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baccarat icon png Baccarat online has always been a game for the high rollers and posh folks. Back in the day, the upper crust would spend hours playing this game of luck during chilly winter nights. But things have changed, and now anyone can play baccarat live for free. You can't find a casino or online casino without a baccarat table.

The true roots of free online baccarat are a bit of a mystery, mate. The Europeans have been claiming bragging rights for centuries, but no one can say for sure. To make things even more confusing, almost every country has their version of the game. They call it "Punto Banco" in Spain, and you can still find it in casinos today. The French have their take called "Chemin de fer", which translates to "railway" or just "piece of iron". And in Macau, they keep it simple with the name "Nine".

These days, the baccarat game is getting more popular with a new twist - the Italian Felix Falguere created it. Back in the day, they used tarot cards to play it, but in 1490 it evolved into the version we know now and became a fancy pastime for the upper crust.

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How to play baccarat?

The baccarat betting system is a piece of cake to find in any Kiwi casino. All you've got to do is place your bets on yourself, the banker, or a draw. It's a laugh that even if you're clueless about the rules, you can still play baccarat online for real cash and come out on top. That's because the dealer does all the work in baccarat live play and online casinos. You've just got to put your money where your mouth is. But it's still important to know how to play a baccarat card game to increase your chances of winning big. Start by getting the hang of how the cards are counted in the baccarat casino.

The meaning of cards in baccarat online games

If you're keen on a bit of a challenge, give counting cards a go in the top baccarat online casinos. It's a rare skill you won't come across in many other games unless you're a jet-setter playing different variations around the globe. Remember, all the face cards - kings, queens, jacks, and tens - are worth zilch. But don't underestimate the ace; it's worth a solid point. And all the other cards are valued by their number, from deuce to nine.

You can't have more than 9 points in your mitt. If you go over, you lose 10 points. For instance, if you got a seven and a 6, you'd take away ten from the total of 13, leaving you with 3 points. Two face cards are worth zilch, and two aces are worth 2 points: no extra rewards or sneaky combos.

Bro, did you know that in Ian Fleming's Casino Royale, the bad guy Le Chiffre set up a baccarat tourney, and Bond had to stop him from taking the win? But in the 2006 flick, they reckoned it would be too dull for the punters, so they swapped it out for poker.

Third card betting and rule

Third Card Rule Description
No Third Card Rule The player's hand stands on 6 or 7, and the banker's hand stands on 7.
Third Card Rule for Player The player's hand hits 5 or less, and the banker's hand hits on 5 or less.
Third Card Rule for Bankers If the player's hand stands on 6 or 7, the banker's hand hits on 5 or less.
Third Card Rule for Bankers with a Total of 3 If the player's third card is any card except for an 8, the banker's hand hits 0 to 3 and stands on 4 to 7.
Third Card Rule for Bankers with a Total of 4 If the player's third card is 2 to 7, the banker's hand hits 0 to 2 and stands on 3 to 7.
Third Card Rule for Bankers with a Total of 5 If the player's third card is 4 to 7, the banker's hand hits 0 to 3 and stands on 4 to 7.
Third Card Rule for Bankers with a Total of 6 If the player's third card is 6 or 7, the banker's hand hits 0 to 2 and stands on 3 to 7.
Third Card Rule for Bankers with a Total of 7 Banker always stands.

Before cracking at baccarat online or at the casino, you must choose your bet. The casino and table set the size, but you can pick from three options: player, banker, or draw. You can't bet on more than one outcome, and it's a one-on-one game with the dealer. So, don't expect to see Multi Hand like in blackjack. The goal is to get a "Natural Hand" of 8 or 9 points.

Alright, let's get started with the deal, mate. The player receives two cards, and the dealer flips them over one by one. If the score is between 0 and 5, another card is dealt. If you hit 8 or 9, you've got a "Natural" and are in for a win. If you've got 6 or 7, you "stand" and wait for the dealer's hand.

If the banker's two cards add up to 7 to 9 points, they won't get a third card. But, if the total of their first two cards is 0 to 3, or if the banker has a three and the player has an 8, the dealer can get a third card.

Bro, there's a cheeky exception where the dealer can snag the third card. If you got dealt that third card, the dealer could swipe it if your hand's called 0-2 points or if you've got 3 points and the player's reached any number of points except 8. If you've got 4 points and the player's got 2-7, or if you've got 5 points and the player's contacted 4-7, or if you've got 6 points and the player's called 6-7, then the dealer can also take that third card.

These are the rules for the latest baccarat game. The payouts are as follows: even money on the player, even money on the banker (with a 5% cut), and 8 to 1 or 9 to 1 on a tie. Some reckon the banker has the upper hand (hence the commission!) because they get the cards second and have strict rules for drawing the third card.

