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Crash GameRecently, Crash games on real money have gained huge popularity among gambling fans from Philippines. The most famous of them you have probably heard or seen, for example, Aviator, Lucky Jet, JetX, and Zeppelin. A lot of gamblers choose these slots for the fact that they are interesting and dynamic and also allow you to score good money. So, if you came here to find out how to crash a website, then you better familiarise yourself with how you can win real money on these creative Crash money games.

Originally Crash games were developed by Bitcoin casinos, but now this popular trend is being developed by many well-known gambling software providers. One of the first such games was Aviator, so for many people, Aviator has become synonymous with Crash games. In the past, you could only play Crash crypto games, but now you can enjoy Crash games even if you have no cryptocurrencies.

Crash games are a new type of online casino entertainment that is very simple and requires minimal skills, each new online casino has this game. Crash games do not have the usual reels, lines, or combinations of symbols. The main principle of any Crash betting game is based on the principle of getting out of the game at the right time. Graphical representation of this process can be of any type: the takeoff of an aircraft, a rocket, a balloon, a movement of the cryptocurrency chart, and others.

The essence of a Crash game is the crashes of the graph at a certain coefficient. You place your bet, the round starts, the coefficient grows, and your bet increases proportionally. Then, at some point, the crash happens, and all bets are burned. Your objective is to withdraw your money before the chart crashes, and you should ideally do it on high betting odds to win a large amount of money. Each Crash money game is based on a random number generator, which means every single game round result is impossible to predict.

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Crash Games Advantages

Crash betting casino games have several advantages that make them more attractive compared to regular slots.

Feeling of community

Because multiple players are participating in a round, you have the opportunity to watch the achievements of other players, or even chat with them if the interface provides a chat room.

Ease of process

 In most cases, you just need to click a single button. In more complex variations, you have the option to additionally choose the size of the coefficient. After a few rounds in a demo mode, any beginner will understand the principle.

Experience a sense of control

If in slots the software algorithm picks the symbols that will be displayed, here you choose the size of the coefficients or choose the moment when to close the bet by pressing the button.

Crash Games Rules

The simple rules of a Crash gambling game allow you to focus on your goal: testing your luck and potentially winning some money. In addition, Crash games offer you fun dynamic graphics, generous bonuses and exciting game mechanics that make them even more attractive.

So, you will have a few minutes to place your bet at the start of each new round. When the timeout is over, the game will start and the multiplier will increase: the multiplier countdown starts at 1x and gradually grows each moment as the game continues. While the multiplier is increasing, you will have the opportunity to cash out at any time.

You must withdraw your money at any time until the missile crashes in order to win. In this case, your bet will be multiplied by the number displayed on the screen at the moment you decide to quit the game. If you wait too long, sooner or later the game will crash and you will lose your money.

Therefore, there are only two outcomes in such a simple Crash betting game:

  1. If you reach your multiplier or higher, you get your winnings;
  2. If the in-game avatar crashes before you reach your multiplier, your game will end in a loss.

The game rounds in the Crash money game are very short and you have the opportunity to exit at any moment. The purpose is to exit before it reaches a critical point to avoid losing.

Functions in Crash Games

Since Crash game gambling is very simple, you should have no problems with the controls. The manual control tab is straightforward: you make a Crash bet and press the button by yourself when you think it's time to quit the game. The Crash game automation tools are much more interesting. Let's take a look at what kind of features you may find.

Bet amount

The amount of your bet with the possibility to double or halve it by clicking.

Cash out at

Selection of the multiplier at which the winnings will be automatically fixed.

Stop on Profit

Ends autoplay when a certain profit has been reached.

Stop on loss

Ends autoplay when a certain loss has been reached.

On win

Action in case of a winning bet. By default, the bet remains the same, but you can set it to increase by a certain percentage.

On loss

Action in a situation of a losing bet. By default, the bet remains the same, but you can set an increase by a certain percentage.

Profit on win

Profit for all winning rounds during the autoplay. It is an information field, it cannot be changed.

Number of bets

The value of bets for autoplay. If the field is left empty, the game will continue as long as there is money left on the balance.

Automatic game ending

Before you start betting, you can use the automatic withdrawal option. With this option, you can set your auto withdrawal number. This can be anything from 1.5x to 5x. You can then let the game continue knowing that your automatic withdrawal is already up and running.

Probabilities in Crash Games

In contrast to blackjack or poker, Crash games are entirely dependent only on your luck. You place a bet and collect your winnings at any time unless the game has ended before that point. If you don't collect your winnings, you are guaranteed to lose sooner or later. The game doesn't restrict you on when to withdraw your winnings.

