gambling addiction The harm of gambling is a hot topic. The government of many countries see them as a threat, close casinos and prohibit this business on its territory. But inveterate gamers often do not understand the seriousness of the situation and do not feel the fear associated with this type of leisure.

But the game is a game of strife. It's one thing when casino visitors in real or online just relax, without spending fabulous sums and without getting into debt. Troubles arise when such a pastime develops into addiction. If this happens, the consequences of gambling can be dire.

Does gambling addiction really exist?

For skeptics, we answer: gambling addiction (ludomania), unfortunately, exists. But then it’s worth adding that this is more an exception than a pattern. Since there are other dangerous things in the world - alcohol, extreme sports and others that can cause harm. But not all of their fans face big difficulties if they know how to limit themselves. With gamblers, the situation is identical. Among them, there are not too many really addicted, because most of them are able to control emotions and resist the temptation to lower substantial sums of bets.

What categories of people are more likely to be addicted to gambling?

loneliness It is believed that lonely people fall into the so-called risk zone. The tendency to addiction in their case is explained by frequent depressions and despondency. Such people are impulsive and with the help of gambling they try to fill the void and free time. But in case of losses, the state is only exacerbated, and dependence does not allow them to refuse to play in the casino.

For people experiencing financial difficulties, the consequences of playing in a casino are also not encouraging. Such players want to win a large sum in order to solve all problems at once. But even a series of victories does not stop them - they spend the winnings again, and then they get into debt and complicate the situation even more. Of course, this does not lead to good. Psychological subservience leads to new disorders and difficulties.

How to prevent ludomania?

So, we have already found out that gambling is fatal for a person who does not own the technique of self-control. Thus, the answer to the question begs: how to cope with gambling addiction. Total self-control is important, or rather:

  • It is necessary to determine the time limit for the game. Pros believe that a couple of hours a day is normal to rest and quench your thirst for adrenaline.
  • Monetary restrictions are also a very important point. It is necessary at the start to allocate a certain amount for bets and leave the game if it has exhausted itself. Of course, in this case, you can not use the money intended for other important expenses. Some ludomaniacs are simply sure that they can win back a loan and remain in a good plus.
  • Do not visit the casino (virtual, real - there is no difference!) In a bad mood. Since irritability and depression do not contribute to luck, it is very likely to aggravate your condition in this way.

In addition, we recall that almost all gambling clubs on the network provide customers with the opportunity to test machines in free mode. That is, for interest, not spending real money, but making bets with virtual chips. This is very convenient, because they gain valuable experience and knowledge necessary for the further game.

At the end of the article on the dangers of gambling, advice is also appropriate to play in trusted institutions. Indeed, confidence in real bonuses, loyal conditions and transparency in calculating payments is also a good way to combat gambling addiction. Usually, players do not stay too long in a casino if they know that they can count on honest excitement at any convenient time.