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bettingUSA is home to millions of passionate bettors. Customers from USA like risk and betting, so the local market is naturally one of the most stacked and developed in the world. The latest reports show that the USA leads the whole world on average (per capita) spending on sports betting. And one of the major reasons for that is the big number of online betting agencies in USA. 

USA betting market is huge, despite strict and complicated regulations. The good news is that online betting is allowed from Perth to Sydney, from Adelaide to Hobart. If you like to bet on the Internet and want to add more quality to your game, then you should check our list of USA owned betting agencies. We created our own system to rank every bookie. Our ultimate goal is to help punters to choose the best sportsbook for their needs. 

You can check the list below! But we also recommend reading our instructions and advice, which will help you in evaluating bookmakers.      

What to take into consideration when choosing a bookie in USA?

Choosing the best possible bookmakers which meet players requirements is not an easy task. You need to look after many things: sports coverage, odds, payouts, overall safety, etc. It could be very tiresome not only for inexperienced bettors but also for seasoned players. With us, your task is much easier, as we evaluated bookmakers for you. We created our exclusive ranking system with factors and marks. Every factor has its weight, which was determined based on players' reviews. We measured all factors to get an overall score. Thats how we created our list.

You need to know that the list is dynamic. We update it every few weeks, as we always scan bookmakers for changes, and learn players' reviews. Not to mention, that there is a possibility of new brands entering the market.

Which factors are we taking into consideration during the evaluation of a sportsbook? Read below.

Overall safeness and reliability

Safety is the most important factor to look after when choosing sports betting agencies. because if a bookmaker tricks players, steals money, and voids bets without any reason, then every other aspect just doesnt matter.

A good indication of safety and reliability is a betting license. There are six state gambling regulations in USA, which give permission to betting agencies. It means that some bookies might be legal in Queensland, but illegal in New Wales. Anyway, if a sportsbook does have a license, it means the company follows strict rules, pays taxes, and has funds to run a business. If its an international brand, then also check the legal part of its operations. The most respectable international regulators are Malta, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, and Kahnawake. 

There are some other signs of a safe and reliable sportsbook. Like following responsible gambling rules, sponsorship, charity, and moderate marketing campaigns. You can also check players reviews on a particular brand.   

Wide range of sports and betting markets

A good betting product its when the sportsbook offers you as much as you can handle in terms of sports, markets, and betting selections. The more options players have, the better for them.

Of course, the majority of punters are stuck on AFL, NFL, NRL, racing, NBA, A-league. But it doesnt mean bookies should focus solely on popular markets. Its great when you can bet on niche sports like sumo or even some winter sports. And even better when you have a wide selection inside the event or can pick some juicy outright. 

Just look at Sportsbet big win little win options. They offer a wide range of over/under options, handicaps, margin bets, and combo bets, so you can feel more flexible while choosing the best bet possible.  

Stable and user-friendly website

Having a good user-friendly is a must for every online betting agent. Its basically the face of a sportsbook and its operational environment. Most bettors are looking for a combination of comfortable navigation and functionality. The best websites are usually really easy to use, so players dont waste their time searching for info, events, or some functions.

Things like SSL encryption as well as a fast response shouldnt be overlooked. Its very important for clients to feel safe and stressless during their betting sessions. There is also a set of required functions on betting websites:

  • Search;
  • Favorites;
  • Odds indication;
  • Live-centers;
  • Streaming;
  • Betting Statistics;
  • One-click bets;
  • Odds indications;
  • Coupon settings like accepting when odds change.

All in all, a good betting website is an environment where punters feel comfortable and can play without any distractions. Many United States bettors also welcome news feeds, blogs, FAQs.   

Fast and reliable mobile app

More than 60% of bets in USA are placed via mobile devices. The majority of recreational punters prefer phone betting, so having a reliable mobile app is a necessity for a bookmaker. And you can see how almost every legal bookmaker in USA has apps for both Android and iOS.

The best scenario is when the mobile environment is pretty much the same as the desktops one. In that case, players dont even need to adapt and can freely switch between laptop and mobile device. The mobile betting app should include not only basic functions like sign-up, payments, and placing bets, but also some additional options: search, favourites, stats, streams, and so on.

