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stream casino play The appeal of online casinos has opened the door to new so-called professions. Modern Internet users are watching not only movies or videos with cats, but also streams. Personalities with charisma and a good sense of humor have always attracted the attention of the audience, and this happened with casino streamers.


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What are streams in online casinos?

question Streamers began broadcasting online games, musical talents, physical skills and more. What broadcasts attract more attention? Emotional in the first place, real feelings can not be hidden and users like it. Stream online casino has become a special kind, where viewers could worry about the balance of the streamer or be happy for his next skid.

Some time after the appearance of the first streamers of online casinos, there were more and more of them. Of course, the less popular faded away over time and could not continue to operate. After all, playing live on real money requires a lot of investment. Broadcasting cannot always be stopped for the sake of personal desire, sometimes the audience is difficult to stop and you have to make another deposit.

Only the best casino streamers continue broadcasting for years, gaining thousands of people. Communities are created in social networks, chats in instant messengers. In communities, players can share reviews and show off drifts. Fans of excitement find it easier to find a common language between each other.

Online casino streams on Twitch

twitch png The Internet includes several popular venues for live broadcasts. Perhaps the most famous among all Twitch. Initially, the platform was popular exclusively among fans of online games. Later, talented streamers began to appear, which in live broadcast showed abilities for the audience.

Later, a separate section of the "casino" appeared, the discoverers began to broadcast the game for money live. At that time, many Internet users had doubts about online gambling, so at the start of the stream at the Twitch casino did not earn fame. After a short time, the audience began to show interest, and this was the beginning.

The years of live broadcasts and the concentration of viewers in the community began to bring streamers a good income. It's no secret that the best casino streamers get decent money for broadcasts, later we will tell you what exactly.

There were no problems on Twitch, after years of carefree broadcasts, casino streams on the air began to be blocked along with channels. Tighter rules and conditions for using the platform began to limit the scope of activities. To this day, a small number of users know the true blocking problems.

Streaming online casino on Youtube

youtube button png If the king of live broadcasts is Twitch, then the leader in posting video clips was and is YouTube. Video hosting began to develop the possibility of live broadcasts on the portal. From now on, bloggers could upload not only the mounted material to the channels, but also conduct broadcasts. Of course, the first YouTube streams of casinos appeared.

The constant audience grew and leaders appeared on YouTube, who to this day are gaining tens of thousands of subscribers. Initially, the live broadcasts at both sites were no different. Paid subscribers received unique emoticons and other privileges. Later, YouTube and casino streams became problematic.

The video hosting administration began to block popular channels on the first complaint. Reliable reasons for blocking are little known today. However, live streaming continues despite streamer bans.

What is the best choice to watch Twitch or YouTube?

man at the computer Casino streams 2020 take place on both portals. If the channel does not have popularity, it may not be touched. Popular ones face periodic locks. The choice of site depends on the preferences of the viewer. Despite the high popularity for viewing and conducting live broadcasts, Twitch in the process gives out a huge amount of advertising. Watching the broadcast without a paid subscription implies an unrealistic amount of advertising.

YouTube streams casinos do not bring the audience so much inconvenience. As a rule, streamers do not include live advertising so that users do not scatter in the process. The problem is in numerous locks, because of which you have to start the live broadcast again or create a new channel. Site selection is a matter of taste and preference.

What are affiliate programs and how do they make money?

online casino affiliate program Beginners often show interest in gambling after watching a casino stream. At the first viewing, newcomers are surprised at the incredible amounts on wallets, leading and asking questions. Where did such amounts come from and how much does the casino pay for the audience?

Live gambling broadcasts have become popular due to casino affiliate programs. Owners of gambling resources offer to earn Internet users, if they will attract new players to the virtual club. You can attract an audience in almost any way. Site, forum, blog, community on social networks, video clips and others.

One of the most popular methods has become live streams in casinos. Streamers place links to online casinos in the description in which they play and offer to register the audience. Users are especially keen to start the game when the streamer catches a big win live. The viewer follows the link in the description, registers and starts the game for money.

Gambling is always associated with the risk of losing a deposit, in most cases this happens to players. The viewer registered by the streamer link and losing the money makes a profit to the second. The casino affiliate program brings the host a percentage of the money lost by the viewer. In this vein, the main income on casino streams occurs.

Online casino streams now

stream online Some include donations, and gameplay can also occur on them. Young virtual clubs can pay popular streamers for playing at their place. There are a lot of ways to make money. But the main method is Revenue Share, a percentage of the player’s lost funds.

For some viewers, this approach to earnings causes a wave of negativity, saying that streamers promote gambling, which leads to receiving money in an unfair way. If you think logically, the player always blames the lost deposit, it is he who makes the decision to start the game. Gambling is allowed for adults not casual, only adults can make informed decisions.

Do not think that streamers in a casino are eager to rob every spectator. A network user who is interested in online casinos will still register in a virtual club. And if he did this not through the streamer link, but through the forum from the search engine, the percentage of the loss will still go to the creator of the resource.

Casino streamers play for real money or fake?

real money The question has been relevant since the first broadcasts in the casino. Spectators are surprised at large sums or suspected streamers of false emotions. As a rule, novice presenters use real money and the rotation occurs in small amounts. Gaining popularity, the streamer receives various offers from new casinos , which can give candy wrappers on the air.

Here the streamer camp is divided into two, some I play exclusively for real money, while others do not hesitate to make a spin on candy wrappers, passing them off for real money. It is difficult for an inexperienced viewer to find out what he sees on the screen, real money or not. The best casino streamers prefer to play for real money so as not to mislead a loyal audience.

Beginner presenters, who become even a little known, often accept offers about playing in a new virtual club for candy wrappers. Of course, the viewer is not informed of such a process. A number of viewers sometimes just do not make sense to go into the details of the gameplay, they come to watch and chat with people. The other part is very picky and ready to annoy by any means.

Modern casino streams are watched not only by gambling lovers. There are presenters who, with the help of a sense of humor, can charm any user who is not even familiar with slot machines . You can watch broadcasts for years and not show interest in cash games.

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