Why is baccarat “not the same as it used to be”?

Heaps of Kiwis reckon that playing baccarat for free ain't as thrilling as it used to be. Back then, we'd all play together and decide when to take that third card. But now, the rules are set in stone, and the only way to play the original version is at home games. But don't worry; the buzz is still there. Even the most experienced pit bosses aren't shocked by the massive bets at the VIP Baccarat tables. These days, it's often called mini-baccarat.

Baccarat - how to win?

Tip Description
1 Learn the rules of the game and different types of bets.
2 Manage your bankroll and limit how much you can afford to lose.
3 Avoid making the tie bet, as it has a higher house edge than other bets.
4 Consider using a betting system like the Martingale system to help manage your bets.
5 Play at reputable online casinos with fair games and good customer support.

Baccarat in Aotearoa is a thrilling game where luck is the game's name or your punt. No one's cracked the code yet, so there's no surefire way to win. But you can still stick it to the house and come out on top. Check out these easy tips for playing baccarat like a pro.

If you're playing baccarat with a single deck, always back the banker, mate. That way, the house edge is only 1.01%, giving you a better chance of winning big.

Don't even think about chucking a bet on a draw, eh? Those tempting odds aren't worth it. The house has a bloody 15% edge on interests, so steer clear, aye?

Get the hang of playing without checking the scorecard, mate. Every table has a board with the hands dealt, but it won't give you any natural edge. It just lures in punters who reckon they can predict the outcome based on past games.

Make sure you're keeping a good watch on your bankroll, aye. Set some limits on how much you're willing to win or lose. If you're keen on playing baccarat, you can give Martingale and Labouchere a go, but make sure you're clued up on how these strategies work before you dive in.

Types of Baccarat

As mentioned, baccarat has a few different types, but the basic rules, like in blackjack, are the same. Generally, you don't need to make extra bets because the game is already exciting and famous worldwide. So, learning the rules won't take long if you come across a new type of baccarat. We'll now fill you in on the most popular baccarat variations.

European Baccarat

European baccarat is a classic game that's played all over the world. The casino sets the bet size and the number of players. The dealer deals the cards, and if you bet on the banker and win, you'll be charged a 5% commission. The rules are pretty much the same as other versions of baccarat. You can decide whether to take the third card in European baccarat, but the buy-in rule is strictly regulated. However, some casinos are ditching this rule these days.

French baccarat

French baccarat, also known as "le fer" or "the iron", is a game that's primarily played in French casinos. However, it's a rare sight in Kiwi gambling establishments. The game follows the same basic rules but with an exciting twist - the casino staff don't participate. Instead, a group of players are given a table and a set number of decks. They take turns being the banker and playing against each other. The casino's role is to ensure the game runs smoothly without interfering with the gameplay. And don't worry; the house still makes a profit. They charge a commission for each hand dealt, with the amount decided by the casino.

Mini Baccarat

This type of baccarat is a hit in the States. It's got all the classic rules, but with a twist - the table's smaller, so only seven punters can play at once. And forget about dealing the cards yourself - the dealer's the banker and takes care of all that.

Punto Banco

Another bloody good baccarat game that Kiwis love is Punto Banco. It's played with 6 or 8 decks on tables with unique markings. All the rules of the original game are kept, so you can still bet on the player (Punto), the banker (Banco), or a draw (Egalite). The dealer takes on the role of the banker.

The cards are chucked down one by one, mate. Once the dust settles, if you're close enough to 9 points, you might get the chance to snag a third card. The big cheese is the one that hits nine or comes closest to it. Just a heads up, there's a 5% cut on any Banco bets that come up trumps.

Some Yank casinos really up the ante with a sweet little feature - you can chuck real cash on the baccarat table, not just dull old chips like in Euro joints. No doubt, stacks of cold hard cash are a way more significant motivator to give this game a crack.

Baccarat strategies

Strategy Name Description Applicability in New Zealand
Martingale A strategy where the player doubles their bet after each loss to recoup their losses and make a profit when they eventually win. Applicable, but can be risky with high minimum bets at some casinos.
Paroli A positive progression strategy where the player increases their bet after each win to maximize profits during winning streaks. Applicable but can require a significant bankroll and discipline to stop betting after consecutive wins.
Fibonacci A strategy where the player bets based on the Fibonacci sequence, increasing their bet after a loss and decreasing it after a win. Applicable, but can be slow to generate significant profits and requires careful bankroll management.
D'Alembert A strategy where the player increases their bet after a loss and decreases it after a win, but at a slower rate than the Martingale strategy. Applicable, but can also be slow to generate significant profits and requires careful bankroll management.
1-3-2-6 A positive progression strategy where the player increases their bet after each win, but with a specific sequence of bet sizes. Applicable but can be complicated and requires strict adherence to the betting sequence.
Flat Betting A strategy where the player consistently bets the same amount, regardless of wins or losses. Applicable, but does not maximize potential profits and may not be as exciting as other strategies.