You can withdraw your money manually or use automated tools that will do it at a specified moment for you. The mechanism used by Crash is a lot like the random number generator we are all familiar with from slot games.

Crash Games Strategies

There are numerous strategies for Crash gambling that will help you maximise your winnings. For example, these are strategies such as automatic cash out, moderate risk or Martingale system.

Automatic cash out strategy. This is one of the simplest strategies that will help you make money on Crash gamble. To use this strategy, you need to pick an auto withdrawal number, for example, 1.6x, and then get your winnings consistently with that multiplier. Of course, you can choose any withdrawal multiplier you wish.

Bonus strategy. In this strategy, you need to be the last person remaining alive before the Crash betting game comes to an end. In other words, you have to be the final person to cash out before the game will end. If you manage to do this, you will receive a bonus reward, while in games where no one gets this reward, it automatically progresses to the next round.

Martingale system. Martingale is a popular betting system that is typically used in other betting games online. Today it is also being used by many gamblers who are visiting Crash sites.

Although your betting figures may vary, the strategy recommendations remain classic. If you lose in one gambling round, your general idea is to double your bet in the next round. And if you do win, you should return your bet amount to the original bet amount you originally started with.

Anti-Martingale system. This strategy functions in the opposite way to the one just described. In this scenario, you double your bet after every win, instead of every loss. In this way, if you have some good luck, you can easily increase even a small deposit. If you have lost, just return to the initial bet and continue until you reach the desired amount.

Low coefficient game. This strategy suggests that you make a bet only once when the plane reaches a multiplier of x1.1. The risk that the aircraft will crash to a multiplier of 1.1 is minimal, so you will almost always win in such rounds. The downside of this strategy is that your earnings will not be large. Nevertheless, this method is appropriate for those gamblers who are not in a hurry, who like to spend time in the game process and do not want to take any risks. Occasionally, the aircraft crashes at a multiplier of x1, so you have a risk of losing money in this strategy as well.

Moderate risk. This style of play will be more fast-paced and more risky: you wait for the plane to reach x2-x3 and only then collect your money. This strategy is based on good coefficients, at which earnings are growing pretty fast, but you need to be able to analyse statistics in order to follow this strategy because about 60% of the time the plane leaves the field before gaining the necessary height.

High-risk game. This strategy is suitable for those gamblers who are willing to take high risks and wait for x100 and x200 multipliers (the maximum multiplier size depends on the specific slot). Those bettors who want to use this strategy have to know how to carefully analyse statistics and calculate the timing of high coefficients. In other words, there is a certain regularity with which it is possible to catch the plane on a high multiplier. According to the opinion of experienced gamblers, the high multipliers are dropped once every one and a half hours.

Tips for Playing Crash Games

One of the things that you need to keep in mind is that any Crash game remains a gambling activity, and this means that you can lose your money just as easily as you can win it. While the latter is never a guarantee, so you should never be overconfident.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Pay attention to other players' wins and losses.
  • Develop a recovery strategy. A lot of players have a recovery strategy where they triple their losses and aim for a bet of around 1.33 when they cash out.
  • Stay away from big numbers when you see that other players have already cashed out.
  • Be patient and don't get discouraged.
  • Always save your bonus.
  • Pay special attention to the moment you lose instantly.
  • Use bonuses to minimise your risks.

If you want to play a Crash game but are not ready to risk large sums, it is worth taking a closer look at bonuses. Best online casinos will increase players' deposits with their own money, allowing them to play immediately with a more considerable balance. Make sure that you are allowed to play Crash games at your chosen online casino with the bonus rules, and check the maximum bet limit.

Another good piece of advice to gamblers from Philippines is to always keep your bankroll and bet limits in mind. The best way to do this is to set your bankroll and wagering limits before you start gambling. With Crash games, it's very easy to get completely immersed in the game, so it's best to set your limits in advance to help you stay in control.

How to Choose the Best Philippines Online Casino to Play Crash Games?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a casino to play Crash games.

Casino advantage

The casino advantage is understood as the mathematical advantage that any online casino has over a player. When you are choosing a casino to play Crash games, you should prioritise the sites with the lowest casino advantage. In most of the top online casinos from our rating, the advantage of the institution when playing Crash games is only a few percent.

Game features

As mentioned above, Crash games can vary in terms of the range of features they offer. If you want to try different strategies, it is important that the online casino provides tools to automatically play the game. Some online casinos offer additional options for betting in Crash games, therefore expanding the options available to their players.


