Is it possible to get my money back if I lost it all at the online casino? Game processToday, instructions on how to return your money to the casino are regularly shown on the network. Additionally, the vast majority of the material is laid out in a way that begs gamers to think about cancelling any previous bank card payments they may have made. In the West, the Chargeback technique is very popular. In contrast, the CIS countries experience a vastly different reality. Therefore, we'll try to determine how difficult this route is for players in Runet.

How do chargebacks work?

Unfortunately, law enforcement or attorneys are unable to assist a client who has suffered significant gambling losses. However, international banking law allows for the potential of challenging payments as long as the recipient can be proven to have committed fraud. This process, known as a chargeback, safeguards the rights of bank card owners.

This happens in several stages:

Is it possible to get my money back if I lost it all at the online casino? Game process

  • A letter is written to the payee requesting a refund of the transactions;
  • An application is made to the security service of the bank that issued the card contesting the payment, together with the account statement and the aforementioned communication.;
  • Initiation of a chargeback by bank employees begins;
  • Pending application;
  • The client of the bank receives news of the resolution or a request for more information.
  • A refund is made.

Typically, you won't get a response to a letter asking for a refund. However, this point is crucial because the chargeback system requires it to be made.

Do gamers receive their money returned as expected?

There are only a couple of real conditions for the return procedure. It:

  • If funds were transferred to the account of a legal entity;
  • 540 days have passed since the transaction.

Although everything appears to operate in an easy manner, actually issuing a chargeback casino is more difficult than it appears. primarily because gambling is totally prohibited in Russia and several other CIS nations. That is, by law, none of their citizens should enter a casino and as a result, they are not eligible for the reimbursement of lost funds. The existence of a licence for a gambling club is a crucial distinction in this situation. If there is, accounts for accepting deposits should be opened with banks that adhere to international regulations. Only in this situation will the transaction be legitimate, allowing the resource's registered user to request a chargeback and get a refund.

Everywhere is not a place for fraudsters

Is it possible to get my money back if I lost it all at the online casino? Game process

There would be no issues at all if both online casinos and their customers did not strive to fool one another. For instance, it is obvious that you can only play illicit (scripted) sites at your own risk and hazard. because they operate unlawfully and don't give customers any guarantees while making financial transactions. But the truth is that there are a lot of con artists among the players who, when they lose, are not pleased with the idea of recovering their losses at the casino. They are searching for ways to get around security measures instead.

The owners of legitimate gambling portals are prepared for this; they know how to respond to fraudulence and explicitly outline any potential repercussions in the terms and conditions of their employment.

One of the activities of gambling resources is to spread knowledge about the impossibility of recovering lost money in order to prevent loss of profit.

Some websites even mention criminal prosecution for chargebacks, but that is only bullying. Because the banking system only deals with legal matters, all judgements that are accepted regarding returns when supporting documentation is provided by the customer are, by default, leg

Situations where a casino online refund is actually feasible

You can initiate a chargeback procedure if:

  • Account in a game that is blocked on the online casino website;
  • There was a technical issue at the time of the transaction.;
  • A bonus was automatically credited with the requirement of obligatory wagering upon making a deposit;
  • Money withdrawal requests are continually denied.

You may without risk ask for a refund if any of the aforementioned circumstances take place without providing an explanation. Additionally, gathering as much information as possible about potential resource fraud is crucial since it raises the possibility of a favourable resolution for the customer. However, ideally, you should exercise caution even while selecting a club on the network. Because the issue of the chargeback is no longer relevant in an online casino where you can win and withdraw your money from your account without any issues.

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