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The roulette table is the riskiest spot in the pokies joint, where heaps of punters and onlookers gather. This is where the most moolah is up for grabs. Some players aren't even fussed about winning; they dig the vibe and play live roulette for kicks.

A bloody good yarn about this French smarty-pants Blaise Pascal says he's the one who came up with roulette, and there are two different stories about how he did it. One says he was trying to make a machine that would keep going forever, using a wheel and a ball. The other says he lived in a monastery and worked out the odds of a 36-ticket lotto game. Either way, by 1655, monks played roulette for fun, and then the fancy French nobles got in on the action.

The last time the numbers and betting table got a shake-up was in 1837, thanks to the brothers François and Louis Blanc. That's when roulette started to take off around the globe. Nowadays, you'll find European roulette in most places. Every country tried to put their spin on things, but only three types of roulette made it big on the world stage: European, French, and American.

Let's skip 200 years, mate - all the gambling action is now online, including the classic online roulette game. It's just as thrilling as the real deal, but you've got to know the rules and maybe even some roulette tactics if you're lucky. Unlike blackjack, where you can use some skill to sway the game, best online roulette for real money is all about the luck of the spin. That ball is spinning so fast on the wheel that no one knows where it will land until the very last second.

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What is roulette and how to play it in New Zealand

Roulette Bet Description
Inside Bet A bet on a specific number or a small group of numbers within the 0-36. The payout is higher, but the odds of winning are lower.
Outside Bet A bet on a larger group of numbers or a colour (red or black), even or odd, or high (19-36) or low (1-18) numbers. The payout is lower, but the odds of winning are higher.
Spin the Wheel The dealer spins the roulette wheel in one direction while a ball is spun in the opposite direction. Players place bets before the ball lands in a numbered slot on the reel.
House Edge The casino's advantage in roulette comes from the fact that there are 37 numbers on the European wheel and 38 numbers on the American revolution. Still, the payout odds are not adjusted accordingly. This difference results in a higher house edge on the American wheel.

Roulette is a bloody big wheel with 36 numbered sections painted in red and black, with the obligatory alternation. The 37th section is "zero"; traditionally, it's bloody green. The numbers are arranged randomly, although the Blanc brothers probably saw their bloody pattern in this.

Kiwis chuck their bets on a designated spot, and then the dealer (or the RNG if you're playing online) spits out the classic line, "No more bets, bets are placed!" The ball is then chucked in the opposite direction of the wheel spin. Eventually, it lands on a sector, and the lucky punters collect their winnings before the next round begins.

If you tally up all the digits on the roulette wheel, you'll end up with the digit 666, also known as the "Beast's Number" in Christianity. That's why it's called the "Ferris Wheel", and some punters won't touch it. But despite that, roulette is still a crowd-pleaser and lures many players.

Roulette Betting options

In brick-and-mortar and online casinos, online pokies don't need to bet on a specific number to win big. Heaps of side bets can bring in some sweet payouts: red/black - 1 to 1; even / odd - 1 to 1; small (1-18) / large (19-36) - 1 to 1; columns (1-12, 13-24, 25-36) - 2 to 1; for 6 numbers - 5 to 1; corner or cross - 8 to 1; 3 numbers - 11 to 1; 2 numbers - 17 to 1; 1 number - 35 to 1.

Whether you're playing Yank or Euro roulette, the payout odds are the same, mate. The casino's cash comes from zero. Otherwise, you could chuck your chips on the evens and odds and walk out with a fat stack of money.

Listen up; inside bets are when you chuck your dosh on the numbered sections of the table, including the lines and intersections. But if you want to go for outside bets, that's when you put your money on the outskirts of the field. You can bet on odd numbers or go for red or black.

In Kiwi online casinos, roulette is the real deal, bro! It's all about the bets and the names, but don't sweat it - it's not as complicated as it seems. Keep playing, and you'll get the hang of it, mate. The key is to be witty and make the right moves. You can play free roulette online with no worries about practising your skills.

Types of roulettes in New Zealand online casinos

The latest roulette games come in a few different types, but the real difference is in who's got the upper hand - the casino or us punters. There are only three types that are widely known and played.

