Alaska Analyzing the gambling industry in the United States of America, the turn has finally reached the periphery. Naturally, the state of Alaska is now inappropriate to be called the edge of the world. Despite the great remoteness of this region from the mainland of the United States, the delights of human civilization have come here. Despite the harsh climate and difficult living conditions, the best hotels in Anchorage and Juneau are waiting for their guests, the best casinos in Alaska are waiting for their customers, night bars and discos are open to visitors at any time of the year.

No, we are not talking about the fact that the entire territory of this huge state is one big continuous entertainment complex. Absolutely not! The entire industry of gambling and entertainment is concentrated in places of compact residence of the local population, in a narrow and limited area. The list of casinos in Alaska will be short and easy to remember. Moreover, almost all gambling establishments, except for one, are located in Anchorage, in the largest city of this state. We will try to analyze the state of the gambling industry in this region of the USA. How fully working casinos in Alaska meet the necessary requirements and customer requests.

How did gambling develop in Alaska? Key Features

The first casinos in the state appeared at the end of the 19th century, when gold miners and fur hunters poured into Alaska from the mainland. The semi-legal gambling business already in those distant years had a huge turnover and brought enormous income to the owners of establishments.

Gambling in a casino in Alaska has become perhaps the only available form of entertainment for residents of this harsh region.

Even with such a huge influx of funds, the gambling business in the state has not received much development. Affected by limited human resources and the geographic isolation of the region. Over time, the economy of the gambling business in Alaska was greatly undermined by the decision of the federal authorities on a general ban on gambling. If the rest of the United States managed to quite easily survive the closure of the casino, then for local residents the ban on playing in a casino in Alaska was a real blow.

However, the gambling industry in this remote region of the United States has managed to survive hard times. The situation changed by the end of the 70s of the XX century, when the state government began to adopt laws allowing certain types of gambling. But how could it be otherwise if every third resident of the state preferred to play blackjack in Alaska ? If card board games were an important element in the organization of leisure for a large number of local residents.

Alaska With the beginning of the process of universal legalization of the gambling business in the USA, casinos in Anchorage quickly went out of the shadows. Today the state has only 4 full-fledged casinos. Two establishments are commercial and located in Anchorage. The other two casinos are owned by Native American communities and are part of a tribal gambling business. One of them, Eagle River Bingo & Casino, is located just north of Anchorage at the entrance to Chagch National Park. Another, also Indian casino Mic Bingo Hall is located on the Annette Islands reservation, in the very south of the state near the border with British Columbia (Canada).

Assortment of gambling. Roulette in Alaska

The largest city in Alaska is Anchorage. It is here that the state’s main airport is located and it is from this city that acquaintance with Alaska begins. Here are the main gambling houses in the state. For Anchorage, with a population of just over 300 thousand inhabitants, the presence of two casinos is quite enough. We are talking about Gold Cache Bingo and Whaler Casino Supply, two full-fledged gambling establishments of a traditional type.

Alaska slots Here you can find the best slot machines in Alaska , take part in poker tournaments, play blackjack or become a member of the Bingo lottery. Both establishments are located directly in the city itself. Casino services are in demand, and the location is well known to many. Finding one and the second casino is not difficult.

Judging by customer reviews, the service and technical equipment of the casino are at a decent level. Customers note the good training of staff, a pleasant atmosphere inside the facilities and an acceptable level of security.

In general, for such a huge region as the state of Alaska, this state of the gambling industry can be called satisfactory, although, according to local residents, the number of gambling establishments is not enough.

Information for reference! With limited access to traditional casinos, playing poker, playing slot machines, Alaska is one of the first places in the United States for the popularity of interactive gambling, it is possible on virtual gaming resources. Despite the ban, half of the state's residents use online casino services. Visit the sites of offshore gaming companies, choose a game, earn money or have fun!

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