the probability of a roulette number To understand how to guess the numbers in roulette, her fans have been trying since the advent of entertainment. But, since the craving for excitement and the thirst for victory is normal, there is nothing strange in the fact that players are constantly looking for winning schemes and strategies in roulette.

But do similar methods work? As practice shows, the casino itself often remains the winner. These are the rules, but nevertheless we’ll try to deal with tricks that, according to player reviews, allow us to guess lucky numbers in roulette.

Types of roulette and the principle of its operation in online casinos

In virtual clubs, a lot of different modifications of roulette are offered to the attention of customers. Most popular:

  • French
  • American
  • European
  • PRO
  • No Zero.

The meaning of the game is one in them - the user must place bets, start the wheel, wait for the ball to stop and the result to be announced. In honest offline institutions, the outcome depends on the player’s luck, and on the Internet the process is even more transparent - the result of spins in online roulette, as in slot machines, is determined by a random number generator.

It follows that you can directly deceive the system only by hacking the RNG algorithm and the security system of a gambling club. What is fraud that can lead to a number of unpleasant consequences.

Programs that help you guess the probability of a roulette number

As practice shows, gambling people still do not stop at anything in their attempts to hit the big jackpot. Therefore, the so-called bots or analyzer programs for playing roulette are common on the network. We will say right away that they do not affect the operation of slot machines, therefore, they are not equivalent to fraudulent methods. And the principle of their action is to theoretically miscalculate the sector, where the ball can get on the basis of information about past outcomes of the parties. In other words, the user indicates:

  • previously dropped the most frequent numbers in roulette;
  • successful and losing bets;
  • results of past rotations.

The bot program analyzes this data and gives out the probability of individual numbers falling out in the next back.

Popular bots

If you want to learn how to guess numbers in roulette using similar virtual assistants, you can pay attention to such programs:

  • FRoulette, which is based on the Martingale method. Its essence lies in returning to the initial amount of bets after losing and doubling after successful spins.
  • RouletteWin, issuing forecasts for red/black. That is, for equal chances, taking into account changes in parameters in devices with different percentages of returns.
  • Easy Roulette, which places presumably winning bets based on an analysis of previously played numbers.

There are other bots that differ in interface features, capabilities and how they work. But it is important to remember that none of them guarantees a result, since the very essence of roulette lies in the complete randomness of the outcome of the game.

Other ways to win at roulette

In addition to bots, you can increase your chances of winning at roulette by independently testing some popular strategies. The Martingale method with adjusting the amount of bets after winning and losing spins was discussed above, therefore, we note a couple more of which players refuse, as really effective ones. It:

  • Scheme "666", adapted for online roulette. Its principle is to cover most of the field with bets. But, of course, it is not particularly suitable for high rollers playing at high stakes. Since it is very expensive.
  • The Dozen method, where you need to bet on sectors of numbers 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36, respectively, receiving wins in the equivalent of 1 to 3.

As you can see, there are tactics, but to find a real one that can guess the probability of a number falling out, you need time and money to bet. But online casinos, unlike real clubs, provide customers with a good alternative. First, you can play roulette for free , choosing the right scheme for winning.

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