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Over 20 million Kiwis have got their hands on a smartphone or mobile gadget. And at least 3 million of them chuck a bet at least once a year. If we look at the latest trends, it's pretty evident that most punters prefer to have a flutter on their mobile. For many, betting is a regular hobby, and it'd be pretty weird to fire up a desktop just for that.

In the current state of play, mobile punting isn't just a small fry; it's a significant player in the betting game. And bookies know it all too well. That's why every Kiwi bookie worth their salt has its own sports betting app. Check out our top picks for the best mobile apps on the market and some tips to up your mobile betting game.

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Mobile betting in New Zealand

Betting Site App Name App Store Google Play
Bet365 Bet365 App Available for iOS and Android Available for Android
SkyCity Casino SkyCity App Available for iOS and Android Available for Android
William Hill William Hill App Available for iOS and Android Available for Android
TAB NZ TAB App Available for iOS and Android Available for Android
888sport 888sport App Available for iOS and Android Available for Android

SlotsMegaCasino.comAs we've already said, mobile punting is massive in Aotearoa. The latest research shows that about 60% of bets in 2021 were made on mobiles. And we reckon this trend will keep going up. 'Cos every year, phones and tablets get more deadly and user-friendly. And fewer and fewer people use desktops and PCs for anything other than work.

Good news for gamblers: mobile betting apps are now available on the Google Play Market in Aotearoa. You can download them for free and get in on the action wherever you are. It wasn't always this way, though, as Google used to ban betting and gambling apps before 2021. But they've since lifted the ban, so you can now find and download your favourite betting brands' mobile software on Google Play Market.

The download process is a piece of piss, bro. Check out this guide:

  • Check out the site of a bookie.
  • Hit "Get Android App" or "Get iOS App". You'll usually find these buttons in the footer or in the menu.
  • Once you're done, you'll be sent straight to the AppStore or Google Play Market. Get the ball rolling and start the download!
  • Once you've finished downloading, it's time to get cracking with the installation process.
  • The puntin' app's already on your blower, so let's get stuck and start havin' a punt!

Sweet as, bro! Grab the sports betting app from the AppStore or Google Play Market. The best part? No need to give any special permissions. Ensure you're legal - only those 18+ can download and use the app.

What to expect from mobile betting apps?

Mobile betting apps give you the same buzz as desktop websites, bro. You can chuck a bet on (pre-match, in-Play, singles, multi bets), make transactions, sign in, and sign-up. The apps are just as good as desktop sites, if not better. Plus, they look and work just like the entire website. You can easily switch between betting on your computer and phone without hiccups.

A solid punting app is quick, user-friendly, and has sweet navigation. Even punters with average or below average phones on iOS/Android can have a mean mobile betting experience if the app is mint.

Some good functions and features make you punting on the go even sweeter, bro. Check them out below:

  • Live streaming is an excellent way to watch horse racing and other sports on your smartphone. Heaps of bookies offer their punters video streams, a handy feature for both in-Play bettors and sports nuts. Bet365 is a top choice, with over 100 live streams added daily. You can watch it on a small screen or go full screen.
  • 1-click bet. The best sports betting apps in New Zealand come with sick features like a one-click bet or accepting the coupon when the odds change. These features help punters save time to catch the best odds and place a bet. One-click bet is also handy during In-Play new betting, where every second counts. For an even more chill experience, you should set a preferred bet size.
  • Notifications. This option helps you stay in the loop with all the essential info. You can set a report on a specific market to keep tabs on the odds and swings. Or you can book a particular event or even a whole tournament. You'll get a heads-up when the event kicks off or when the score changes. Notifications are handy if your betting app runs mainly in the background.

  • Faves. I just stumbled upon a bloody good event or market, but not sure if you'll chuck a bet on it? Or maybe you're all about a few leagues or tournaments? Make your life a breeze and throw those events, markets, and institutions into your faves. Next time you'll see them instantly in a special section of your mobile app. You can even set notifications on it to make the perfect combo.

  • 2FA. How about some extra security, mate? Top-notch sports betting apps offer two-factor authentication and an extra pin code. These features are handy for big spenders and punters who don't cash out too often. With 2FA and a pin-code in place, the chances of some dodgy bugger hacking into your account are nil.

Features Description
User-friendly interface Mobile betting apps in NZ are designed to have an intuitive and user-friendly interface to ensure a smooth and seamless betting experience.
Bet types Mobile betting apps in NZ offer a wide range of bet types, including single bets, multiple bets, and live bets.
Live to stream Many NZ mobile betting apps offer live streaming of sporting events to allow users to follow the action in real time.
Security NZ mobile betting apps utilize state-of-the-art encryption technology to ensure the safety and security of user data and financial transactions.
Bonuses and promotions Many NZ mobile betting apps offer exclusive bonuses and promotions to mobile users, including free bets and enhanced odds.

As you can see, the latest betting apps give Kiwi punters a good, safe, and user-friendly experience. You can easily browse the sportsbooks, chuck a bet, and use all the extra features. They don't hog up too much space on your device, so you can still use the app even if you got a basic one. And don't forget to use the search, filters, or code for quick login. Some apps even let you set a pin for easy access, so you don't have to type in your login and password every time.

