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bettingMillions of enthusiastic bettors call the Philippines their home. With love for risk and betting, the local market has become one of the most extensive and advanced in the world. Recent reports indicate that the Philippines is the global leader in per capita spending on sports betting. This is mainly due to the country's abundance of online betting agencies.

Despite strict and complex regulations, the betting market in the Philippines is vast. Each state in the country has its own set of rules and licenses. However, the positive news is that online betting is permitted from Bongao to Tawi-Tawi, and from Surigao City to Basco. If you enjoy Betting Sites on the internet and want to enhance your gaming experience, you should look at our list of Philippines-based betting agencies. We have developed a unique system to rank each bookie, aiming to assist punters in selecting the best sportsbook to meet their requirements.

We suggest referring to the list below, but we highly recommend reviewing our guidelines and tips to assist you in assessing bookmakers.

Betting Agencies Philippines

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What to take into consideration when choosing a bookie in the Philippines?

Selecting the most suitable bookmakers that cater to the needs of players is challenging. Several aspects are to consider, such as sports coverage, odds, payouts, and overall safety. This can be a tedious process for both novice and experienced bettors. Fortunately, we have made it easier for you by assessing bookmakers on your behalf. Our exclusive ranking system comprises various factors and ratings. Each element has a specific weight, determined by players' feedback. We have measured all the factors to obtain an overall score, which has enabled us to compile our list.

It's important to note that the list is constantly changing. We regularly update it every few weeks by scanning bookmakers for any updates and considering player feedback. Additionally, there's always the chance of new brands entering the market.

What are the factors that we consider when evaluating a sportsbook? Find out by reading below.

Overall safeness and reliability

When selecting a sports betting agency, prioritizing safety is crucial. All other considerations become irrelevant if bookmaker engages in deceitful practices such as stealing funds or invalidating bets without justification.

Having a betting license is a strong indicator of safety and dependability. In the Philippines, six state gambling regulations grant permission to betting agencies. This implies that certain bookmakers may be lawful in Queensland but not New South Wales. Nevertheless, if a sportsbook possesses a license, the company adheres to stringent regulations, pays taxes, and has the necessary funds to operate. If it is an international brand, it is also essential to verify the legality of its operations. The most reputable international regulators include Malta, Gibraltar, the Isle of Man, and Kahnawake.

Additional indications of a trustworthy and dependable sportsbook include adhering to responsible gambling guidelines, supporting sponsorships and charitable causes, and utilizing moderate marketing strategies. Additionally, you can review feedback from other players regarding a specific brand.  

Wide range of sports and betting markets

A quality betting product provides a wide range of sports, markets, and betting options for players to choose from. The greater the variety of options available, the more advantageous it is for the players.

Although most bettors tend to stick to popular sports like AFL, NFL, NRL, racing, NBA, and A-league, bookmakers shouldn't limit themselves to these markets. It's always exciting to have the option to bet on niche sports such as sumo or winter sports. Additionally, having a diverse range of options within an event or the ability to choose a lucrative outright bet is even more appealing.

Take a glance at Sportsbet's big win and little win choices. They provide an extensive selection of over/under options, handicaps, margin bets, and combo bets, giving you more freedom to select the optimal wager.

Stable and user-friendly website

Every online betting agent needs to have a user-friendly interface. This interface serves as the face of the sportsbook and its operational environment. Bettors typically seek a combination of easy navigation and functionality. The most successful websites are simple, allowing players to quickly access information, events, and functions without wasting time.

SSL encryption and quick response time are crucial factors that should not be disregarded. It is imperative for customers to feel secure and at ease while engaging in their betting activities.

Betting websites also have a set of necessary functions that must be included.

  • Looking for something;
  • Favorites;
  • Indication of odds;
  • Live centers;
  • Live streaming is a popular way to broadcast content over the internet in real-time;
  • Statistics on Betting;
  • Bets with just a single click;
  • Indications of odds;
  • Settings for coupons, such as accepting them when the odds change.

