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Casino games that include skill, fun, and excitement are available to anyone over the age of 18 both in land institutions and at online casinos, they attract more followers and offer nice pastime and entertainment. This is why the most traditional games such as poker, roulette, and slots can be found in casinos in their more conservative versions and more daring adaptations. And you can also explore new and innovative games like multi-card Keno, which attract their visitors strongly for their simple rules and the fact that they can make big profits.

Keno is an interesting fast lottery game that is gaining popularity among gambling fans. The reason is quite simple: the large size of the winnings of games with a progressively growing jackpot, clear and easy rules, as well as a high chance of winning at keno. Want to learn how to play keno online? Then read on - we'll cover the basic rules, odds, and bets.

Description of the game

Keno is one of the varieties of the instant lottery, in fact, it is an accelerated bingo for the lazy. In the online version, instead of a real ticket, there is a virtual one that fills the entire interface. The object of the game is to guess as many numbers as possible. Despite the very high advantage of the casino (from 5 to 25%), this game is popular - hundreds of thousands of players around the world regularly participate in the game, and the luckiest win multi-million dollar jackpots.

The dynamics of the Keno are very simple, as the player has to choose from a map that offers 80 variants of numbers 1 to 20 numbers that you think will be the winners. The numbers are then randomly selected and the ticket with the most numbers is the winner.

We can say that Keno retains a certain similarity with lottery and bingo. However, this new game allows the player to choose numbers, unlike other games. That increases the chance of winning in accordance with the bet made.

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Keno origin

This game is said to have originated in China, where a general named Cheng Lyng adapted the characters on a wooden board, hoping to bet on each one to raise money to help fund the war, he would never think that this will become one of the most popular games in modern casinos all over the world.

The original version of the game did not have numbers, but there were 120 characters that the general was supposed to have chosen based on a Chinese poem the children used to learn the language called "A Thousand Classic Characters." The rules of the game have retained their essence as you place your bet on one or more numbers on the board, hoping that the reel keno balls match the numbers selected on the board to win the prize.

Keno is one of the oldest games that originated in China in the 1st millennium BC. According to legend, the money received from the ticket sales of the game's predecessor was used to build the famous Great Wall of China. In the late 19th century, keno came to America with a wave of immigrants. Later it spread to European countries and today pleases numerous players with the online version. Of course, over this long time, the lotto keno rules have become much simpler. Let's get down to the fun part.

Basic rules of keno in Philippines

So, the goal of the game is to guess the winning numbers and mark them on your card (in the case of the online version, this is the table in the center of the screen). There is a total of 80 figures. The number of numbers that need to be noted depends on the chosen game, but more often it is at best about 20. As you understand, the fewer the number of numbers you need to guess, the fewer chances of winning and the greater the number of payments. Now let's talk about the process of the game using the example of the classic version.

Sometimes there are several types of bets in keno rules: “straight”, “king”, or others. In the online version of the game, most often you place a bet as a fixed amount on the required number of figures. And now about the keno procedure.

  • Choice of numbers. The game starts with the choice of a slot machine and one of two modes: keno game for free or keno for real money. Next, you need to mark the required number of numbers on the ticket (or on the game screen).
  • Choice of rates. After the numbers are selected (in some versions of the online game, the player first chooses the size of the bet, and then is determined with the numbers), you choose the size of the bet.
  • The game. At this stage, the winning numbers are determined. Everything happens quite quickly, unlike the same bingo.
  • The end of the previous and the beginning of the next round. If you guessed the numbers correctly, you will receive a prize according to the table. At the end of this round, you can start over.

The online version is fundamentally no different, except that the mechanics are somewhat reminiscent of a slot machine. But this is not surprising, since the numbers are drawn in random order, and the computer marks all the winning numbers for you. The main online game developers are Microgaming and NetEnt.

Varieties of keno

The rules of the game remain pretty much the same no matter where and how you play. Depending on this, we will single out the following varieties.

National lotteries are the same lotteries with multi-million dollar winnings. To participate in the game, you need to buy a lottery ticket in advance and find out about the winning numbers. Often on national channels, there is a live keno game broadcast of the drawing of numbers.

The online version of the keno lotto is a category of games available in an online institution. You can take part in the game at any time of the day or night. For that, you can download the keno app or use free online keno games with no download.

