California casinos California, in the view of the layman, is the beautiful Los Angeles, the fabulous San Francisco, Hollywood, the Indians, the gold rush and much more, rare, unique and unusual. In fact, the way it is. California is the largest, naturally after Alaska, region of the USA. One can safely say about this state: the state in the state, with its most powerful economy and developed infrastructure, with its own laws and traditions. They like to have a good rest and have fun. Fortunately for a pleasant time there are all conditions. There are endless sea beaches, chic hotels and restaurants, bars, discos, clubs and the best casinos in the state of California at their disposal.

You can talk about the entertainment industry in California forever. We are more interested in the state of gambling in this region of the United States, the very attitude of the residents of the state towards gambling. They love playing casinos in California . Board card games have always been popular here. Back in those days, when California was spoken of as a distant and God-forgotten corner of America, they already played poker and blackjack, made bets on roulette. The first settlers counted money, cards, and freedom as the three whales on which the basic law of the state of California rests.

Times are changing, and the attitude to the gambling business has changed. The heyday has given way to times of total prohibition. Despite the upheavals and difficult periods in the history of the development of the gambling industry, in general, the attitude of the state residents to casinos and gambling has not changed. In San Francisco, Los Angeles, and other cities in the state, the local public continues to visit casinos. Many tourists go to play for money in a casino in the state of California , preferring the local gambling establishments of Las Vegas casinos. Why are the gambling houses of this state so attractive to the public? What is the secret to the popularity of such establishments?

California Gambling Industry Assessment

California Casino Graton The list of casinos in the state of California will not be complete, if not a few words about the location of gambling facilities and their affiliation. After the legalization of gambling in 1984, legal gambling offices and establishments began to appear in the state in several districts and regions at once. To date, the state has registered more than two dozen casinos and slot machines. The lion's share falls on Indian casinos, a network of which covers the entire territory of the state from the Pacific coast to the western spurs of the Rocky Mountains.

The specificity of the gambling business in California lies in the fact that the bulk of casinos are located outside major cities and towns. Conventionally, the entire state can be divided into five gaming zones. The first zone is located in the north of the state in the cities of San Francisco and Auckland. Here, the priority is given to San Francisco casinos, which are ready to offer visitors the best slot machines in the state of California, board card games and many other entertainments. Further, from north to south along the Pacific coast is the second play area, covering small prestigious towns and villages, a long coastal resort area.

In the south, in the Los Angeles and San Diego area, there is a third zone, which includes gambling houses in Los Angeles and its environs. The most respectable and fashionable casinos are located in Los Angeles. These gambling industry facilities offer a wide range of gambling. For example, to play slot machines, the state of California has the largest number of slot machines, it is enough to find the first institution that comes across. Most visitors note a high level of service and a manner of service appropriate to the public who likes to gather in these places.

The rest of the state is desert and sparsely populated areas. Here is the patrimony of the Indian casinos that form the other two gaming zones. However, if you want to find a place to play poker, you want to play blackjack in California in a pleasant company, go anywhere, north and south, west to the ocean, or inland.


There is no need to list the best casinos and the most popular establishments in the state of California. Wherever you are, in San Francisco or on the border of the Mojave Desert, everywhere you can find a live casino. An interesting division of gambling establishments on the proposed range. California Roulette is not popular everywhere. Fans of this type of gambling, as a rule, visit the traditional and respectable gambling houses in San Francisco, Auckland and Los Angeles.

In most Indian casinos you can find tables for table card games, a large set of slot machines. This does not in the least reduce the popularity of institutions; on the contrary, such a division contributes to the growth of clientele.

For reference! Interactive gambling in California is prohibited, but it is the people of this state who are the most active users of virtual gaming resources. Offshore online casinos offer a wide selection of games, quick and easy access, absolute security and privacy.

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