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craps in online casinos The sphere of gambling, combined with the capabilities of the Internet, has opened up truly unlimited possibilities for a gambler. Today, when the Internet has become an everyday reality, and entertainment and leisure are concentrated in a smartphone, the world of online casinos and gambling has become more accessible.

Now you can play dice for fun, try your luck at virtual roulette, or throw cards in poker at the gaming table without leaving your home, at any time and any place. Everything that is interesting for gamblers is now at hand.

List of the best online casinos with craps in Canada:

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The principle of playing craps on online casino sites

The best online casinos offer a huge amount of opportunities. A large number of games for money and for free are available, there is a wide range of convenient payment systems, and there is everything for the convenience of users.

Using a quality casino is comfortable on any platform, regardless of the device (computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone) because it has optimized and fast software. The best casinos in the world have a responsive support service ready to provide prompt assistance in difficult situations and have all the necessary licenses that confirm the reliability of the institution.

The principle of playing craps for fun on the site of virtual casinos has changed but not much. Different variations and interpretations of the game of craps have appeared but the essence has not changed. The main game accessories, which are the cubes with symbols or dice, were transformed into a dice generator, an automatic system that rolls dice at the request of the client. Character numbers fall out completely by accident.

It is impossible to calculate the algorithm in free online craps and determine which combination of digits from 1 to 6 will appear. This is what distinguishes the online casino when playing craps. In other words, it is the best way to play craps because the game guarantees the complete absence of fraudulent activities.

Thanks to new technologies, not only new rules of the game have appeared in the game process, the virtual game of street dice has received a new development. The basic rules are as follows:

  • Players need to guess the number of points that fall on each dice roll;
  • Each player participating in the round rolls dice in turn;
  • The game involves two dices. The sum of the numbers that fell on both dices is taken into account (hexagonal dice are traditionally used, however, there are games in which the dice have a larger number of facets, even 20);
  • The player makes a bet before each throw, after which he turns on the dice generator. Dice fall on the table in random order. The sum of the numbers that fell on the upper faces of two cubes is considered.

In addition to the main point in the game, dice rolls, craps have a large playing field for bets, the so-called casino craps table, which turned into a rather complicated table where bets are entered. For each round, the participants determine the type of bets themselves, play the Don'tPassLine lose, or bet on the PassLine win.

These two types of bets are reliable since the probability of winning at craps is high. Approximately the same high probability of 1 to 2 is typical for the other two types of bets Don'tCome and Come.

Craps bets can be of two types: on the player who rolls the dice or, conversely, against him. The player who rolls the dice is called a shooter.

Before playing craps, it is recommended to understand the terminology that is typical for this game.

Before the start of the game, you must necessarily look into the table of winnings and bets, which at first glance may seem cumbersome and complicated to the inexperienced user.

Dice Terminology

Online casinos with dice tables offer a detailed transcript of the terms used in the game. Original terms are inherent in both the classic version of virtual craps and variations of this game. Each number on the cube has its own name. Other terms for understanding craps mean the following:

  • Aces is a normal bet on the number 2;
  • AnyCraps - deal for numbers 2, 3, or 12;
  • AnySeven - bet when 7 is dropped in combination;
  • Boxcars means betting on the drawn number 12;
  • C & E or simply “craps” means betting on four numbers 2, 3, 12, or the number 11.

As for the gameplay, the following terminology is used here:

  • ComeOut - literally means the very first throw (roll) of the game round, during which the points of bets on your own throw or on the shooter's throw are fixed;
  • Don’tCome means betting on 7, before the points are again set;
  • Don’tPass - a successful shooter throw, in which craps drop out (number 7);
  • EasyWay - easy throw when a bet is made on a combination of numbers 4-6-8, or ten. The sum of numbers must be composed of the same numerical values;
  • Field - bet on a combination of numbers, all numbers except 5, 6, and, of course, 7;
  • Hardway - a hard throw means betting on even numbers 4-6, number 8, and ten, the sum of which is obtained as a result of pair addition;
  • Hi-Lo - a bet made by a player on a deuce or the number 12;
  • Bet Natural is the result of a ComeOut throw during which a sum of 7 or a sum of numbers giving a value of 11 occurs;
  • Odds -an additional bet to the Passline transaction;
  • Off - throwing missed rate;
  • On - throw active rate;
  • Place - a bet on the number 6, or on the drop-out nine that fell before the craps was ejected;
  • Point - the point at which bets begin.

There is no sense to remember all the terms. Understanding the game of dice online and the meaning of the terms will come with experience. If the game interests the user, it is best to try your craps in online for fun.

