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A lot of gamblers consider visits to online casinos as merely one of their regular leisure activities. At regular online establishments, you can have a good time and recharge yourself with new emotions without the risk of spending large sums of money. However, if a gambler has free funds and wants to use them to play at the maximum level of excitement and increase their chances of big winnings, then the best option for them would be an online casino for high rollers.

Quality online gambling clubs appreciate clients who are ready to play with big bets. That is why at some online casinos high rollers have access to special bonuses and fast promotions on VIP programs. To help you find the best high roller casino sites with big bets we have prepared an independent rating, which includes only the best websites.

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What is a high roller at a casino? 

Casino high rollers are people who do not play for small stakes but always play for large sums of money. Their bankrolls range from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and they are the ones who usually win huge amounts of money. However, it is quite difficult for such players to find a good online site for regular gambling. After all, such an institution should offer suitable limits for a high roller, a profitable loyalty system, and of course, a suitable selection of gambling entertainment. 

Originally, the term meant a poker player who plays at very high or maximal stakes. But over time, all players who play at maximum stakes became known as high rollers. Such players, if they can find a really good club, can get a lot of advantages.

Exclusive bonuses and promotions: VIP players have access to a variety of premium bonuses that regular players can't get. 

Payouts: high rollers often have faster payouts, so they can withdraw their winnings very quickly.

Higher deposit limits: when you spend a lot of money, you can deposit more into your account. 

Personal VIP manager: a high roller gets help with every aspect of online gambling with the help of a VIP manager, who works with such a client 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Giveaways and weekly rewards: casinos often reward their players with personalized gifts, weekly rewards and birthday gifts.

Invitations to events: being a true high roller, you'll receive invitations to exclusive events, competitions and tournaments from your casino.

High Roller Casino Bonuses

Online casinos that are focused on high rollers, should provide them with additional services and motivate them to play in their institution. Therefore, the most popular way to support such club visitors is to award them with any kind of high roller casino bonuses:

  • Bonuses for earning a status. High rollers get dozens of free spins in popular slots machine, extra percentages on their next deposits, money to the bonus account, and access to regular promotions. 
  • Birthday gifts. If the player with a starting status receives a small amount, an experienced high roller can get 50000 ₱ to their bonus account with a minimum wager.
  • Individual bonuses. For high rollers, it is not unusual to receive no deposit bonuses with free spins or money to the bonus account, bonuses of 100-200% to the next deposit, free tickets to participate in a lottery, and so on.
  • Cashback. This term means a refund of a part of the money you have lost. While newbies get 3-5% returns every month, advanced users are getting 20-25% daily. Also, the wager is often decreased to very low values.
  • Personal manager. You no longer have to contact a public online chat, and all questions will be resolved individually.
  • Increased withdrawal limits. The difference between the request for payment for newcomers and VIP users can be tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Advantageous exchange rate for casino bonus points. Sometimes holders of high statuses get the opportunity to exchange their bonus points at higher coefficients, such as x2, or x3.

High Roller Casino Games

If you are looking for a game with higher stakes, you can play anywhere, but it is better to play at high-roller casino sites where many things are developed specifically for players with a large bankroll. Typically, the best games that can be customized for high-stakes players include: 

Board games, such as roulette. This game has been one of the most popular and highly desired entertainments for several centuries. Roulette is an ideal gambling event for those who like to take risks and want to get the most out of the game without really getting into action. Today virtual halls offer guests different types of roulette: American, European and French. Each type has its own characteristics, and before giving preference to one of the listed, you should carefully read the rules of the chosen type.

High-stakes slots machine. This is also an extremely popular form of gambling in which you do not have to struggle and you just have to rely on your luck. Nevertheless, you can win a lot in slots machine, if you choose slots machine with high returns, and if you buy bonus rounds and place maximum bets. As for jackpot slots machine, many progressive jackpots can only be won if you make maximum bets, so it's basically the perfect choice of games for high rollers. 

Table card games like blackjack, poker and baccarat. In these games, you won't be able to be too relaxed, because you'll need a lot of skill to succeed, and luck alone won't help you very much. But for many high rollers, it's not just about winning, it's also about competition, which only increases the excitement. 

Live dealer high roller casino games. When playing table and card games a lot of people prefer to play them in a live casino, as there you can get the most emotions. This is the place where you can get an illusion that you are actually visiting one of the best casinos in Las Vegas because for many players the atmosphere of a classic gambling club is really important. 

In classic casino high roller games such as blackjack, roulette and baccarat, betting amounts can range from $1,000 to $200,000 per game, giving you plenty of chances for huge wins. If you decide to play for more money, live dealers will give you the best experience you can get from an online casino. Also, usually, you will find VIP tables that are specifically designed for high rollers. These one-of-a-kind live dealer rooms are reserved for players who want the best high roller casino experience possible. And that's completely reasonable, as high rollers pay for such an experience by betting high. If you're thinking about becoming a VIP, check out our recommended high roller best online casinos.