A good bookmaker invests in their mobile products and updates them frequently. They learn players feedback, fix bugs, and deploy innovations. The bottom line is that a good and reliable bookie almost always has fast and up-to-date mobile apps.  

Comfortable payments

A sportsbook is high-quality when you can afford fast and safe transactions without big fees. Its very important to have access to many payment methods. Bookies should not only support bank cards and bank transfers but also online systems like Paypal, Skrill, Neteller, Apple Pay, ecoPayz. Another good alternative is pre-paid cards. Many bettors own Sportsbet vouchers or cards from other bookies, as you can use cash to deposit on them and then easily cash out your winnings.

High-quality bookies have high limits for withdrawals starting from 10000 $ per day and they do not delay transactions for no reason. If the bookmaker doesnt pay for 2-3 days, then its clearly not a good sign. And even worse when a company has some hidden fees.  


Every bettors dream is 100% payouts on every betting market. Of course, bookmakers cant offer such odds. At the same time, the 97-98% level is not that uncommon anymore. And if a sportsbook can offer a 2-3% margin it means that they have top-class feeds and linemakers.

There are more things to look after other than low margin:

  • Frequent odds updates;
  • Live-odds with decent payouts;
  • Early prices on most interesting markets;
  • Minimal number of bugs and mistakes;
  • High odds on underdogs.
  • Many players use services for odds compared to USA. But they usually dont show the whole picture, only the margin.   

Loyalty and overall reputation 

One can say that “loyalty” and “reputation” are highly subjective factors to consider. Its hard to argue with. At the same time, you can easily see if a bookmaker values every client and runs a good business. Good sportsbooks usually have high-quality and helpful support, clear as day terms and conditions, and active social media. They try to find ambassadors and sponsorship deals that fit their vision. Some brands even have representatives on third-party websites and forums. 

Another good indication of loyalty is special offers like protest payouts in Sportsbet and other bookies. You will get your winnings even if stewards demoted your horse after the protest. 

Best new bookmakers in USA

USA betting market is one of the biggest in the world, and every year we see new players on it. Some of them give up in like 6 months after the entrance, while others establish themselves and become popular.

The factors we listed above can also be used for measuring new players in best sports betting in USA. We also created our list of new high-quality bookmakers in our country. Just click on it and you will see the most promising betting agencies in USA.

All we can say is that you can trust us, as we usually test every sportsbook by ourselves. If the experience was good then we can recommend it to you. We can reveal some additional secrets which help you to find a good new bookmaker:

  • Background. If its a big international brand or a local sportsbook from a public group of businessmen, then you can really trust it.
  • Fewer words, more action. Its almost impossible to run a profitable bookie right from the start, and vocal marketing isnt the best way to become successful. Its much more important how a bookmaker treats clients, what it offers and how it stands out from the market. 
  • Innovations. If a sportsbook brings to the table something new and innovative it indicates they did their research before entering the market.  

Best racing bookmakers

Racing is the most popular betting category in USA. It occupies more than 60% of the betting volume, so every bookmaker has to offer good coverage on it. And we are talking not only about horse racing. In Sportsbet, William Hill, Neds, and Unibet you can also find greyhounds, and harnesses. You can bet on horse races in USA, UK, USA and also choose from a wide range of outright options.

Signs of good racing sportsbook:

  • Coverage of big and small events all over the world;
  • Live-betting;
  • Special offers for the most interesting races like Sportsbet punter of the week;
  • Live streaming;
  • Supporting multi bets.

Be sure that here you will find the perfect racing bookmaker for you. Just read our sportsbook reviews and learn our objective list of betting websites. 

Best NRL bookmakers

From March to October, millions of United States follow the National Rugby League, which is also very popular among bettors. Bookies do their best to heat the interest. They usually advertise the hottest matchups, offer 100% for some matches and give bettors a big number of betting options. And the best part is that you can bet almost every day any amount in a range from 0.1 to 5000 $ (or even more).

When talking about the best NRL sportsbooks, we cant ignore the brands Bet365, Unibet, Bluebet, and Bet365. The latter probably has the best odds on NRL. You can also deposit on Bet365 and watch every NRL match online on a website. Sportsbet is another good option for NRL with high betting limits and a great in-play platform.  