Advice for the best ways to play keno in Philippines

As in other online casino gambling, winning in keno is 100% dependent on chance and your luck. However, there are some keno strategies for winning and tips to help you increase your chances. Remember that this game has a big house edge, so we don't recommend getting overly carried away.

Make the highest bet possible. Most online casinos limit the bet amount to 50 ₱, but this depends on the gambling establishment. A high bet will not reduce the house edge, but if you win, you will get the most.

Avoid false strategies such as analysis of the drawn numbers.

Consider the chances of getting numbers.

Stick to budgetary constraints.

How to win in keno?

For all players, it still remains a mystery how to win in keno, because in world history there has not yet been a precedent for a player's complete victory. In simple words, not a single person has guessed 20 out of 20 numbers yet.

Over the long period of the game's existence, connoisseurs have researched methods and recommendations for winning. The most important secrets are:

Mathematician Alan Kriegman decided to change the independent flow of the popular game and make his own adjustments based on long-term research. This principle is as follows: based on the number of selected numbers, you can determine the probability of victory. In more detail, having made a bet on 1 number, the probability of guessing is 25%. When choosing two numbers, the percentage of guessing the first is 38% for both and 6 percent for one out of two. A bet on 3 numbers provides 43% of guessing one and 14% of two, with 1.5% of one. Thus, according to Kriegman's logic, as the number of numbers increases, the probability of guessing a particular number increases.

This system, of course, does not promise full winnings and does not lead to a win in every game. But still, having calculated the probability of falling out of specific numbers and placing bets on them, the player gets the opportunity to theoretically bypass the keno game system.

Several decades ago, it was possible to play keno only in the case of a personal visit to a casino or special bookmakers. The player on the spot got acquainted with the rates, interest, and payment procedure. Now the game process has been simplified. Now you can start playing a popular game without leaving your home. Playing keno in an online casino is not only a comfortable way but also a profitable one, since the percentage of return in real conditions is small, representing on average no more than 65%. With such a figure, it is easy to determine that the casino owner receives a much larger amount than the player presented to win. In this case, even with a partial victory, the person will not be able to get money and even incur losses. The amount of return when playing in online casinos is initially much higher because due to competition, online resources are required to set a good percentage of return to attract new and retain existing customers. For that, they use free keno games with bonuses. On average, the percentage of return in an online casino is from 85%.

Also, an important recommendation and rule is that if a player, based on a certain strategy, was able to win a large amount, it makes no sense to hope for this a second time.

When playing in a real casino, you need to focus on the game, without being distracted by the people around you and the events taking place. After all, there are many cases when a player guessed the numbers, but missed the ball with the winning number and missed his prize.

Understanding the meaning and principle of the keno game, the player needs to remember about the theory of probability, as well as rely on intuition and luck.

Keno online in Philippines

🤔 What is the main purpose of playing keno?
The main task in this lottery is to guess as many numbers as possible, that would be chosen by the "lottery drum".
🙄 Top Keno Providers?
The keno game is provided by 1x2Gaming, Microgaming, EGT, and some other providers in their arsenal.
🤑 What types of keno exist?
Keno is usually classified according to the maximum number of numbers allowed. For example, keno 10 out of 20 (you can choose no more than 10 numbers), keno 15 out of 20, and so on.
⚡ What is the maximum payout in keno?
The theoretical maximum depends on the variety and rules of the keno. There is often a cumulative jackpot in the game. It is given to the player who guessed the maximum number of numbers in a particular type of keno. But in the popular online 15 of 20 varieties, the coefficient for 15 numbers is 10,000.
🤔 What is the level of impact in keno?
In keno, 15 out of 20 RTP directly depends on the number of selected numbers. For example, if you play only one number, then the return will be 75%, two numbers - 92.09%, 10 - 94.54%, 15 - 94.39%.
😤 What is the Keno Matrix?
The keno matrix sets the payout ratio. For example, in keno 15 of 20 the matrix is ​​15/20/80, where 15 is the maximum possible number of selected numbers, 20 is the number of dropped balls, 80 is the total number of balls in the lottery drum.
🤔 Is ​​there keno with live dealers?
Yes, there are such variations of keno in the online keno catalog.
📐 Strategy for playing keno?
Some players deliberately choose numbers that come up more often. Progressions are used as a financial strategy. A good option is to choose the quantity with the highest payout to improve the mathematical waiting for a bid.
📐 Can you play keno online for free?
Yes, including on our website. Just run keno online in demo mode.

Author: Vadim Rotar

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