Many different variations and types of games are offered to customers, each of which has its own rules and features. The advantage of such entertainment is the absolute absence of financial losses. For the current craps, virtual online simulators are used, that create the effect of being at the gaming table as if you searched for casinos with "craps tables near me" on the Internet. Roll dice, place bets, and learn how to become craps wizard by getting virtual points for winning bets .

Free online dice games are available on all virtual platforms, and you can play for free without registration.

In order to familiarize yourself with the rules of Craps and try your hand, we recommend playing a demo game.

The main game strategy for playing craps online

The online dice system has a clear and defined sequence of actions. For a beginner, at first glance, the gameplay may seem complicated. Just like that, rashly betting in the game means quickly losing your balance and staying with nothing. The most reliable way to successfully participate in the game is to use a game strategy.

Unlike in other games, a variety of strategies can be used in craps. It is not a fact that each applicable strategy will be effective but the master of craps must use one of the proven strategies in the gameplay. Otherwise, it is highly likely that the balance will quickly come to zero.

The most effective is considered PassLine bet, which must be done in the first part of each new round. Typically, there are three outcomes:

Another equally popular and effective strategy for a successful bet and win consists of some key points:

  • When the number 7 or the coveted number 11 occurs, in this case the bet wins;
  • When craps occurs (three digits 2 or 3, or 12 in general), the bet is lost;
  • The bet turns out to be doubly winning when the dice give out Point (means any number) and then this number will be repeatedly dropped if the number 7 does not interfere with the gameplay.

Another equally popular and effective strategy for a successful bet and win consists of some key points:

  • It is necessary to alternate PassLine bets and transactions in ComeLine format according to a certain pattern;
  • A bet such as PassLine is being made, the cubes generator is working;
  • A single deal is made, or a double deal of the Odds type;
  • Next, a bet is already made in ComeLine format, we expect the roll;
  • Once again, a single or double Odds transaction is made.

Everything is repeated in the same sequence. In a word, a series follows a series.

Among the many options for playing your favorite craps, four types are mainly used:

  • Dice with a bank;
  • New York version of the game (New York craps);
  • Open type of craps;
  • Classic or simplified craps.

Each of the types has a game table and the types of bets that participants can make. The game of dice with the help of bonuses is little practiced. Online casinos can provide customers with the opportunity to play one of the many demo versions for free. When playing for real money, we are not talking about bonus craps.

Mainly in online casinos, the first two options are in demand, New York craps and an analog of this option, craps with a bank. Both options involve deductions from each winning interest rate in favor of the casino.

In the first case, the game is played by the croupier, who takes the bets made and the losses in favor of the bank. The players are offered a choice of two options for the game, to play against each other, or play against the bank (casino).

The second option is tougher for the players. Virtual casino charges 5%, both from winning bets and from losing deals.

The third type of craps is not used in online casinos. The main reason is that the rules of the game allow players to bet not only on the shooter but also against each other. For an additional payment, you can make any additional bet against each other.

The most common and popular type of craps offered on virtual gaming resources is simplified or classic craps. In this embodiment, the table for the game has a simplified view, more understandable for players. To play classic craps, it is enough to place bets on 2, 3, and 4, 10, 11, or 13. Intermediate numbers mean losing bets.

Craps Recommendations

🤔 What is the essence of dice?
The essence of the game lies in making certain bets on a special table and their calculation after throwing the dice.
🔝 What is a shooter?
A shooter is a person who rolls the dice.
🤑 What is the maximum payout in craps?
The maximum payout in a classic dice game is 3 to 1 for bets on hard 2 (1 + 1) and 12 (6 + 6).
⚡ Level of return in dice in online casinos?
The return rate (RTP) in craps, depending on the rules and type of game, ranges from 95% to 99.5%.
💰 Is it possible to play dice for free in Canada?
Yes, this can be done directly on our website or on the website of one of the online casinos. Just start the game in demo mode for virtual money.
📜 Is it possible to play dice with a live dealer?
Live casino providers offer live dealer craps. In particular, Evolution Gaming and Vivo Gaming have tables with dice.
🤔 What is the maximum bet allowed in dice at the Canadian casino?
Depends on the casino and the rules of a particular game. Usually in online casinos the upper limit is set at 500-1000 C$. There are higher limits in VIP dice.
🤑 Is there a win-win strategy for dice betting in Canadian online casinos?
The best dice strategy is to place mathematically profitable bets. At the initial stage - Don’t Pass Line (house edge 1.36%), then Pass Odds / Don’t Pass Odds, Come Odds / Don’t Come Odds with zero advantage. Martingale can be used as a financial strategy.

Author: Vadim Rotar

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