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horse racing New ZealandNew Zealanders are crazy about online horse racing. The 2015 survey data shows that more than 1 million New Zealanders regularly place race bets. Moreover, the latest studies show that players spend around 1300$ per year on horse racing betting sites (& dogs too). These numbers are enormous and indicate the preferences of the average punter in New Zealand. Online bookmakers also play a significant role in it. They cover every big horse racing event in New Zealand and offer races from the UK and the USA. Moreover, they add additional value to their horse betting section. 

The best thing about the competition between betting brands is that they constantly improve their quality and add new features. And the biggest winner of this process is a punter. Here you can find the best online horse racing betting brands and our recommendations and tips.   

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Horse race betting in New Zealand

According to recent research, about 65% of all bets in New Zealand in 2021 were placed on racing, with horse racing being the absolute leader. Moreover, the overall racing betting volume is more significant than the amount of money placed on other sports combined. All those numbers show us how big horse betting is in New Zealand. It's fair to say that it's an integral part of the gambling culture in the country.

Some New Zealand bet because they want to earn money. But there is also a massive group of recreational bettors. They bet on horses for fun, and for some people, it's like a routine. It's usual for New Zealand celebrities to make big bets on horse racing and maybe even attend some of the most significant events. 

Some punters are so passionate about racing that they even bet on horse betting games on Android & iOS. It may sound strange to some, but many New Zealanders really bet on those virtual races, especially when there are no ongoing actual events. You can download racing mobile apps on AppStore or Google Play Market and play for fun. 

All this craziness and obsession over racing in New Zealand is not surprising, as our country hosts numerous significant racing events yearly. Some people still use an old-school style of betting and attending those events. But as of now, online betting surpassed in-house gambling. Here is the list of the biggest and most popular racing events in New Zealand:

  • The Melbourne Cup;
  • Gold Coast Magic Millions;
  • WS Cox Plate;
  • TJ Smith Stakes;
  • Queen Elizabeth Stakes;
  • Caulfield Cup and others.

Victoria and New South Wales state host the most Group 1 races. But some significant events exist in Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide. And besides prestigious Group 1 races, there are tons of smaller events. And bookmakers gladly add them to their pre-match and in-play sections. 

Best horse betting websites

For New Zealand online bookmakers, horse racing is the most critical market. Every legal brand tries to cover as many events as possible. And on top of that, they offer some unique features and options. For example, many bookmakers do have an autonomous race betting section. It's understandable since many players bet solely on racing events. 

On this page, you will find the list of the best horse racing bookmakers in New Zealand. We update it frequently based on players' reviews and our own experience, so the rankings are dynamic and can change with time. Irrespective of that list, here are our recommendations for bookmakers. Those are proven bookies with history, reputation, and high-quality horse betting section:

  • Bet365. One of the best bookmakers in the world and a well-known racing expert. Bet365 has a long history of sponsorships of big events in the UK and New Zealand. But it's not only marketing. At Bet365, you will find the best horse bets today, as a bookie has impressive coverage and high odds. The operator also provides its clients with live streams and voice streams. Bet365 is popular among punters because of its special offers like Odds Drift Protector, Top Fluctuation, Protest payouts, and Fixed Prices. It's like the friendliest bookmaker when something goes wrong in the market.     
  • Unibet. Another famous betting brand is very good at horses. Unibet comes up with a fast and easy-to-use platform. They created a separate section called “Racing”, where punters feel like fish to water. You will find a schedule of upcoming events, a results section, guides, and small previews of races. Unibet offers fixed-odds betting, Top Fluctuation, and SPG betting. You can also find horse race betting online on their website. Players with funds on balance can also watch live streams.
  • Betfair. Unique platform with unique features. On Betfair, you can place a bet on a sportsbook, as well as on exchange. This is easily the biggest horse betting exchange in the world. Betfair will impress with excellent coverage of events in New Zealand, the UK, and worldwide horse betting NZ. Another thing of note is their set of tools for exchange: data science rating, In-Play tool, and education videos. The operator also offers OddsBoost coupons with better payouts and a virtual horse racing section.  
  • Sportsbet. It's proof that horse betting agencies New Zealand are so huge. On the main Sportsbet website, you will find the list of upcoming races and even expert picks. This bookmaker also offers the best free horse racing tips. Just click on “Tips” to watch the choices of sportsbook experts. Sportsbet is probably the best bookie when it comes in-Play horse betting, as they add hundreds of streams every day. Bookmaker also offers special bets and outright markets with good odds.   
  • Palmerbet. This bookmaker might not be as famous as other brands on the list. But it deserves to be mentioned. Palmelbet mainly focuses on horse racing betting, offering punters great coverage of events and some exciting features. For example, you can make the same race multi-bets, check the weather at the venue, and look at speed maps. You can also find helpful information about participants of races on the bookmaker's website. Palmerbet is also a perfect option for fans of outright betting. 