Overall, a great betting site provides a comfortable atmosphere for punters to play without interruptions. Additionally, news feeds, blogs, and FAQs are appreciated by many Filipino bettors.   

Fast and reliable mobile app

SlotsMegaCasino.comOver 60% of wagers are made in the Philippines through mobile devices. Most casual bettors favor betting through their phones, making it essential for bookmakers to have a dependable mobile application. Nearly all authorized bookmakers in the Philippines offer apps for both Android and iOS.

The ideal situation is when the mobile interface closely resembles that of desktops. This allows players to switch between their laptop and mobile device without needing adjustment. A comprehensive mobile betting app should offer more than just the basic features of sign-up, payments, and placing bets. It should also include additional options such as search, favorites, stats, streams, and more.

A reputable bookmaker prioritizes investing in their mobile products and consistently updating them. They actively seek player feedback, address issues, and introduce new features. Ultimately, a trustworthy bookie will always offer fast and modern mobile apps.

Comfortable payments

A top-notch sportsbook should offer speedy and secure transactions with minimal fees. It's crucial to have a wide range of payment options available. In addition to supporting bank cards and transfers, bookies should also accept online payment systems such as Paypal, Skrill, Neteller, Apple Pay, and ecoPayz. Pre-paid cards are also a great alternative. Numerous bettors possess Sportsbet vouchers or cards from other bookies, as they allow for cash deposits and easy withdrawal of winnings.

Revised: Reputable bookmakers offer generous withdrawal limits, typically starting at 10,000 ₱ per day, and prioritize timely transactions. Any delay in payment beyond 2-3 days is a red flag indicating poor service. Additionally, hidden fees are an even greater cause for concern.


Every bettor's dream is a 100% payout on every betting market. Of course, bookmakers cant offer such odds. At the same time, the 97-98% level is no longer uncommon. And if a sportsbook can offer a 2-3% margin, they have top-class feeds and linemakers.

There are more things to look after other than low margins:

  • Regular updates to the odds;
  • Get live odds with fair payouts;
  • Initial rates for the most captivating markets;
  • The minimum amount of errors and flaws;
  • The underdogs have a high chance of winning with favorable odds;
  • A lot of gamers utilize odds comparison services for the Philippines. However, these services typically only display the margin, not the complete picture.

Loyalty and overall reputation 

It can be argued that "loyalty" and "reputation" are subjective. However, it is easy to determine if a bookmaker values their clients and operates a successful business. Reliable sportsbooks typically offer excellent customer support, transparent terms, and conditions, and maintain an active social media presence. They also seek out ambassadors and sponsorship opportunities that align with their values. Sometimes, these brands even have representatives on external websites and forums.

Special offers such as protest payouts in Sportsbet and other bookmakers are another reliable sign of loyalty. Even if stewards demote your horse after a protest, you will still receive your winnings.

Characteristics of bookies in the Philippines:

Bookmaker Safety and Reliability Selection of Sports and Betting Markets Mobile Application Payments Odds Reputation
1xBet High Wide variety Yes Multiple payment methods, including e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, and bank transfers Competitive odds, especially for live betting Good reputation, known for offering a range of sports and markets
Bet365 High Wide variety Yes Multiple payment methods, including credit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers Competitive odds, especially for major sports Excellent reputation, one of the most trusted bookmakers worldwide
Pinnacle High Wide variety Yes Multiple payment methods, including credit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers Best odds available in the industry, especially for major sports Excellent reputation, known for offering high limits and professional customer service
22Bet High Wide variety Yes Multiple payment methods, including credit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers Competitive odds, especially for live betting Good reputation, known for offering a range of sports and markets
Dafabet High Wide variety Yes Multiple payment methods, including credit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers Competitive odds, especially for major sports Good reputation, known for offering a range of sports and markets
Melbet High Wide variety Yes Multiple payment methods, including e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, and bank transfers Competitive odds, especially for live betting Good reputation, known for offering a range of sports and markets
SBOTOP High Wide variety Yes Multiple payment methods, including credit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers Competitive odds, especially for major sports Good reputation, known for offering a range of sports and markets

Betting sites for sports in the Philippines

SlotsMegaCasino.comThe betting sites for sports in the Philippines are among the largest globally; fresh participants join each year. While some quit within six months of entry, others thrive and gain popularity.

