Bookmaker Codes 2024 for Philippinesn Betting Sites

This is not rocket science that bonuses at sportsbooks make betting more enjoyable and profitable. Most players gladly take rewards from bookmakers. Philippines players are no different, and most of them would love to get a bet bonus. On this page, you will find the list of bookmakers’ bonuses and available Philippines betting promotions.   

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What Kind of Bonuses do Philippines Bookmakers Offer?

bonus codes bkSadly, Philippines players cannot take advantage of sign-up betting promotions. Since May 2019, any advertisements of bonuses (sign-up, first deposit, free bets, cashback, and so on) for new players are banned from the legal betting websites in the Philippines. Anti-bonus restriction was enforced by the local government, as a countermeasure to an increasing number of people with a gambling addiction.

Both players and bookmakers don't deal well with the new reality. Many players are still trying to find bookmaker deposit bonuses, while some bookies offer bonuses within the law. For instance, Sportsbet has been fined a few times because of illegal bookmaker bonus bet and refer-a-friend promotion. Looks like they learned their lesson. Those who hope to milk Sportsbet joining bonus will have to wait for the ban lifting.

At the same time, you can still see a Promotion section on many betting websites in the Philippines. Don’t get your hope high, as you won’t see any cash bonuses out there. Bookies usually list their special features and options in the Promotion section. The good news is that you can get a bonus at bookmaker after the registration. The most popular rewards:

  • Deposit bonuses;
  • Early payouts;
  • Cashback;
  • VIP-programs;
  • Freebets;
  • Bonuses for multipliers.
  • We advise you to register on a betting website and then to see what is going on. 

Hot Bonus Codes at Philippines Sportsbooks

On this page, you can get a betting club promo code. Those codes are provided by bookmakers and are also often called referral codes. By using them players can add some additional value to the bonus. For instance, he can get 300₱ instead of 200% after entering the code during the registration process.

As we have already said, advertisements of betting promotions and any bookmakers' sign-up bonuses are banned in the Philippines. One can imagine that any promo codes are useless in current circumstances. Not true, since clicking on the code on this page will safely lead you to a betting website. With our referral link, you’ll get your reward after the registration. 

Where to Find The Best Betting Bonuses?

You won’t find any specific information about bonuses on Philippines betting websites, because of the current rules. Many players decide to give up on legal operators and look after illegal bookies. 99% of illegal bookmakers offer sign-up bonuses. Some of them even have betting app promotions. You can try to create an account on an offshore website at your own risk. But we do not recommend it, since illegal bookies usually operate via shady licenses. They lack safety and often scam players.

We also do not recommend bitcoin sports betting. Even if their bonuses are great on paper. Most bitcoin bookmakers have no background and experience behind them. Creating an account on such a website may lead you to a big financial loss, as there were instances of players getting scammed.

Sooner or later players will get their bookmaker bonus bet. Current prohibition in the Philippines will not last forever. Not to mention, you can get your reward after sign-up. We will provide you with important information as soon as the current policy changes.  

Frequently asked Questions

What are the best betting bonuses in the Philippines?
We cannot answer this question directly, as Philippines bookmakers are not allowed to advertise their promotions for non-clients. You can register at some sportsbook and then check its promotions section.
Where to find bonus codes?
You can find betting promo-coded right on this page. Click on them to visit the betting website.
When will the current bonus ban be lifted?
We don’t know exactly when it will happen. We can only hope that it won’t take too long, as both players and operators aren't happy with it.

Author: Vadim Rotar

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