As you see, many good online horse betting websites exist in New Zealand. And every punter can choose the best option for himself from the list.

Horse betting apps in New Zealand

The betting market changed drastically in the last few decades. About 20 years ago, players mostly placed bets on racetracks or with coupons at betting shops. Nowadays, everyone can have a “racetrack” or “betting shop” in his pocket. Its become possible because of mobile betting apps. Almost every prominent bookmaker has mobile software for iOS and Android. And their functionality and efficiency are comparable to desktop websites.

You can download the mobile betting apps of Sportsbet, Bet365, Neds, and other brands from AppStore or Google Play Market. Applications support all critical functions, including transactions, live streams, multi bets. Here are some bits of advice to improve your experience of using a racing app in New Zealand:

  • Use notifications for different events and markets so that you won't miss anything important;
  • If you are into live betting, then the quick bet option might be your saviour;
  • Watch live streams or listen to reports from races if they are available;
  • Add the most exciting events and online horse racing into favourites.

We also recommend checking the Promo sections of top bookmakers on mobile apps. Some betting brands have special offers for mobile users. 

How to bet and win in horse betting?

Probably every New Zealand punter asked the question “how to bet on horses and win?” at least once during his lifetime. There is no universal recipe or instruction to win in horse race betting. But some habits and pieces of advice can improve your game drastically. Here is our list of recommendations:

  • Have accounts in numerous bookies. You can compare odds between different bookmakers and choose the best option. Moreover, it will be possible to bet more money on the same outcome. 
  • Use different types of bets. The best option for new punters is single bets on fixed odds: winner, place, and show bets. But with more experience, you should try multi-bets and specific types of bets like Quinella, Trifecta, Double (back-to-back race winners, and Pick N.  
  • Check all the essential info. Always check the list of participants, current weather, track, and distance. There is a big difference between 1000 m and 2500 m races. Short distances are more prone to unexpected results, while longer are better for In-Play betting. 
  • Learn the history of horses and tracks. Check the last results of a horse, especially on the current racetrack. Analyze how many upsets were in a particular way in the past. Also, do not ignore recent results. 
  • Read free tips. By “read”, we don't mean simply copying picks of tipsters. We suggest reading the analysis and gathering some helpful info. It's OK to disagree even with the best horse racing tipster in New Zealand. Research and observations matter the most.   
  • Take advantage of bookies' promotions. Almost every bookmaker offers some promotions betting strictly for the horse racing section. It could be Odds boosters, insurance, protest payouts, or a guarantee of the best odds. You aim to take advantage of it. 
  • At first, I bet only on Group 1 races. For new bettors, we strongly recommend starting with more significant events. You'll be able to find much more information, tips, and stats and learn how to analyze races.  
  • Choose the bankroll management strategy and stick to it. Following financial rules is essential if you want to win in the long run. And sticking to a bankroll management system (flat, units, percentage) is necessary.

We are hoping our advice will be helpful to you.  

Frequently asked Questions

How much can I win from one racing coupon?
It depends on the type of bet (single, multi bet), event, and odds. Depending on those circumstances the maximum bet is between 400-2000$.
Can I place same-race multi bets?
Yes, some bookmakers allow the punter to make same-race multi bets. The best examples in New Zealand are Betfair, Sportsbet, Palmerbet.
Where can I find free horse racing tips?
You can find free horse racing betting tips even on some betting websites (Sportsbet, Betfair). But the better option is services like Punters or Ptptips.
What is protest payout in horse racing?
Its when the bookmaker pays your winnings irrespective of protest results, which often leads to changing official results. You can get protest payouts in Bet365, Sportsbet, and some other bookies.
What is virtual horse racing?
Its a virtual simulation of racing. The outcomes of such events are decided by RNG, and its impossible to find some patterns in Virtuals or analyze them.

Author: Vadim Rotar

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