Since we Kiwis don't have much say in how the game goes down, with only three outcomes to bet on, there isn't any mathematical strategy for baccarat. But don't lose hope; there are ways to swing the odds in your favour. We have a few tips to help you rake in the profits if you play your cards right.

Place your bet on the banker

The banker bet is a top choice for Kiwi punters playing baccarat because the house edge is only 1.01% to 1.06%. If you want to up your chances, play with just one deck because the casino's advantage drops to a minuscule 1.01%: the fewer decks, the better for you, mate. But watch out - if you find a one-deck game, check out any additional rules that could screw with your advantage.

Don't bet on a draw

Don't bother checking your cash on a draw, mate. In the gambling world, it's known as a "sucker's bet". Yeah, the odds of 8 to 1 might seem tempting, but the chances of winning are buggered. Unless you're a bit of a daredevil or reckon you've got some psychic powers, it's best to steer clear.

Bankroll management

Look after your dosh, mate. It's the key to winning big in any gambling game. Figure out how much cash you will chuck in as your bankroll. But don't forget to factor in the commission when you're betting on the banker - it can be anywhere from 4% to 5%. The aim is to profit over a long sesh, so ensure your bankroll is up to scratch for the ride.

Use the Martingale or D'Alembert strategy

Like in a game of pokies, you can easily use the Martingale or D'Alembert system in baccarat. The Martingale strategy is about betting on one outcome (in this case, the banker) and increasing your bet after each loss. If you win, go back to your original chance and start again. The D'Alembert system is similar to the Martingale, but with a slight twist - if you win, decrease your bet by one value.

Both methods require a bloody good handle on your bankroll, mate. So if you're keen to give them a go, make sure you're a bit of a whiz when it comes to tallying up your dosh.

Where to play baccarat online in New Zealand?

We've rounded up the best online casinos that offer heaps of baccarat live streams. Look at our reviews to determine which casino has the sickest variations of this fancy game and where you can score a sweet welcome or no deposit bonus.

Today, you can crack at baccarat at any top-notch online casino. The best thing about this game is that the rules are as steady as a rock, and there's hardly any variation. So, once you've got your head around the easy-peasy rules we've laid out, you can pick the limit that floats your boat and start raking in the dough.

You can crack at baccarat, not just in a regular casino setting. This game is a real hit in Live casinos, where you can get the full-on gambling experience and bet within your means. Every online casino offers live dealer games, so have a squiz at our in-depth review, pick the top dog and give this game of the high rollers a go!

✅ What is the level of impact in baccarat?

This one's for all you Kiwi punters out there! The odds of winning depend on the game, the rules, and the bet you choose. Let's say you're backing a player's hand in baccarat with a six-deck shoe and a bank commission of 4%. In this case, the house edge is a mere 0.6%.

🔝 Can I play baccarat for free?

Yeah, bro, the latest online casinos let you play baccarat for free, no worries. All you've got to do is give it a go in demo mode.

👦 How to play baccarat against a real dealer?

In a Kiwi online casino, you can have a crack at baccarat with a live dealer in the "cribs" of a live casino.

⚡  What is the maximum payout in baccarat?

The biggest win you can score in baccarat is 8 to 1 (or 9 to 1) if you put your money on a tie.

💰 Is there a buyback in baccarat?

Yeah, bro, you can chuck in (or purchase) a third card in baccarat. But only if the total of the first two cards is less than six.

📜 What is a hand in baccarat?

The deal in baccarat is the dealt cards. There's the punter's deal and the croupier's deal.

🌀 What are the varieties of baccarat?

There are heaps of different ways to play this game of luck. The top picks are punto banco and mini baccarat. But if you're keen on something different, give "hardware" (the OG version) or Macau a go.

♠️ The best baccarat software?

Choice pokies from Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, Playtech, RTG, NetEnt, and Play'n Go are up for grabs, mate. Take your pick and give them a spin!

🔒 An effective strategy for playing baccarat?

The best way to play baccarat like a true Kiwi is to back the player's hand. This gives the casino a minor edge and increases your chances of winning big. Many punters use progressive systems like Labouchere, D'Alembert, Passwords, and Fibonacci to up their game. While card counting is technically possible in baccarat, it's only doable at a real table. So, get your lucky charm and head to the casino for some baccarat action!

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