Chicago city In the United States, not only the mention of Las Vegas is associated with casinos and gambling. When talking about Chicago, the first thing that comes to mind is the gambling industry. All right! There is no delusion here. Chicago is considered the cradle of the gambling business in America. It was here that the very first casinos and gambling houses in the States appeared. The best casinos in Chicago trace their history from the very beginnings of the formation of the gambling business, being considered the oldest casino casinos of this type in the whole northeastern United States.

However, we will not go into history. It’s better to go straight to the analysis and study of the current state of the gambling industry in Chicago.

The scale of gambling in Chicago

For a person who first arrived in this huge metropolis, the impression of what he saw will be quite pleasant. The huge city with a population of just over 2 million people, is a large cultural and entertainment complex in the open. Naturally, for those who first came here for the sake of entertainment, the list of casinos in Chicago will not be amiss.

Despite the fact that there are a lot of gambling establishments in Chicago, to be exact, then 16 casinos and gaming halls, it will be difficult to find them in the city itself and the nearest suburbs. Basically, the most famous and popular institutions of the gambling industry are concentrated within the so-called Greater Chicago. These are the old districts of the city with the development of the early and mid 60s. Everyone loves to play casino for money in Chicago, both locals and visitors. In the area of the river port and city embankment are some of the most respectable and oldest institutions.

Old chicago A large number of gambling houses is explained by a long tradition, according to which almost every district of the city must have its own casino. This has been the case since the time when gambling in the United States and Chicago was illegal. Naturally, after the legalization of gambling, playing in a casino in Chicago has become more and more open. Many underground casinos came out of the shadows, and after them new gambling houses and slot machines began to appear, able to satisfy the appetites of the most ardent fans of board card games, roulette and other gambling entertainment.

Today, the gambling industry in Chicago and the state of Illinois as a whole is at the highest level. The annual turnover of gambling establishments in Chicago alone and in the surrounding suburbs amounts to a whopping $ 1.5 billion. So no worries. Gambling has always been played here. And today, betting in roulette, playing poker, playing blackjack in Chicago are the most popular types of entertainment after hockey and basketball.

Doing an excursion to all Chicago casinos is not worth it. It will take a lot of time. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the best offers that can definitely interest a person who is not indifferent to gambling.

Chicago Online Casino

By the way! A slight lyrical digression. In the United States, interactive gambling is still prohibited. Nevertheless, many Chicagoans, including those with great pleasure, use the services of offshore online casinos. Having gained access to gaming virtual resources bypassing prohibitions and blocking, you can play casino machines absolutely calmly and freely , Chicago has an extensive network of ground-based gaming machines, bet on roulette or have fun at the table playing your favorite poker.

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As for the land-based traditional casinos in the city, the following should be distinguished from the entire huge number of establishments:

Chicago craps Chicago Casino & Poker Rentals is a fashionable and respectable establishment located in the old part of the city near the river port. Here is definitely the best roulette in Chicago . The service and the atmosphere of the casino makes the best impression.

Bovada - Online Casino Chicago . A traditional casino of a new type, which is popular among young people. Here visitors will find tables for card games, comfortable and spacious areas with slot machines, and a host of other entertainments of a similar plan.

Casino Night Chicago . An institution with a traditional range of services. At the disposal of customers poker tables and blackjack games, lotteries, scratch cards, finally, the best slot machines in Chicago .

Chicago slots If the listed casinos do not satisfy the requirements, you can go to the nearest suburb at any time. In the South-West there is a whole gaming zone, which has more than a dozen institutions of a very different plan. Here you can always find entertainment to your liking. Those who prefer solitude and the absence of a curious audience go here to play.

In a word, in Chicago there are huge opportunities for a gambler. The choice of casinos is huge, so you just have to get some free time and gather your courage. Leisure is long and interesting!

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