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horse racing PhilippinesThe people of the Philippines have a strong passion for horse racing betting. According to a survey conducted in 2015, over 1 million Filipinos frequently place bets on horse races. Recent research indicates that the average player spends approximately 1300₱ annually on horse and dog racing. These significant figures demonstrate the typical punter's preferences in the Philippines. Online bookmakers are also essential in this trend, as they cover all major horse racing events in the country and races from the UK and USA. Furthermore, they enhance their horse betting section with added value.

The competition among betting brands is advantageous as it leads to constant improvement in quality and the addition of new features. The ultimate beneficiary of this process is the punter. We have compiled a list of the top online horse racing betting brands, along with our recommendations and tips.

Horse betting in the Philippines

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Horse race betting in the Philippines

Recent research indicates that approximately 65% of all wagers made in the Philippines in 2021 were related to racing, with horse racing being the most popular. Additionally, the total amount of money bet on racing surpasses the combined amount placed on other sports. These statistics demonstrate the significant role that horse betting plays in the Philippines' gambling culture, making it an essential component of the industry.

There are Filipinos who engage in betting as a means to earn money, while others do it for leisure. Many recreational bettors place wagers on horse races for enjoyment; for some, it has become a regular activity. It is not uncommon for celebrities in the Philippines to place substantial bets on horse racing and even attend significant events.

There are racing enthusiasts who are so dedicated that they place bets on horse betting games available on Android and iOS. At the same time, it may seem unusual to some, but many people in the Philippines wager on these virtual races, mainly when no live events occur. You can easily download racing mobile apps from the AppStore or Google Play Market and enjoy playing for fun.

It's no shock that there's a lot of excitement and fixation surrounding racing in the Philippines, given our country's many major racing events each year. While some individuals still prefer the traditional method of attending races and placing bets in person, online betting has overtaken in-house gambling.

An example of a table of horse racing in the Philippines:

Event Location Winning Horse Odds
Philippine Racing Club Cup Santa Ana Park Fire Fighting 2.50
Philippine Charity Metro Manila Nais Ko 4.00
Philippine Racing Club Cup Santa Ana Madla 3.75
Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Metro Manila Big Stage 2.25
Philippine Racing Club Cup Santa Ana Teniente Mayor 3.50
Philippine Charity San Juan 3.25
Philippine Racing Club Cup Santa Ana Park Fighting Faith 2.75
Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Metro Manila Nine Eleven 2.50
Philippine Racing Club Cup Santa Ana Park Big Sky Infinity 4.50
Philippine Charity Sweepstakes San Lazaro Leisure Stripes 3.75
Philippine Racing Club Santa Ana Park Aguacero 2.25
Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Metro Manila Jolly Halo 2.50

Below is a compilation of the largest and most well-known racing events in the Philippines:

  • The Melbourne Cup is a prestigious horse racing event.
  • The Gold Coast Magic Millions event.
  • The WS Cox Plate is a horse racing event.
  • The TJ Smith Stakes is a horse racing event.
  • The Queen Elizabeth Stakes is a horse racing event.
  • The Caulfield Cup and other races.

The states of Victoria and New South Wales are home to the majority of Group 1 races, although significant events are held in Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide. In addition to the highly esteemed Group 1 races, there are numerous smaller events that bookmakers are eager to include in their pre-match and in-play offerings.

Best horse betting sites

SlotsMegaCasino.comHorse racing is the primary market for online bookmakers in the Philippines, and each legal brand strives to provide coverage for as many events as possible. Additionally, they offer unique features and options to attract customers. For instance, several bookmakers have a dedicated section for autonomous race betting, which is reasonable given that many players exclusively bet on racing events.

This webpage presents a compilation of the top horse racing bookmakers in the Philippines. The rankings are subject to change as we regularly update them based on player feedback and our assessments. In addition to the list, we also offer our recommendations for bookmakers.

These bookmakers have a track record of success and a strong reputation and offer a top-notch horse betting section.

  • Bet365 is a renowned bookmaker and expert in racing, considered one of the best in the world. The company has a rich history of sponsoring major events in the UK and Philippines, but it's not just about marketing. Bet365 offers some of the best horse bets today, with extensive coverage and high odds. Additionally, the operator provides live and voice streams to its clients. Punters love Bet365 for its special offers, such as Odds Drift Protector, Top Fluctuation, Protest payouts, and Fixed Prices. The company is known for being the friendliest bookmaker when things go wrong in the market.
  • Unibet is a well-known betting brand that excels in horse racing. Their platform is fast and user-friendly, with a dedicated " Racing " section that caters to punters. This section includes a schedule of upcoming events, results, guides, and previews of races. Unibet offers fixed-odds betting, Top Fluctuation, and SPG betting, as well as horse race bet games (Virtuals) on their website. Additionally, players with funds in their accounts can watch live streams of races.
  • Betfair is a one-of-a-kind platform that boasts unique features. It allows users to place bets on a sportsbook and an exchange, making it the most significant horse betting business globally. Betfair offers extensive coverage of events in the Philippines, the UK, and worldwide, which is impressive. Additionally, the platform provides exchange tools, including data science ratings, an In-Play tool, and educational videos. Betfair also offers OddsBoost coupons, higher payouts, and a virtual horse racing section.
  • Sportsbet is a prime example of the immense size of horse betting agencies Philippines. The Sportsbet website displays a comprehensive list of upcoming races and expert picks. Additionally, this bookmaker provides top-notch free horse racing tips. By clicking on the "Tips" section, users can view the selections of sportsbook experts. Sportsbet is widely regarded as the premier bookie for in-play horse betting, as they add hundreds of streams daily. Furthermore, the bookmaker offers special bets and outright markets with favorable odds.
  • Although not as well-known as other bookmakers, Palmerbet is worth mentioning. This bookmaker specializes in horse racing betting and provides excellent coverage of events, along with some unique features. For instance, you can place multi bets on the same race, check the weather conditions at the venue, and view speed maps. Additionally, the bookmaker's website offers valuable information about race participants. Palmerbet is also an excellent choice for those who enjoy outright betting.

