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cryptocurrency in online casinos Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are a very fast online crypto casino payment method that has gained popularity among players over the years. The cryptocurrency has great potential in the field of gambling entertainment due to a number of advantages over other payment methods in online casinos.

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First of all, bitcoins and altcoins can not only be used as a payment method but also be selected as the account currency instead of euros or dollars.

Secondly, security, decentralization, and anonymity - the principles on the basis of which bitcoin was created are to the taste of many players of cryptocurrency betting sites.

Third, the use of cryptocurrencies, including bitcoins, opens up access to online casinos that only take bitcoin as payment.

In addition, the fast speed of transactions and the absence of commissions that might arise when converting traditional currencies cannot but attract forward-thinking online casino cryptocurrency users.

cup in online casino In this article, we will tell you about everything you need to know about bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies when playing in a casino: how to use crypto as a payment method, which altcoins are accepted by new crypto casinos, gaming range, and bonuses for bitcoin in bitcoin casinos.

What are cryptocurrency and bitcoin?

The word "cryptocurrency" or "crypt" has become a part of the everyday lexicon of modern people, but, as practice shows, not everyone understands what it is. That is why some of us are often unaware of the advantages that this modern digital currency brings, including in the field of online casino games.

Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency created and protected using specially designed cryptographic technologies. It exists only in the virtual space, it cannot be touched. Any crypt is a block of information about transactions, each of which contains data about a previous transaction. These blocks make up electronic registers or journals, which contain information about all actions with the crypt, which makes its use absolutely transparent.

However, these transactions are also anonymous, which ensures the security of the data of each holder of electronic crypto coins. Cryptocurrency can be purchased, that is, bought for traditional money in various currencies, as well as "mined". The process is called mining. The result of mining is the creation of a new block of transactions, that is, updating the existing electronic journals of the cryptocurrency.

We often equate the concept of "cryptocurrency" and "bitcoin", and there is a rational grain in this since bitcoin became the first cryptocurrency to go public and still dominate the crypto market.

The term "cryptocurrency" was first used in an article about a new digital currency - bitcoin, created by Satoshi Nakamoto. This person, or a group of people, whose real name or names are still unknown, developed a fundamentally new concept of settlements without intermediaries (banks, payment systems, and services) in 2008. This concept was created to maintain independence from regulatory organizations and the anonymity of users. In addition, an important component of the work of bitcoin was to be the possibility of maximum protection against fraudulent actions of all users.

How to use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

cryptocurrency in a casino Bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrencies, which are commonly called altcoins (alternative digital currencies), can be used to pay for goods and services, like any other currencies - euros, dollars, etc. Depending on national legislation and other individual factors for bitcoins in different countries can buy real estate, pay tickets, and bills in restaurants.

It did not take long to wait for the appearance of the payment option using crypt in an online casino. First of all, bitcoin came to the sphere of gambling. There are currently dozens of casinos offering players to choose between Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as an alternative currency when registering and playing crypto blackjack or cryptocurrency roulette.

Types of cryptocurrencies in online casinos

The number of all kinds of altcoins, both those that were created on the basis of bitcoin and those developed from scratch, today reaches almost 2,000 varieties.

The most popular ones are widely used in online casinos as an alternative currency. So, on the sites of certain online casinos, you will find Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple, Dogecoin (DOGE), Dash (DASH), Monero (XMR), NEM, Bytecoin (BCN), Tether (USDT), etc.

Which Indian online casinos can you play for bitcoins and altcoins?

crypto casino The Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency, which appeared in August 2017 through changes in the bitcoin system, is offered for use by such online casinos as Casino4U, FastPay, True Flip. At the same casinos, players can also use digital currency using modern smart contract technology, Ethereum. Processing and creating blocks of transactions for this altcoin takes only 10-15 seconds, unlike the popular, and therefore slow, bitcoin. You will also find Ethereum at Casino4U, FastPay, Winz, and more.

The fastest bitcoin analog to date (the code for which was not copied from bitcoin, but written from scratch) - a crypt called Ripple - is available for making deposits and withdrawing funds won in casinos such as Casino4U, Winz.

