectors of the game table, including all lines and intersections, are called inside bets. On the other hand, outside bets are placed outside the playing field, where one can bet on odd/even or red-black outcomes.

Roulette is a prominent feature in online casinos, displaying all bets and names. Despite its seemingly complex table, it is not difficult to comprehend. As you progress through each round, you will gain more knowledge and grasp the significance of placing the correct bets. You can practice by playing free roulette online to aid in this process.

Types of roulettes in Philippines online casinos

There are various types of modern casino roulette, with differences related to the advantage of the gambling establishment and the players rather than technical specifications.

There exist solely three firmly established alternatives:

European roulette is the most commonly played type. It consists of 36 numbered sectors and one "zero." The casino profits mainly from the zero in this version. Only the most enthusiastic gamblers would dare to bet on this number.

French is the least common roulette variant in live casinos and online. It poses the most significant disadvantage for the casino, as players can take back 50% of their bet or leave it in place for another round if a "zero" is drawn.

The American version of roulette is considered the most lucrative for casinos due to its unique number arrangement and inclusion of an extra "double zero." Skilled players often avoid these tables in favor of other options.

Nowadays, the internet offers a plethora of roulette game variations. Gone are the days of needing a massive 500 kg table with 300 pieces - now, all you need is a computer to create a new version. For instance, some versions have 38 sectors with specific numbers offering a payout of 500 to 1, while other developers have added mini-games to particular industries. This adds an extra level of excitement for those seeking it. It's crucial to remember that online casino roulette has a wide range of options, so learning how to play and win is essential.

Despite centuries of effort, no one has devised a foolproof strategy for playing roulette. While mathematicians and scientists have been able to minimize the risks of losing, even this approach cannot guarantee success.

The name of the game Provider Roulette type Number of cells Minimum bet Maximum bet Return Percentage (RTP)
European Roulette Evolution Gaming European 37 1 PHP 500,000 PHP 97.3%
American Roulette Playtech American 38 10 PHP 10,000 PHP 94.7%
French Roulette Microgaming French 37 5 PHP 50,000 PHP 98.65%
Speed Roulette Ezugi European 37 2 PHP 100,000 PHP 97.3%
Lightning Roulette Evolution Gaming European 37 10 PHP 500,000 PHP 96.3%

How different are European, American, and French roulettes?

All contemporary casinos, physical or virtual, offer a wide range of roulette games. Out of the many options available, three types of roulette are particularly popular among players: European, American, and French. While their fundamental rules are similar, there are some significant variations between them.

One of the most distinctive features of American roulette is the addition of a second partition for a zero, which runs parallel to the first. This feature is present in the game's physical and online casino versions, adding extra speed and intensity. While American roulette tables are trendy among players in the USA, they are not as widely played in other parts of the world. However, the Philippines roulette wheel in online casinos offers unique settings that can appeal to players from any country, making it an excellent option for those looking to spice up their roulette experience.

European and French roulette wheels are classic and do not feature an additional 00-slot. While there are no differences in the reels, there is one significant contrast in the rules. Unlike the European version, French roulette has two specific rules for betting even money: "La Partage" and "En Prison."

  • La Partage. This principle states that if a bettor places an even-money wager and the ball lands in the 0 pockets, the dealer will refund 50% of the bet.
  • The rule of En Prison is comparable to others, but it is slightly more intricate. If the marble lands in a 00 slot, the player's bet is "imprisoned" and carried over to the next round, resulting in a repeat of the initial wager.

Although it is unlikely for all three roulette variations to be available at a single casino, online gambling services in the Philippines offer all possible versions of the game.

Mobile Roulette

The gambling sector is progressively shifting towards the online and mobile realms. Contemporary players opt to engage in free online roulette without downloading software, all from the comfort of their homes. The top-notch online gambling services in the Philippines are accessible through mobile phone applications, providing a hassle-free way to play mobile roulette and many other casino games.

Live roulette

Live Roulette was created to maintain the authentic thrill of the game. The studio features a simple table where a live dealer spins an absolute ball. Multiple cameras capture the betting table, wheel, and dealer, while players can place bets from the comfort of their PC and fully engage in the process. This immersive experience allows players to feel like sitting in a casino chair, even while lounging on a cozy couch at home. Players can adjust camera angles, interact with the dealer, and take note of where the ball lands most frequently, just like in a real casino. And if players tire of their current dealer, they can switch to another table.

How to win at roulette?

Mathematics has a direct connection to Roulette. Numerous scientific studies have been conducted on this subject. However, casinos prohibit using any strategies. The security services of gambling establishments are highly efficient and can identify individuals who utilize their mathematical abilities to leave the casino with large sums of money.

Various methods can significantly improve a player's odds against the casino. However, these techniques require some time and effort. Opting for European roulette provides the most significant advantage over the casino. It's essential to practice for free before gambling with real money. Most gaming rooms offer this option, but it's unavailable in live casinos.

Roulette strategy

This section can't include every strategy that has been created today. However, we must mention at least one, called Martingale.

