payments to bank cards with online casinos

Are you lucky enough to win at a casino and wait x 100 at the maximum rate? Many zeros on the balance are pleasing to the eye, and are you ready to withdraw money? Congratulations, you will probably have a new headache - get this money. And maybe he doesn’t wait.

In any case, we decided to consider the problems that can be encountered when withdrawing large funds to the card.

One problem: additional checks from the casino

If you hit the jackpot and want to withdraw money, then you will probably be noticed by the site itself. This applies not only to withdrawals to the card, but the outgoing operations of the casino as a whole. Therefore, additional checks and questions can not be avoided. Much depends on the age of the account, its status, and the level of "occupancy."

There are several possible scenarios:

  • You are playing with an empty profile. There is a possibility that you will be sent a violation of the rules on creating a second account (multiaccounting), fraud or some kind of sin. Therefore, we recommend at least filling out personal data after creating a game account.
  • You are playing with a completed but not verified account. With a large withdrawal, they will definitely check you out. And, most likely, they will be asked to immediately go through identification in all areas: data, registration, payment method. The last point is a selfie against the background of documents, or a live broadcast via video conferencing. Especially stubborn casinos with a sign of scammers can “kill” a client by requesting various documents. It’s important not to run into those.
  • Account verified. There is a possibility that you will be asked to retest. Or immediately sent to a video conference. Even if you have completed this procedure before.

Worst case: get a lot out of an unfilled profile. Then the chances of running into the resistance of the casino are the highest. The institution itself automatically has questions.

In the case of cards, it is critical that their details match your first/last name. Let’s say more, even if your card, it is important to correctly format it. Is your name Andrey Beschastnykh? Then be sure to check the transcription of your name in bank execution. It must coincide with the rights, foreign country or other official document. Andrey Beschastnykh should be accepted, but already Andrej Beschasnih is unlikely.

And if someone else’s card is used, then the operator will block you if desired due to the inconsistency of the AML policy. And no evidence about a friend, wife and grandfather will help.

What is the conclusion? Choose a casino where you can pass verification yourself. After registration fill in your personal data. Deposit an account from your well-designed bank cards in your name. After the deposit, it is better to go through verification yourself. Withdraw money to your adequate cards.

Problem Two: Card Lock

And now we’ll smoothly move on to the main issues when withdrawing from a casino to a card. It is about the actions of banks, which are dictated by the financial policy of the state.

Financial monitoring, anti-money laundering, legalization of incomes of the population, the fight against fraud - these are the main points that the regulator is watching. This can be both the Ministry of Finance and the fiscal service. At the same time, banks may have their own policies regarding large transfers.

So the Ukrainian Monobank (Universal Bank) blocks the beneficiary's cards, if 10,000 hryvnias are transferred to him - about $ 400. Moreover, earlier the bank completely blocked for such transfers, asking the user about the origin of the funds.

Each bank has its own “limits” for blocking. An integrated approach can be used. The client lights up in the security system for various reasons:

  • One-time large amount. Someone blocks for $ 1,000, and someone for $ 15,000;
  • Weekly or monthly amount of all transfers;
  • Too high frequency of transfers of relatively large amounts.

Do not forget that the casinos themselves have restrictions on the amount of the maximum one-time payment. Take a look at the rules of the well-known brand Fastpay casino

In one operation, you can withdraw no more than 3,000 euros/dollars. Imagine that you were given several times well by the slots and on the account 50,000. You will withdraw this money for at least 17 operations. On average, one transfer will take two to three days. That is, in one and a half to two months you will withdraw funds.

You start to withdraw at maximum speed, and weekly several times light up in the bank with amounts of 3,000 euros. You will be very lucky if the financial institution turns a blind eye to this. Most likely, your card/account will be blocked. Firstly, there are too many large enough operations. Secondly, the money will come from an incomprehensible source.

If you get a lock, then in a good scenario, you get off verbally. Here you have to get to the "human" operator. Which is simply not the desire to engage in lengthy checks, spending time and resources on you. But there may be another scenario - with questions, interrogations and an unpleasant tone. The chances of getting into a long conversation increase if you work with a bank that is associated with the state.

Problem Three: Bank Issues and Financial Monitoring

The amount or amounts of transfers seemed suspicious to the bank. He has blocked your card and does not want to unlock it so easily. What do they even want from you? And here's what:

  • Prove the origin of the funds. Prove that you transferred your personal money to that same online casino. It must be shown that the funds received purely - as official income, social benefits, in extreme cases - a transfer from a wife, brother or relative.
  • Prove that the money came specifically from the gambling site for a win. Not for producing child porn, selling drugs. Save all screenshots, do not delete the transfer history in the bank client and casino. This may come in handy.
  • Pay taxes. Have you proven that this is a win in an online casino with your hard-earned money? Perhaps you will be unblocked and allowed to dispose of them. Depends on the bank, its ins and outs and the rigidity of the regulator. But if your country is fiercely struggling with the shadow economy, driven into a tax vise, then get ready to pay taxes. Yes, personal income tax. After all, the gain from participating in gambling is also money. If the bank is connected with the state, then such an event is quite realistic.

The severity of measures depends on the financial institution and the state policy established in the country. Somewhere they turn a blind eye to it, and somewhere lovers of excitement are pressed.

An important fact is the status of the gambling business and online casinos in the country. If gambling is not regulated and there is no legalization, then the pressure when transferring from offshore sites is less. If a regulator is created, licenses for online casinos are issued, then the likelihood of problems and locks is higher. After all, at the state level, they are interested in you tinkering with legal clubs, helping to fill the budget with taxes.

What to do and how to play

What are the ways out of this situation?

The option is standard: use cryptocurrencies and electronic wallets.

Cryptocurrencies are additional commissions, course jumps, vague terms of transactions. But no one will ever block your crypto wallet. Transfers are not controlled or monitored by anyone. The money will be with you.

Electronic wallets are additional commissions and an increasingly tangible hand of the regulator. In some countries, electronic payment systems have almost merged with banks. Just look at Webmoney or Yandex.Money. And if it comes to "cashing out", then at some point you will have to work with banks. And some systems, like Paypal, themselves can block the user due to large transactions. Skrill and Neteller stand apart. But, firstly, they have high commissions. Secondly, in many countries they are struggling with these systems.

The banal and simple option does not change anything. Continue to transfer large amounts. Many players so far have never encountered difficulties with large withdrawals to the card. And if not, then you will already understand on the spot.

The option is complicated: think over your work with maps

You want to continue to withdraw to bank plastic (or online "plastic"). But you do not want to face locks and checks. Then you need to think about a strategy. Here's what we recommend:

  • Work with cards of commercial banks that are not so tightly connected with the state. The farther a financial institution is from the state apparatus, the less shmonon it will have.
  • Learn the experience of bank customers. Read reviews on forums, specialized resources. Find out what amounts and actions are being blocked and additionally checked. It is important to know the order of numbers.
  • Get a VIP, Gold or Premium plastic. For participation in such card "clubs" you need to pay relatively small amounts. In return, you get a loyal attitude.
  • If you know the limits that cannot be crossed, then stick to them. Did a bank block someone for $ 1,500? Translate no more than 1000 at a time. PIrelande. Make a calendar to display your big winnings.
  • If you play in several online casinos, then for each it is better to have separate details. Suddenly you are lucky in several places at once?

Decide for yourself what suits you best.