By creating blocks of transactions five times faster than Bitcoin crypto Litecoin is popular. This digital currency looks like it was created for online casinos because its advantage is the unprecedented speed of settlements. You can play with "fast crypt" at the following best cryptocurrency casinos: Casino4U, FastPay, True Flip, and other casinos from our list.

Dogecoin is a Litecoin-based cryptocurrency featured in an assortment of settlement methods and currencies from casinos such as Slotman and BitStarz.

And, of course, bitcoin remains the most common crypt in top crypto gambling and on other gambling sites. For a complete list of the best online bitcoin casinos for the current 2021, see our list.

Bitcoin in online casinos: currency or method of calculation

If you go to several of the online casinos listed in our rating, you will see that some of them offer to choose bitcoin or one of the altcoins as the settlement currency. This is logical since the crypt is, first of all, though digital, but still a currency.

On other sites, bitcoins are considered as a settlement method, and for conducting transactions during registration, users are asked to choose one of the classic currencies - dollars, euros, INR, etc.

This difference in approaches to defining what bitcoin really is in online casinos creates both advantages and disadvantages. For example, in those casinos where crypto is a method of calculation, permanent transfers of funds can be associated with additional commissions and /or losses when transferring funds from traditional currency. However, since many slot machines and other casino games are designed with classic currencies only in mind, the process of playing and calculating how much a player has spent, won, or wagered can be easier.

If you no longer use euros and dollars, but only accept crypto, most likely casinos with bitcoins are suitable for you. The need to transfer to other currencies will be eliminated, and the deposit will be paid using standard bitcoin addresses.

In addition, most cryptocurrency casinos provide the ability to create multi-currency accounts. Such accounts allow you to take advantage of various payment methods to withdraw your winnings and replenish your game balance, including using several types of the crypt at once.

Limits on deposits and withdrawals using cryptocurrencies

As with other payment methods, for bitcoins and altcoins, the minimum and maximum amount of the allowed deposit, the minimum withdrawal amount, and sometimes the maximum amount of withdrawal of winnings from the account are set.

The maximum deposit amount varies depending on the type of cryptocurrency and a specific online casino - from 100 to 4000 units. The smallest allowable deposit amount can also vary and depends on the rules established by the casino.

The minimum amounts for withdrawing funds from a casino gaming account in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are also set depending on the individual decision of one or another online casino. Most often they are identical to the minimum deposit amounts. The maximum withdrawal amounts depend on the digital currency and can be up to 2-5 LTC, BTC, ETH, BCH, as well as 400-500 USDT.

Please note that not all online casinos that accept bitcoins and crypto for deposits allow you to withdraw winnings using these digital currencies.

You can always find information on whether an online casino accepts cryptocurrencies both for the replenishment of the balance and for withdrawal in our casino reviews. Moreover, here you will find all the info about free crypto casinos and no deposit crypto casinos, they have the same advantages as the usual online no deposit casinos.

Cryptocurrency Slots

crypto casino Only a few providers have not yet adapted their slot machines for playing with various cryptocurrencies. Even Bitcoin, which is the most popular crypto in online casinos, is not supported in NYX, Net Entertainment, Amatic, GameArt games. We believe that the continuing popularity of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in online casinos will soon force these providers to fully adapt their gaming range to the needs of a modern player.

Bonuses for bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies

To begin with, we note that in bitcoin casinos that work only with bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, all possible bonus options are available: a percentage bonus on the first deposit, reload bonuses, free spins, cashback, tournaments, and even VIP programs.

What can online casinos, in which bitcoins are one of the options, offer players who prefer crypto? Most often, all bonuses and promotions apply to digital currencies, but sometimes you can find exceptions, for example, in the inability to receive a cashback.

Some casinos, on the other hand, distinguish bitcoin players from the total number of users and give them the opportunity to receive exclusive bonuses. For example, at some online casinos, playing on Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Tether, get additional funds for a deposit once a week using a 51% bonus.

Bitcoin casinos: the future of the gambling industry?