There are numerous reputable online horse betting websites available in the Philippines. Each bettor can select the most suitable option from the provided list.

Horse betting apps in the Philippines

Over the past few decades, the betting market has undergone significant changes. In the past, players would primarily place bets on racetracks or through coupons at betting shops. However, today, anyone can carry a "racetrack" or "betting shop" in their pocket, thanks to mobile betting apps. Major bookmakers now offer mobile software for both iOS and Android, which are just as functional and efficient as their desktop websites.

The mobile betting apps for Sportsbet, Bet365, Neds, and other brands are available for download on AppStore and Google Play Market. These applications offer a range of essential features, such as transactions, live streams, and multi-bets.

If you want to enhance your experience of using a racing app in the Philippines, consider these helpful tips:

  • Utilize notifications for various events and markets to ensure you do not overlook significant updates.
  • If you enjoy live betting, the quick bet feature could be your lifesaver.
  • If available, tune in to live streams or listen to race reports.
  • Select the most captivating events and horses and add them to your favorites.

It is also advisable to browse the Promo sections of leading top bookmakers on their mobile apps. Certain betting companies provide exclusive deals for users who access their services through mobile devices.

How to bet on horses and win?

Most likely, every Filipino gambler has wondered, "how can I bet on horses and come out on top?" at some point their life. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution or guide to winning at horse race betting. However, adopting certain habits and following advice can significantly enhance your chances of success.

Below are our suggested recommendations:

  • Having accounts with multiple bookmakers allows you to compare odds and select the most favorable option. Additionally, you can increase your betting amount on the same result.
  • As a novice punter, it's advisable to stick to single bets on fixed odds such as winner, place, and show bets. However, gaining more experience is worth exploring other types of bets like multi-bets, Quinella, Trifecta, Double (back-to-back race winners), and Pick N.
  • Ensure to review all crucial information. Verify the list of participants, current weather conditions, track details, and race distance. It's essential to note that there's a significant contrast between 1000 m and 2500 m races. Shorter lengths are more susceptible to unforeseen outcomes, whereas longer distances favor In-Play betting.
  • Discover the background of horses and racetracks. Examine the most recent outcomes of a horse, particularly on the present course. Attempt to evaluate the number of unexpected results that have occurred on a specific track in the past. Additionally, pay attention to recent performances.
  • Access valuable advice without cost. When we say "read," we're not suggesting that you simply copy the selections of tipsters. Instead, we encourage you to read their analyses and gather helpful information. It's acceptable to disagree with even the most skilled horse racing tipster in the Philippines. What counts most are the analysis and observations.
  • Make the most of bookmakers' promotions. Virtually all bookies provide advertisements that are exclusively for horse racing betting. These may include odds boosters, insurance, protest payouts, and guaranteeing the best odds. Your objective should be to capitalize on these offers. By taking advantage of promotions betting, you can increase your potential returns and reduce risk.
  • Initially, focus solely on Group 1 races when placing bets. We highly suggest beginning with more significant events if you're a novice bettor. This way, you'll have access to a wealth of information, advice, and statistics, and you'll be able to acquire the skills necessary to analyze races effectively.
  • Select a bankroll management approach and adhere to it. To achieve long-term success, it is critical to adhere to financial guidelines. Following a bankroll management system (such as flat, units, or percentage) is essential to ensure consistency.

We hope that our advice will prove to be useful for you.

Frequently asked Questions

💵 What is the maximum amount I can earn from a single racing coupon?
The maximum bet amount varies based on the type of bet (single or multi), the event, and the odds. In general, the maximum bet can range from 400-2000₱ depending on these factors.
🐴 Is it possible for me to make multi bets on the same race with horses of the same race?
Certain bookmakers in the Philippines, such as Betfair, Sportsbet, and Palmerbet, permit punters to place same-race multi bets.
📋 Is there a place to locate complimentary horse racing advice?
Free horse racing betting tips can be found on certain betting websites such as Sportsbet and Betfair. However, it is recommended to utilize services like Punters or Ptptips for a more reliable option.
📣 Can you explain the meaning of protest payout in horse racing?
Protest payouts are offered by certain bookmakers, such as Bet365 and Sportsbet, where they pay out your winnings regardless of any official result changes due to protests.
❓ Can you explain what virtual horse racing is?
This is a racing simulation that takes place in a virtual environment. The results of these events are determined by RNG, making it impossible to identify any patterns or analyze them.

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