Aye, bro; if you're keen on punting on the go, a solid mobile bookie in Aotearoa will have a mobile site option. Does not everyone want to clog up their device with software you know? The mobile site should have the same look and feel as the app, but it's all about speed. Betting apps are usually quicker, but if the mobile site is built well, you can still have a meaningful experience. You can even catch live streams or get notifications if that's your jam.

The best mobile bookmakers in New Zealand

SlotsMegaCasino.comKeen on a sweet mobile betting experience with a Kiwi bookie? Love a bit of punting on your phone or tablet?

Check out our list of the best sports betting apps for Android and iOS based on our own and other players' experiences.

We rate each app on speed, user-friendliness, design, navigation, how often they update their software, and any extra features they offer.

Here is the list of New Zealand betting agencies with the sickest mobile apps:

  • Unibet, bro! It's the top dog of Kindred Group and has a presence in over 20 local markets worldwide. Unibet's always been about pushing the boundaries with tech and innovation. They were among the first bookies to have a mobile app, and their software is still top-notch. The Unibet mobile app has live streams, quick-bet options, and stats & insights. It's one of the best horse racing apps for Android and iOS, with a sick autonomous racing section. All in all, Unibet's software is world-class, mate. 
  • Bet365 is a bloody legend in the world of Kiwi gambling. They've got a top-notch product that'll knock your socks off. You'll be stoked with the vast range of events to bet on, plus the sick bonuses they offer. And the best part? With their mobile app, you can get in on the action anytime, anywhere. It's got live streams for heaps of events every day, a bet builder, and a bet slip that's available on every page. Plus, a stats and results section to help you make informed bets. And the app itself is lightning-fast and easy to use. Even if you're a newbie to the betting scene, you'll have no trouble getting the hang of Bet365's mobile app on Android or iOS.
  • Sportsbet is a top Kiwi betting brand with a solid rep and sweet products. The Sportsbet App on Android has over a million users, and the same goes for iOS. So, what's the deal? Why are so many punters keen on this bookie? We reckon it's a user-friendly interface and top-notch features. The Sportsbet mobile app hooks you with heaps of live streams daily, a tipping section, multi builder, a blog, and the chance to place a megabit. The app has a stats & result section to keep you in the loop. The clean interface makes it a breeze to use.
  • You might not have heard of Neds yet, but they're on the rise in the Kiwi gambling scene. One of the main reasons for their success is their mobile app, which is mint as. The app is easy to use and works well with their desktop site. You can download it from Google Play Market or AppStore. With the app, you can place all kinds of bets, use heaps of filters, and take advantage of the punters' toolbox with all sorts of useful features. The only thing missing is live streams, but they're working on it.
  • Ladbrokes is a massive brand with a rich history and many punters in New Zealand. They're keeping up with the times, mate, and their mobile betting apps are proof of that. With Ladbrokes' mobile product, you can watch live streams, use Multi Maker, and stay up-to-date with the latest news in Infohub. Their transactions are a piece of piss - just a few clicks, and you're sorted. You can get Ladbrokes' mobile software on both Android and iOS, so you can bet on the go wherever you are.

Our quick rundown will give you the inside scoop on which mobile bookie to back. Make sure you peep our list of top-notch apps because it's always on the move. Plus, we chuck in links to download the mobile software.

Frequently asked Questions

📲 Where I can download mobile betting apps in New Zealand?
If youre keen on some mobile punting action, head to the AppStore for iPhone betting apps or Google Play Market for Android software. Weve got the links sorted on our website, so you can get started in no time.
📱 Why I cant install a mobile betting app?
If youre a young pup (under 18), you wont be able to nab any mobile betting apps from the legit stores. Plus, your gadget might not have enough space to install em anyway.
📤 How can I transfer money via smartphone in sportsbooks?
The drill is the same as on the desktop site, mate. Plus, you can chuck in your dosh using the same payment options like bank cards, Paypal, POLI, Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz, and all that jazz.
💰Can I place bets on my smartphone without a betting app?
You can definitely bet on the go, coz pretty much every bookies got a mobile app. Just hit up their site, log in, and chuck your bet down.
🏆 Are bookmakers bonuses available for mobile players?
Bro, you can totally cash in on bonuses and promos from sportsbooks on your mobile. And get this, some bookies even hook up their mobile punters with sick deals.
⁉️ Is it safe to download mobile betting software from the web?
We reckon its best to grab your betting apps from legit stores, mate. That way, youll be sweet as and have a safe as experience.
📳 How can I update my mobile betting application?
Oi, bro, the bookies usually sort out their mobile apps for ya, so you dont have to do jack. But if your apps a bit behind the times, just head to the store and give it a re-install, aye.
📴 Is it safe to bet on mobile devices?
Bro, dont worry, its just as safe as playing on your laptop or PC. Some bookies even offer 2FA and extra pins to keep your bets secure.

Author: Vadim Rotar

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