Overall, if you happen to be a high roller, you can expect bets like this:

Roulette 5000 ₱ to 10000000 ₱
Poker From 5000 ₱
Baccarat 2000 ₱ to 10000000 ₱
Blackjack 5000 ₱ to 10000000 ₱
Slots machine 1000 ₱ to 250000 ₱

 How to become a VIP at a casino?

Depending on the casino, it can be either very easy or very difficult to become a VIP member. Below you will find information about VIP casino clubs that will help you understand how they work and what you need to do to become part of such a club. 

VIP programs are designed to reward and highlight high rollers and regular players. They calculate bets made using real money. When a player bets money in high roller casino games, they receive loyalty points at a predetermined rate, for example, 1 point for every 500 ₱. The purpose of these points may vary, but they are always connected to bonuses or prizes.

Often at high roller casinos, you can find a combined VIP loyalty program. Such a program will be available for all registered visitors of the site by default. Sometimes it gives bonuses even at the first level, such as a small cashback or free spins. But the real prizes are waiting for players at higher levels or statuses of VIP programs. The top VIP casinos try to make the most attractive conditions for high rollers. That's why VIP players get cash prizes, high cashback, invitations to participate in VIP tournaments and so on.

Loyalty programs for high rollers can be very different, but more often than not they follow a similar pattern. Typically, casinos have several prestige levels, which are achieved as loyalty points are accumulated. These can be called by any name, for example, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and so on.

Sometimes high roller casinos leave the highest levels as exclusives. It is not enough for players to accumulate loyalty points. To get to such a level, you need to be a true high roller: make large deposits and make big bets in games. Then, sooner or later the casino will give this person the VIP member status.

Small and new high roller casinos are characterized by relatively simple VIP membership terms. There are not many players at such facilities, so high rollers quickly become distinguished from the main mass of users. The VIP status can be granted for just a few deposits of 25000 ₱ or similar amounts. Sometimes all you need to do to obtain it is to contact support.

But keep in mind that at many top VIP casinos, access to the VIP club for high rollers is only available by invitation from the portal. Such VIP players receive various exclusive rewards and privileges, while for regular users of the site a separate system of loyalty bonuses can be developed. Exclusive terms are offered only to those players who are going to play for quite serious amounts. It happens that in order to get an invitation you must first deposit the equivalent of tens of thousands of dollars in your casino account. 

In general, on many sites, you can become a VIP player by moving up the loyalty program ladder. By making big bets in games with high limits, you'll earn special points faster and get new levels with all sorts of rewards. All in all, regardless of the casino you choose, there are a few simple general tips to become a VIP player as quickly as possible: 

  • Familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the casino.
  • Play a lot and with big bets.
  • Make large deposits.

Frequently asked Questions

Who are the high rollers?
These are players who are playing at high stakes. They can also be called VIP players. Because of their high stakes, the casino offers such clients individual loyalty programs and high roller casino bonus offers.
How to become a VIP player?
Every player can take part in beneficial programs if they are a VIP member of a gambling club. For this purpose, it is necessary to play often, place large bets and make significant deposits.
What benefits do Philippines high rollers get?
High rollers have a lot of advantages in comparison with regular players: faster withdrawal of winnings, exclusive promotional and bonus offers, higher cashback and lower wagers. In addition to this, high rollers are treated by a separate employee, are rewarded with gifts and can be invited to private events.
Does every online casino have a VIP program for Philippines players?
Yes, these days almost every online casino provides certain benefits for VIP players. More detailed information about the benefits can be found on the chosen platform.
What are the games to play for high stakes?
Generally, high rollers choose to play table or card games. Live casinos are also quite popular since the atmosphere there is very similar to a real land-based casino.
How to choose the best high roller casino in Philippines ?
When you are looking for your 1st high roller casino, you should take into account the most important characteristics: the availability of a reliable license, the profitability and variety of the bonus program, and the assortment of deposit and withdrawal methods. Also, we advise taking into account the commissions and limits on money transfers and whether you are satisfied with the choice of gambling entertainment. You can also find high roller casino reviews online, and be guided by them.
How to find slot machines with big payouts at high roller casinos online Philippines ?
The opportunity to win more than 34000 ₱ can be found in pokies machines with a progressive jackpot. Also, pokies with bonus games are good choices for finding big prizes. If you beat them, the payout can be doubled or even tripled.
Is it worth playing with big bets at new online casinos?
Of course, you should give priority to those institutions, the reputation of which is confirmed by years of work. But if you did not find a suitable option among them, it is recommended to continue your search in our rating of online casinos for high rollers. There you will find quality and safe gambling clubs with reliable licenses.

Author: Gabe Bais

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