The aforementioned factors can also serve as a means of evaluating new players in the top sports betting industry in the Philippines. Additionally, we have compiled a list of new, reputable bookmakers in our country. Click on the link to discover the most promising best sports betting in Philippines.

We can assure you of our trustworthiness as we test every sportsbook. Only if our experience is positive do we recommend it to you. We have some extra tips that can assist you in discovering a reliable new bookmaker:

  • Context. Whether it's a renowned global brand or a community-based sportsbook backed by reputable entrepreneurs, you can rely on its credibility.
  • Less talk, more results. Starting a profitable bookmaking business is challenging, and relying solely on marketing efforts is not the key to success. How a bookmaker treats its clients, services, and unique selling points determines its success in the market.
  • Innovations demonstrate that a sportsbook has conducted thorough research before entering the market, as they introduce something new and innovative.

Best racing bookmakers

In the Philippines, racing is the top choice for betting enthusiasts, accounting for over 60% of the total betting volume. As a result, bookmakers must provide comprehensive coverage of this category. It's not just horse racing that's popular, though. Sportsbet, William Hill, Neds, and Unibet offer betting options for greyhounds and harnesses. In addition to horse races in the Philippines, UK, and USA, there are also numerous outright options available for betting.

Indicators of a quality racing sportsbook:

  • Reporting on both major and minor events across the globe;
  • Live betting;
  • Exciting deals are available for the most captivating races, such as the Sportsbet Punter of the Week promotion;
  • Streaming live;
  • Assisting with multiple bets.

Rest assured that you'll discover the ideal racing bookmaker for your needs here. Simply peruse our sportsbook evaluations and peruse our impartial roster of betting platforms.

Best NRL bookmakers

Millions of Filipinos are avid followers of the National Rugby League from March to October, and the league is also a favorite among bettors. Bookmakers strive to generate interest by promoting the most exciting matchups, providing 100% bonuses for specific games, and offering a wide range of betting options. The best part is that you can place bets almost daily, ranging from 0.1 to 10,000 ₱ or even higher.

When discussing the top NRL sportsbooks, it's impossible to overlook Bet365, Unibet, Bluebet, and Bet365. The last of these likely offers the most favorable NRL odds. Bet365 lets you deposit funds and stream every NRL game on their website. Sportsbet is another excellent choice for NRL betting, boasting high betting limits and a perfect in-play platform.

Opt for a bookmaker from our reliable roster to enhance the standard of your NRL wagers. You won't be disappointed!

Best AFL bookmakers

A popular betting activity in the Philippines involves selecting a preferred AFL team to win their upcoming match. Although not the most strategic approach to betting, as the team may experience losses throughout the season, it has become a significant aspect of the country's culture. Bookmakers play a role in preserving this tradition.

Numerous excellent AFL sportsbooks make it nearly impossible to select a poor bookie. Bet365, Play-UP, SportsBet, and William Hill are all exceptional options. The most beneficial approach is to have accounts with various bookies, allowing you to locate the best price and most suitable betting option for a specific match.

The top NFL bookmakers offer more than just betting options. They also provide pre-match analysis, valuable statistics, and live streaming services. Check out Unibet, Neds, Bet365, and Ladbrokes to catch NFL games online.

How to bet and win in the Philippines?

SlotsMegaCasino.comTo begin, select a bookie or bookies and register. Our list makes this process simple. Just click the button and follow the sign-up procedure on the website or mobile app. You must be 18 years or older to proceed.