  • European roulette is the most common type of roulette out there. It's got 36 sections and one "zero". The casino makes most of its moolah from the zero, so only the real gamblers would dare to bet on that number.
  • The French roulette game is a rare sight in brick-and-mortar and online casinos. It's a real bummer for the house, as it's the most unfavourable version for them. If the ball lands on "zero", players can take half their bet or let it ride for the next spin.
  • The American roulette table is a real cash cow for the casino, thanks to its extra "double zero" and unique number layout. But if you're a seasoned gambler, you'll know to steer clear of this table and find a better bet.
  • The online roulette game for real money scene has come a long way. No need to lug around a massive 500 kg table with 300 pieces; jump on your computer and play a new version. Some games have 38 sectors with crazy payouts of 500 to 1, while others have mini-games in specific sectors. It's a real thrill, mate. But don't forget, there's heaps of variety out there, so make sure you know how to play roulette online for money and win at an online casino.

For hundreds of years, no one's been able to crack the code on how to win at roulette. Even the most brilliant blokes in the game can only minimize the chances of losing, but there's no sure bet, you know?

How different are European, American and French roulettes?

Every bloody casino, brick-and-mortar joint or online, has a massive selection of roulette games. Out of the lot, there are three types of roulette that Kiwi punters bloody love: European, American and French. The basic rules are the same, but a few bloody essential differences exist between them.

If you're keen on spinning the roulette wheel, you might have heard of American roulette. One thing that sets it apart is the extra zero slot, which amps up the excitement and speed of the game. While it's a hit with our mates across the pond, it's not everyone's cup of tea. But fear not because the online roulette wheel at a Kiwi casino can cater to players from all over the globe. With unique settings to add some extra spice, you'll be in for a ripper time.

Euro and French roulette wheels are classic and don't have an extra 00 slot. They're the same, except for one big difference in the rules. French roulette has two special rules for betting even money - "La Partage" and "En Prison". The Euro one doesn't have those rules.

  • If you chuck a bet on even odds and the ball lands on zero, the dealer will give you back half your moolah. 
  • This rule's conditions are pretty much the same but more tricky. When the ball lands on the 00 slots, the player's bet gets "locked up" and then carried over to the next spin, which means the original wager gets repeated.

You won't find all three types of roulette at a brick-and-mortar casino. Still, online roulette games for money in NZ have covered you with all the variations available at their roulette tables.

Mobile Roulette

These days, the online roulette gambling scene is shifting towards the online and mobile world, bro. Kiwi punters prefer to play free online roulette without any downloads from the comfort of their cribs. Aotearoa's top-notch online gambling services can be accessed through a mobile app, making it easy to play mobile roulette and other casino games on the go.

Live roulette

To keep the buzz alive, we've brought you, Live Roulette. It's like being in a real casino, but you can play from your couch! A legit dealer spins an absolute ball on a table while cameras capture all the action. You can even chat with the dealer and switch tables if you're not feeling lucky. So, get comfy and ready to feel the thrill of the game!

How to win at roulette?

Roulette is all about the numbers, mate. Many studies have shown that casinos won't let you use fancy strategies. They have top-notch security to catch anyone trying to use their brainpower to score big bucks and leave with a fat wallet.

If you want to up your chances against the casino, there are a few tricks you can use. But it'll take some graft, aye. And if you're going to play roulette, go for the European version - it gives you the best edge. Before you chuck any cash down, make sure you practice for free. Most online casinos offer that option. But if you're hitting up a real-life casino, you won't be able to play for free.

Roulette strategy

This bit of info can't possibly cover all the cunning plans that have been cooked up lately. But we've got to share one with you, and it's called Martingale.

Martingale strategy

This is the most popular and easy-as-pie strategy, mate. Here's how it goes: chuck a chip on the table. If you lose, double your bet and keep going until you win. Then, go back to your original chance and start again. But don't be a mug and try this without any experience. It would be best to give roulette a go for free at online casinos before you start betting your hard-earned cash. And, don't forget - the Martingale strategy needs a bit of a backup plan. Ensure you've got enough dosh for 70-100 rounds, or you could lose your stash without getting anywhere.

D'Alembert system

The French nobleman Leron D'Alembert's system, is pretty much like the Martingale strategy. You've got to place outside bets and pick an even number. If you lose, double your bet, but go back one chance if you win. For instance, you bet $5, $10, $15, and $20 but lost. Then you bet $25 and won, so your next bet is $20.

In Kiwi terms, you're likely to win and lose an equal amount of bets. But if you play your cards right, you could come out on top with a sweet profit. Remember, this approach requires a hefty bankroll and some serious tweaking to make it work.

How to increase your chances of winning

We know you're keen to see if you can influence the outcome of your bets, but the answer is a hard no. We've said it before and will repeat it - controlling the result is impossible. You can only adjust the volatility, but that depends on the type of bet you're making. Most bets have the same payout percentage, but watch out for the dodgy ones with a low payout percentage. Take American roulette, for example - the five-number chance is a real stinker. If you're playing for real money, we suggest avoiding that.