If you want to add some quality to your NRL betting, then just choose a bookie from our trusted list. You will not regret it! 

Best AFL bookmakers

One of the most typical United States sports bets is picking a favorite AFL team to win the very next match. Well, its not the smartest way in betting, as your team might lose here and there or even lose most matches during the season. But for now, its almost a part of national culture. And bookmakers certainly help to keep this tradition alive.

The list of good AFL sportsbooks is pretty big. Its almost impossible to choose the wrong bookie. Bet365 is great, Play-UP is amazing, SportsBet is top-notch, William Hill is very good too. The best advice is to have accounts in different bookies, as youll be able to find the best price and the most fitting betting option for a particular match.

The best NFL bookmakers are not only about betting. They can provide pre-match analysis, useful stats, and live streams. You can watch NFL online on Unibet, Neds, Bet365, Ladbrokes.   

How to bet and win in USA?

The first step is to choose the bookie or bookies and sign-up. With our list, this is a very easy task. You just need to click the button and then start the sign-up process on the website or in the mobile app. You need to be at least 18 years old. 

After creating an account, you need to deposit money. You can use bank cards, Paypal, Neteller, POLI, bank transfers, and other methods. We strongly recommend using only your personal cards and wallets.

With funds in your account, you can actually place a bet. It could be a single bet, multi-bet, or even some complicated system. It could be a pre-match pick or an In-Play bet. It could be a 100 $ bet or 10000 $ bet. You can decide for yourself. 

If you are new to betting, then you need to know about all the potential consequences. There are no guarantees in betting, and most players lose more money than win. And accepting that fact is the first step to becoming a better punter. Here are some pieces of advice to improve your game:

  • Read the rules of the bookies. Most players ignore terms and conditions completely and dont want to waste time on it. Thats a mistake because they will waste even more time in the future. For example, Sportsbet cash-out rules say you need to wager your deposit 3x to be able to withdraw money without fees.  
  • Create accounts in different bookies, so you will be able to choose the best price and have access to a bigger number of selections and markets.
  • Keep separate bankrolls for serious betting and recreation. Serious betting is about winnings and profits, recreational game is about emotions. Not mixing them might do wonders for your overall performance.
  • Follow a strict bankroll management strategy. It could be flat betting or unit betting or bank percentages. Just keep the same strategy for longer periods to see the actual result. 
  • Read betting tips for USA customers. It will help you with information, analysis, and picking the best bet.  

Frequently asked Questions

What are the best bookmakers in USA?
The best USA betting agencies are listed on this page. The list is dynamic, so it can change with time. All we can say is that every listed bookie is safe and reliable.
How can I deposit money in a betting agency?
You can use bank cards, Paypal, Skrill, Bank transfer, Neteller, Poli, ecoPayz, and some other popular methods. Funds will be sent into your account in no time and usually without additional fees.
How much can I win from my bet?
The maximum winnings vary from market to market and from bookie to bookie. For example, in Sportsbet, you can win up to 100000 $
Can I bet on politics or TV Shows?
Yes, you can! It’s perfectly legal in USA. You can bet on Big Brother in Sportsbet, on elections, on the new Voice season. Almost every USA bookie offers non-sports events.
How long does it take to withdraw my winnings?
For online systems and wallets, it’s usually 24 hours, for cards 2-5 working days, for bank transfers around a week.
Bookmaker doesn’t pay. What do I have to do to get my money?
First of all, you should reach customer support and ask what are the reasons behind that. Most of the time bookmakers just want you to pass the verification. There is also a possibility that you deposited money via a different method. If customer support ignores you, then use a third-party website or write a complaint and send it to the regulator.
What are the best betting bonuses in USA?
We cannot say that these are the best bonuses in US, because they are banned by the federal government. You can still get some bonuses after registration.
Is it safe to send my documents?
Yes, it’s absolutely safe. Bookies ask clients for documents to check their actual age and identity. The privacy policy guarantees safety for your personal data.
Is it safe to bet in non-USA sportsbooks?
We do not recommend you to bet on non-USA websites, because they can change their policy in USA. At the same time, we cannot say that betting in the international sportsbook is illegal. It’s up to you to decide whether to play or not.
Where can I buy pre-paid cards?
You can buy it online or in local betting shops.

Author: Vadim Rotar

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