Once you have set up your account, the next step is to deposit. Several options include bank cards, Paypal, Neteller, POLI, bank transfers, and more. It is highly recommended that you only use your own personal cards and wallets.

Once you have funds in your account, you can make a wager. This could be a simple single bet, a multi-bet, or a more intricate system. You can place a bet before the match or during the game with an In-Play chance. Your bet amount can range from a modest 1₱ to a substantial 10,000₱. The decision is entirely up to you.

As a novice in the betting world, it's crucial to understand the possible outcomes. Betting doesn't come with any assurances, and most bettors lose more money than they gain. Acknowledging this reality is the initial stage towards becoming a more skilled punter.

Below are some tips to enhance your gameplay:

  • It is essential to familiarize yourself with the rules of bookmakers. Many players disregard the terms and conditions, believing it wastes time. However, this is a mistake as it may lead to even more time wasted in the future. For instance, Sportsbet's cash-out policy requires a 3x deposit wager before being able to withdraw funds without incurring fees.
  • Open accounts with various bookmakers to have the flexibility of selecting the most favorable odds and gaining access to a broader range of options and markets.
  • Maintaining different bankrolls for serious betting and recreational play is essential. Regarding serious betting, the focus is on winning and making a profit, while recreational play is more about experiencing emotions. Keeping these two types of play separate may significantly improve your overall performance.
  • Adhere to a rigorous plan for managing your bankroll. This may involve utilizing flat betting, unit betting, or bank percentages. The key is maintaining consistency with your chosen strategy over an extended period to assess its effectiveness accurately.
  • If you're looking for assistance with information, analysis, and selecting the optimal bet, consider reading betting tips in the Philippines.

Frequently asked Questions

🏪 Which bookmakers are considered the top in the Philippines?
On this page, you can find a compilation of the top betting agencies in the Philippines. The list is subject to change as it is regularly updated. However, we can assure you that each bookmaker listed is trustworthy and secure.
⌨️ What is the process for depositing funds into a betting agency?
There are several payment options available, including bank cards, Paypal, Skrill, Bank transfer, Neteller, Poli, ecoPayz, and other commonly used methods. Deposits are typically processed quickly and without any extra charges. Your account will be credited with the funds promptly.
💰 What is the potential payout for my wager?
The highest possible winnings differ depending on the market and the bookmaker. For instance, at Sportsbet, the maximum amount you can win is 500,000 ₱.
💼 Is it possible to place bets on political events or television programs?
Certainly! It is completely lawful in the Philippines. You have the option to place wagers on non-sporting events such as Big Brother in Sportsbet, elections, and the latest season of The Voice. Nearly all bookmakers in the Philippines provide this service.
⌚️ What is the duration for withdrawing my winnings?
Online systems and wallets typically take 24 hours to process, while cards may take 2-5 working days and bank transfers can take up to a week.
📋 What steps should I take to receive my payment from a bookmaker who has not paid me?
To begin with, its advisable to contact customer support and inquire about the cause of the issue. Often, bookmakers require verification from their customers. Alternatively, it could be due to a discrepancy in the payment method used. If customer support fails to respond, consider using a third-party website or filing a complaint with the regulatory body.
🎁 Which betting bonuses are considered the best in the Philippines?
It is not possible to claim that these are the top bonuses in PH, as they have been prohibited by the federal government. However, there are still some bonuses available upon registration.
📃 Can I safely send my documents?
Certainly, it is completely secure. Betting companies request documentation from customers to verify their true age and identity. The confidentiality policy ensures the protection of your personal information.
🇵🇭 Can one place bets on sportsbooks outside of the Philippines with confidence?
We advise against placing bets on websites that are not based in the Philippines as their policies towards the country may change. However, we cannot declare betting on international sportsbooks as illegal. The decision to participate is entirely yours.
💳 Where is it possible to purchase pre-paid cards?
It is possible to purchase it either through online channels or at nearby betting shops.

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