Another way to increase your winning odds is by getting some practice in. But if you're practising with real cash, you could end up with nothing. That's why we reckon you should play free online roulettes more often to get a handle on the game and learn the rules. And don't forget, only play at legit and licensed casinos.

Where to play roulette in New Zealand?

Option Description
Online casinos Many online casinos offer roulette games, which can be played anywhere in New Zealand with an internet connection.
Land-based casinos New Zealand has several land-based casinos, including SkyCity Auckland and SkyCity Queenstown, which offer roulette games.
Pubs and bars Some pubs and bars in New Zealand have gaming machines, which may include roulette. However, these venues are primarily for entertainment purposes and are not recommended for serious gamblers.
Mobile apps Some online casinos and betting sites have mobile apps that allow players to play roulette on their smartphones or tablets.
Social clubs Some social clubs in New Zealand have gaming machines, which may include roulette. However, these venues are primarily for entertainment purposes and are not recommended for serious gamblers.

These days, you can spin the wheel on roulette at almost any online casino. But each joint has its vibe and rules - some of them have exclusive clubs for the big spenders, where you can not only bet big bucks but also score a massive welcome bonus on special terms.

Keep an eye on our ranking of online casinos, mate. The top-notch betting joints allow you to spin the roulette wheel with live dealers from Egusi, Evolution Gaming, and NetEnt.

Pick a pokies joint, hone your game plan, and give it a go - Lady Luck smiles at those who know their stuff.

❓ What is the essence of online roulette?

The game's name is to chuck some bets on the roulette table and hopes for a bloody good outcome when the ball gets spun around. It's all down to chance, mate, so don't think your skills or smarts will make a difference.

💢 What kinds of roulette are there?

Regarding roulette, there are two main types to choose from: American (with a zero and double zero) and European (just one zero). But if you're feeling fancy, you could also try your luck with the French version, mini roulette (with 13 sections on the wheel), boules roulette, multi-reel roulette, or pure roulette without a zero.

🔝 What is the level of RTP in online roulette?

It all comes down to the type of the roulette you're playing, mate. If you're spinning the European wheel, you've got a better chance with an RTP (or "bounce back") of 97.3%. But if you're playing the American version, the odds drop to 94.6%.

⚡ Can I play roulette with a dealer on the Internet?

Yeah, bro, you can get in on the action at live casinos. Just chuck down your bets and watch the dealer spin the wheel and toss the ball. It's a sweet opportunity to get amongst it.

🔞 What is auto roulette?

Auto Roulette is a bloody ripper of a live roulette game without a dealer, mate. The bloody ball gets chucked in by a particular automatic gizmo.

😤 What is the maximum possible payout ratio in roulette?

The top odds are 35 to 1 (36.0) for a straight-up punt on a specific number. For instance, if you back 0 and the spin lands on 0, you'll score big time with a 36x payout boost.

🏆 Best Roulette Strategies?

Most cunning gambling tactics were first trialled and tested on the roulette wheel. This goes for the Martingale strategy and other systems that rely on progressions like the Fibonacci series, Passwords, and D'Alembert.

📐 Is it possible to get a positive mathematical expectation in roulette in NZD?

Bro, there's no easy way to do this. Some punters reckon you should watch the wheel and wait for a run of the same colour. So, if red has come up seven or eight times in a row, it's better to put your money on black (and vice versa).

📱 Can I play online roulette from a mobile device in New Zealand?

Sweet as, bro! You can play online roulette on your mobile device. Hit the site on your phone or tablet and choose your game. Most of the latest online roulettes are all about that HTML5 life, so you're good to go.

🆓 Where to play online roulette for free?

You can go to online pokies, on the developer's site, or on our website. Give the roulette wheel a spin in demo mode and have a crack with virtual funds.

💰 Can I play roulette for free and win money?

Bro, it's possible, in theory, if the casino hooks you up with a no-deposit bonus for roulette. But let's be honest, that's as rare as a hen's tooth. It is better to play online roulette with a minimum deposit.

🏦 How many times can you play roulette in a row?

If you chuck a grand on the roulette table, chances are 98% that you'll cop seven straight losses or wins at least once.

👎 is online roulette a scam?

"Oi, Kiwi gamblers! Don't be a mug; online roulette from a legit developer in a licensed casino is fair dinkum. The RTP is what they say it is. Any dodgy "scam" with a rigged RTP and dodgy RNG is only found in unlicensed casinos."

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