Of course, in addition to the winnings in the main Crash game, it's also nice to get something extra on top. A lot of online casinos also offer deposit bonuses and free spins, which can be used for playing Crash games.

Depositing and withdrawing funds

Please, make sure to pay attention to whether the online casino supports the payment methods you are interested in. If you play for a particular currency or a cryptocurrency, make sure that this casino supports it. We recommend to make a minimal deposit to detect if everything is working as expected.

It is worth considering that Crash games are quite popular among crypto casino players. If you don't already have a cryptocurrency, it makes sense to pay attention to online casinos that have a direct built-in service for buying digital currencies.

In addition, it is very important that the online casino is quick to pay out winnings. Fortunately, most modern online casinos make high-limit payouts instantly, such as the casinos on our list.


It is understandable that not all online casinos can be considered reliable. Before making a deposit, read reviews from other players. In addition, it is not uncommon for Crash games to use algorithms with provable integrity, which is an additional guarantee to protect the player from being scammed.

Frequently asked Questions

What is the best Crash game to choose in Philippines?
Fundamentally, in such games, the main differences are only visual. Somewhere a jet takes off and explodes, somewhere this role is performed by a rocket, somewhere a car tries to hide from the chase, and somewhere a man with a jetpack flies into outer space. If you actually look at the RTP or return percentage, some Crash games are slightly superior to others. This is due to the fact that the online casino shares a portion of its profits with the game providers. In this instance, the casino itself acts as the provider, so it can afford to set a higher percentage of return to the player
How do the different Crash games differ from each other?
As we have already written above, the differences are minimal. The format of Crash games was originally set by Aviator by Spribe, the great success of which encouraged other providers to create their own Crash games based on Aviators model. Almost all of them have a live chat where players can communicate with each other and have a history of past rounds. The availability of history is very important, as many players make their predictions based on the results of past games.
Can I play Crash games for free in Philippines?
Yes, a lot of online casinos offer the opportunity to play Crash for free. Thanks to this, you can try one of these games yourself and test the strategies before you start placing real money bets.
Is it possible to win constantly in Crash games?
Since Crash is a casino game, the mathematical expectation for the player will be by default negative. On the other hand, the casino advantage of 1%-2%, which is usually the case in Crash games, is very small. In this way, it is indeed one of the most profitable and exciting games you can find at online casinos. At the same time, many things depend on the players luck and strategic approach, so it is not possible to predict the results of a specific event.
Is a Crash game a fair game?
The result of each round in Crash games is determined by a random number generator, a special software program whose algorithm determines the numbers randomly. This software cannot be influenced by the online casino and consequently, it is impossible to interfere with the result of the round.
What is the maximum I can win in a Crash game?
The maximum possible prize multiplier you can expect in a Crash game is determined by the provider. In games like Aviator or Jet X, the maximum multiplier will increase the winning bet by a maximum of 100 times.
Are there any win-win strategies in Crash games?
You can find many articles and videos on the internet about win-win strategies in Crash games. Bloggers and experienced players create entire communities, for example, live streaming and sharing how to make guaranteed money. These strategies actually do increase the chances of winning. But it is important for you to realise that Crash games are gambling activities and the results will always be unpredictable. You cannot guess in advance at what coefficient the flight of an aeroplane or a rocket will be interrupted. What is advantageous about strategies is the fact that using them teaches you to set goals, choose betting odds in advance, understand when to take a risk, and analyse statistics. Accordingly, the chances of you winning actually increase, but no one can give you a 100% guarantee. It is also important to know that the advantage is always on the side of the online casino and nobody is protected from losing, no matter if everything is calculated in advance.
How to withdraw money after winning in a Crash game?
To withdraw your winnings to your gambling account, you need to timely press the Cashout button (button names may vary, depending on the game and selected language settings). After finishing the game, withdraw the money to your online casino account, after which you can withdraw it to your card, e-wallet, or mobile operators balance. In some online establishments, you will find a mandatory condition for the withdrawal of your money: you need to register and be verified at the online casino. To do this, you need to provide accurate information about yourself and confirm your identity with a passport or other document. Only adult users can register. To withdraw money, go to the section with payments, specify the amount and choose a convenient payment system. Money arrives in your account very quickly, and you will be able to withdraw the whole amount or in parts.
What is the minimum and maximum bet in Crash games?
The range of your bets is dependent on the selected Crash game. Detailed information is usually provided in the rules section of the chosen Crash game. You can always manually adjust the correct bet size for you. Considering that Crash games have two bets, one can be minimal to minimise the risk of losing money and the other can be much larger.

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