Halifax Acquaintance with Canada for those arriving in this country by sea begins with the city of Halifax. This is a typical North American large city, which perfectly combines the historical past of the country and modern urban trends. In short, Halifax is two completely different and dissimilar sides of Canada. However, in any of the options, gambling in Halifax is in place. It is difficult to imagine this large seaside city without the gambling industry that has existed here at all times.

The current Halifax, which is the capital of the province of Nova Scotia, can quite compete with other Canadian cities in terms of the number of social and public infrastructure facilities, the level and development of the recreation and entertainment industry. This is facilitated by the policy of local authorities, who decided to turn Halifax into a cultural and entertainment center on the Atlantic coast of Canada.

The situation with the gambling business in Halifax

The city of almost half a million is Canada's sea gate. Accordingly, here, like no other place in the country, you can feel the influence of overseas cultures, traditions and customs. It is not surprising that casinos in Halifax have been gambling since the time when a small settlement on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean received the status of a city.


Traditionally, poker and dice were popular among settlers and British soldiers. Judging by the primary sources, it was these games that were played in the first gambling establishments. Even despite the royal ban, underground gambling houses continued to operate. It should be noted that for the entire existence of Canada, gambling has always been illegal. Nevertheless, the people continued to gamble privately, and the demand for the services of underground gambling houses always remained at a high level.

In general, the bans on card games, roulette and other gambling in the country concerned mainly commoners. The main purpose of the police raids was to identify clandestine casinos in the port and in the working quarters of Halifax. At the same time, gambling houses, salons and clubs for wealthy citizens continued to work quietly until the end of the 20th century. In 1985, illegal slot machines and clandestine casinos in Halifax accounted for 30% of all gambling houses in Canada, according to the Royal Bureau of Statistics. In terms of the number of illegal gambling establishments, Halifax was second only to Montreal and Toronto.

Halifax The situation began to change for the better only after, at the level of federal laws, gambling activity ceased to be considered a criminal offense. From this moment, the history of the development of the legal gambling industry begins not only throughout the country, but also in the capital of Nova Scotia.

Interesting fact! Along with the development of legal gambling business, the popularity of online gambling is growing rapidly in the province of Nova Scotia. In accordance with the Gaming Control Act, the main gambling law in Nova Scotia, only online lotteries can be legally played. All online casinos and gambling sites in Halifax are officially banned, but this ban is formal.

Gaming sites of offshore operators are considered popular among the bulk of players. Despite the bans and blocking on the Internet, the services of gambling sites are in demand. The only restriction that foreign sites enforce in Canada are age restrictions. You can only play from the age of 19.

Which casinos and clubs operate today in Halifax

The market put everything in its place on its own. The massive legalization of gambling facilities has led to the fact that many of the previously existing illegal casinos have lost their monopoly on customers. Accordingly, soon such establishments either went bankrupt or were forced to come out of the shadows. The local gambling public chose to gamble legally in Halifax casinos . The services of traditional legal casinos have become more popular and in demand.

Halifax It is much more enjoyable to play and enjoy the game when dealing with an official legal gambling establishment. Tourism contributed to the development of the legal gambling business. After the bans were lifted, almost 50% of all visits to casinos and gaming clubs in the city are from visitors.

Against this background, it will be interesting to assess the state of the city's gambling industry in Halifax. What can the city offer to the gambler in terms of entertainment? The main gambling facilities in Halifax are the traditional land-based casinos, bingo gaming halls, lounges in hotels, bars and other establishments of the tourism industry. The main type of gambling for most gambling establishments is legal slot machines in Halifax .

The number of slots in Halifax alone is up to 2000 pieces. The bulk of slot machines operate in casinos and gambling halls. In small quantities, slots are found in hotels and other public places of recreation.

Halifax Let's immediately note the following! For the city, together with the surrounding area with a population of half a million inhabitants, there are only one or two full-fledged gambling establishments. The heart of the city's gambling industry is Casino Nova Scotia. This is a fashionable and respectable gambling establishment located in the city center.

The main playing audience is wealthy residents of the city, visitors. The casino starts its work at 11 am and is open until 1 am. In accordance with local gambling legislation, access to gambling establishments is allowed from the age of 19.

Clients have more than two dozen tables at their disposal for poker, blackjack, craps and craps. Roulette in Halifax also works here in the evening. Large areas inside the establishment are reserved for slots.

Another equally famous place for gambling in Halifax is the "H Div Casino Comm Invest" casino located in Dartmouth. This is the oldest gambling house in the region and is in demand among the local gambling public.

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In general, the gambling industry in Halifax and in general in the province of Nova Scotia leaves much to be desired. The government plans for the next five or ten years to significantly expand the tourist infrastructure, increase the number of gambling facilities.

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