Martingale strategy

This strategy is both popular and straightforward. It involves placing a bet on one chip. The chance is doubled if the round is lost until a win is achieved. Once success is obtained, the bet returns to its original size, and the process is repeated. However, it is not advisable to use this strategy without prior experience. We suggest trying out free roulette games at online casinos before placing real money bets. Additionally, it is essential to have a bankroll reserve when using the Martingale strategy. Calculate your balance to cover at least 70-100 rounds. Otherwise, you risk losing your funds without any positive outcome.

D'Alembert system

Leron D'Alembert, a French nobleman, devised a system that closely resembles the Martingale strategy. In this system, the player places outside bets and selects an even number. If the player loses, the bet is doubled; if they win, they decrease the chance by one. For instance, if the player bets $5, $10, $15, and $20 consecutively and loses but wins the next bet of $25, they would then bet $20.

Theoretically, your wins and losses should balance out. As a result, you can expect to make a decent profit after your gaming session. However, it's important to note that this approach requires a substantial bankroll and careful fine-tuning.

How to increase your chances of winning

The most commonly requested thing by players in the Philippines is to influence the outcome of games. However, we must firmly say that this is not possible. As previously stated, the only thing that can be altered is the volatility, which depends on the bet type. While most bets have the same payout percentage, some have a significantly lower one. For instance, in American roulette, there is a bet on five numbers that fall into this category. If you plan on playing this roulette for real money, we strongly advise against this bet.

Practicing is another effective method to enhance your chances of winning. However, if you practice with real money, you may lose everything. Hence, we suggest playing free online roulettes frequently to comprehend the game's principles and regulations. Lastly, it is crucial to only play in reputable and licensed casinos.

Where to play the best roulette in the Philippines?

Nowadays, roulette is available to play in nearly all online casinos. However, each gaming establishment has its selection and regulations. For instance, certain casinos offer exclusive clubs for high rollers, where players can participate in high-limit tables and receive a substantial welcome bonus under specific terms.

Take note of our online casino rating, which features the top gambling establishments that offer live dealer roulette tables from leading providers like Egusi, Evolution Gaming, and NetEnt.

Select a casino, practice your preferred strategy, and seize control of your luck - skilled players are favored by fortune.

🏢 What does online roulette entail?

The game's primary objective involves wagering on a designated area, with the expectation of a favorable outcome following the ball's release and rotation of the roulette wheel. The result is determined by chance and is not influenced by the player's expertise or abilities.

What variations of roulette exist?

Two primary variations of roulette exist American, which features both a single and double zero and European, which only has one zero. There are other versions, such as French mini roulette, which has 13 sections on the wheel, boules roulette, multi-reel roulette, and pure roulette, which lacks a zero.

🔈 What is the RTP level in online roulette?

The RTP (recoil) varies depending on the type of roulette. European roulette has an RTP of 97.3%, while the American version has a lower RTP of 94.6%.

👩 Is it possible to play roulette with an online dealer?

There is indeed a chance to witness this at live casinos, where you can observe the ball being thrown onto the dealer's wheel following your wagers.

🔞 What exactly is auto roulette?

Auto Roulette is a variation of live roulette that operates without the presence of a dealer. Instead, a specialized automatic device is used to launch the ball.

😤 What is the highest payout ratio achievable in roulette?

The highest possible odds for a single-number direct bet are 35 to 1 (36.0). If you place a bet on the number 0 and the roll's result is also 0, your chance will be successful, and your winnings will be multiplied by 36.

What are the most effective strategies for playing roulette?

Most betting tactics were first experimented with and evaluated in the roulette game. This includes the Martingale approach and other progression-oriented methods such as the Fibonacci sequence, Passwords, D'Alembert, and others.

📐 Can one achieve a favorable mathematical outcome while playing roulette in NZD?

There is currently no feasible approach to accomplish this. However, certain players suggest monitoring the roulette wheel and identifying patterns of the same color. For instance, if the color red has appeared seven or eight times consecutively, placing a bet on black may be more advantageous (and vice versa).

📱 Is playing online roulette on a mobile device in the Philippines possible?

It is possible to play online roulette using your mobile device. Simply access the website on your smartphone or tablet and select the game you wish to play. Most contemporary online roulette games are compatible with the HTML5 standard.

🆓 Where can I find a website to play roulette online without paying?

You can do this on an online casino, the developer's portal, or our website. You can try the roulette game in demo mode and play with virtual funds.

💰 Is it possible to play roulette without paying and still earn cash?

It is theoretically feasible if the casino provides a no-deposit bonus specifically for roulette, although such occurrences are infrequent.

🏦 What is the maximum number of times you can play roulette consecutively?

If you place 1000 bets in roulette, there is a 98% chance that you will experience seven consecutive losses or wins at least once.

👎 Is online roulette a fraudulent activity?

Playing online roulette in a licensed casino developed by a licensed developer is not fraudulent. The Return to Player (RTP) rate aligns with the stated one. Casinos without licenses are the ones that engage in deceitful practices such as manipulating the RTP and Random Number Generator (RNG).

Author: Vadim Rotar

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