Cryptocurrencies, many and varied, have long been common in top online casinos. In recent years, however, casino sites have emerged on the Web that works exclusively for players who prefer bitcoin and altcoins. If you want to play for INR or euros, deposit, and receive money using e-wallets, then this will not work in such casinos: they only accept crypto.

The so-called bitcoin casinos or crypto casinos appeared one after another and successfully exist, noting the interest of players in the use of cryptocurrencies in the gambling field. Many online guides on the internet recommend bitcoin lovers to play exclusively at these casinos, considering them to be more professional. Our experts cannot but agree with them, noting several advantages of such casinos.

They provide professional support with experience in dealing with problems and questions on the use of cryptocurrency in an online casino: detailed FAQ sections, guides on the use of digital currencies, procedures for depositing and withdrawing funds, etc. There are usually special bonuses and promotions designed and adjusted for cryptocurrencies, and the game assortment is suitable only for bitcoins and altcoins.

💰 What is a cryptocurrency casino?
A cryptocurrency casino or crypto casino is a gambling site that somehow supports cryptocurrency. There are several types of cryptocurrency casinos:
  • Casinos that accept cryptocurrency payments;
  • Casinos that accept cryptocurrency payments and offer cryptocurrency as their account currency;
  • Casinos working exclusively with cryptocurrency (Fairspin) with blockchain-based payments;
  • Sites with blockchain-based DICE games.
💱 What currencies can I use in a crypto casino?
The most popular cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. Typically mBtc is used. Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Dogecoin, and others are also supported. And thanks to processing aggregators like CoinsPaid, you can use almost any cryptocurrency.
🏁 How do I fund my crypto casino account?
Go to the payments section and select Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency in which you are going to fund your account. The wallet address will be displayed. It is to it that you need to transfer funds.
Copy the casino wallet address. Paste it as the recipient's address in the wallet from which you are going to fund the account. It can be not only a wallet but also a cryptocurrency exchange, exchanger, aggregator. Confirm the transaction.
🤑 How to get winnings in cryptocurrency at casinos if I am from India?
If you have chosen cryptocurrency as the main currency in the casino, then you can withdraw it to hot or cold wallets, or to a cryptocurrency exchange. The procedure is as follows:
  • Go to the wallet to which you want to receive payment;
  • Copy the address in the wallet used to receive funds;
  • Go to the casino payments section, select the required cryptocurrency and indicate the address to which the funds should be received.
🏦 Why is the account not being replenished and money is not being withdrawn in the casino in cryptocurrency?
If you made a direct transaction from address to address, then the transfer may be delayed. This is due to the specifics of the cryptocurrency blockchain operation. All transactions must be confirmed. Sometimes it takes a few seconds, and sometimes it takes hours.
Accelerated transactions are available in specialized wallets like CoinsPaid.
📋 Do cryptocurrency casinos have licenses?
Depends on the type of cryptocurrency casino. Dice sites usually operate without any licenses. But casinos offering slot machines and classic gambling disciplines are licensed in Curacao. The Malta Gaming Commission is still only developing regulatory standards for cryptocurrencies in the gambling business.
🏆 The best cryptocurrency casinos at the moment?
The current rating of the most reliable and high-quality cryptocurrency casinos is always available on our website.
🔫 Are casinos with cryptocurrency safe for Indian players?
All cryptocurrency casinos recommended by our website are safe. In fact, their only difference from standard establishments is the presence of Bitcoin and other virtual electronic money in the payment menu. If you conduct transactions correctly, then your money will not be lost anywhere.
😎 Which is better to use in a casino: Bitcoin, Ethereum, or another cryptocurrency?
One of the best options in general is Dogecoin. For transfers to Bitcoin and Ethereum, the average commission often exceeds $ 1, and transactions last for several hours. Dogecoin's average commission is less than 1 cent. At the same time, transfers are carried out as quickly as possible. You can compare the commission level and transaction speed of different cryptocurrencies on the Blockchain service.
🆓 Is it possible to convert cryptocurrency into fiat money or INR in a casino ?
Many casinos work on this principle. They allow players to deposit in cryptocurrency by automatically converting it to fiat money. Please note that the conversion rate is often not very profitable.

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