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Can you play online blackjack in Canada? Absolutely! Blackjack is not just great entertainment, but an outstanding leader among live and online casino games. The proper sections are packed with hundreds of blackjack and poker games, accompanied by scratch cards, craps, keno and other lotteries. Evolution Gaming, NetEnt and other card gambling software companies widen their blackjack sets by adding new dealers and languages, invent new rules and features and implement jackpots.

In this guide, we cover the details of playing online blackjack Canada: blackjack rules, steps, strategies, and their efficiency. We'll touch on blackjack types, bets and multipliers, focus on the specifics of live play and playing on mobile devices. We'll also share tips on finding a good casino site to play at, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of card counting, and provide answers to the most popular questions.

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How to Play Blackjack

Internet blackjack can be played on any casino site in its online and live variations. Players can bet for national and cryptocurrencies, new casinos implement crypto payments almost obligatory. 

The general guide for starting to play online blackjack does not differ from playing any other online casino game. Follow these steps:

  • Select a reliable gambling site with a wide blackjack selection.
  • Play a game or two for free to evaluate the navigation convenience and the reliability of the site software.
  • Fill out a sign-up form to register. Make casino's tasks to achieve no-deposit free spins or risk-free bets if there are any.
  • Transfer a proper amount in fiat or cryptocurrency to your account's wallet. In most cases, the minimum deposit casinos require is 40-65 CAD for a welcome bonus.
  • Find a suitable blackjack in the section of table games, cards, or blackjack. Look for a live game in the live casino section. Blackjack can also be called a 21 card game online. 
  • Call the game's flash screen, select the real money mode, adjust bet amounts and types and begin to gamble.

Blackjack Rules and Strategies

Main online and live blackjack rules are simple enough to be studied by anyone. But the pro level assumes numerous steps and combinations, which makes blackjack one of the most complicated card games. Let us start from the basics:

  • Blackjack is a competition between a dealer and a player. The dealer can play with more than one player at a time, but the game remains paired.
  • The game can end with the player winning, the dealer winning, or a flush, when both get their bets back.
  • The game can be played with a single deck, 2-8 limited decks and an unlimited deck (with a shuffle machine).
  • A full game round is called a shuffle, and a card dealing tool is named a shoe.
  • Each player receives a combination of 2 cards, named a hand. A dealer may get an open single card (or an open and a closed card in American-style blackjack online casino games).
  • The score points are credited for a card ranking: equivalent to 2-10, 1 or 11 for an ace, 10 for jack, dame and king.
  • Ace means 11 if the score is less than 21 and 1 in all other cases.
  • The total score of each hand must be closer to 21 than the opposite's but does not exceed this limit. A player with an exceeded score loses instantly.
  • An ace and any 10-point card form 21 points or blackjack, the game's highest hand. If a player only gets an instant blackjack, their win multiplier contains 1.5x.
  • In the rarest case when both player and dealer get blackjack, they receive the exact amount of their bets. 
  • Players may take a bet back or order insurance for it after the revealing of a first dealer's card. These players will not lose if a dealer wins.
  • If players do not have a blackjack at the first deal, they may take an additional card (saying “hit me”) or keep the previous (saying “enough”).
  • After dealing with players' cards, a dealer takes cards for himself or herself until 17 points or more. 
  • Players open their cards, and those who have less score than a dealer's one lose.

Online blackjack in Canada also assumes several additional steps and their typical strategies:

  • step and pass;
  • split;
  • double and triple down;
  • surrender;
  • insurance.

Other blackjack types have several specific rules and features, and a player should adjust his or her blackjack online strategy to each individual game.

Step and Pass Strategy 

Step and pass strategy assumes continuing or stopping playing depending on the player's and dealer's available scores:

  • 5–8 points – sure step;
  • 12–16 points – step if the cards are not weak (2 and 6 points);
  • 17 and more points – pass.

Split Strategy 

This fun and real money blackjack strategy assumes the split of a start single hand into two if it contains two cards of the same value. Then a player places a second bet, equivalent to the first one, and receives second cards for both hands. 

General recommendations:

Player's pair 

Dealer's open card


А-А, 8-8 

any except A


А-А, 8-8 



5-5, 4-4


Don't split.



Don't split, wait for the shuffle end.


any except 7, 10 and А



7, 10 or А


2-2, 3-3, 6-6, 7-7

7 and lower


2-2, 3-3, 6-6, 7-7

8 and higher


Double Strategy 

Doubling down is the most popular strategy and should definitely be studied before you start to play blackjack online for real money. To increase the chances of winning, the player adds an amount equivalent to the bet made, but not more than 21. After doubling, the player receives an additional card. Sometimes the player is allowed to buy another card, tripling the bet. There are also local casino restrictions: doubling is only allowed after a split or at 9–11 points.

Player's score

Dealer's open card


up to 9

weak (up to 6)


up to 9

middle or strong (7 and more)



any except 10 and A



10 and A


11 and more

any except A


11 and more



Surrender Strategy 

Surrender is a reliable blackjack 21 online real money strategy on how to save at least a part of a bet in a hopeless situation. If a player receives a weak pair, he or she may surrender and take half of the bet back. It is recommended to surrender only if a dealer has 10 or an ace. 

Insurance Strategy 

Players can use insurance to protect their bets against dealer blackjack. In a nutshell, insurance is a dealer's blackjack bet that plays with your bet in the following conditions:

Dealer's result

Bet multiplier

Insurance multiplier

Total multiplier

21 points




Less than 21 points




Insurance strategy is very popular for online blackjack in Canada, but it is an almost sure way to lose money: according to a probability theory, a dealer's chance to have a blackjack is about 30-35%, and the insurance never covers all loss. 

Blackjack Types and Their Advantages 

Besides classic online blackjack, players may gamble on numerous subtypes of the game. The most popular are the following:

  • American, when a dealer receives one open and one closed card;
  • European with one card for a dealer; 
  • double exposure blackjack with the dealer's 2 opened cards at the start of the game;
  • 3-card blackjack, when all participants receive 3 cards, obligatory;
  • blackjack switch, when a player has 2 hands instead of one;
  • Spanish 21 with a hole card, common for all players, and universal 1.5x multiplier for a player's blackjack hand;
  • Super Fun 21 with an automatic player's win with a hand of 20 points or more;
  • Pontoon (Vingt-Un) with a specific card dealing.

Before playing, pay attention to specific advantages of certain subtypes:

Blackjack type



  • Advanced rules.
  • Wide popularity.
  • Insurance and pass options.


  • Basic rules.
  • In the case of a dealer's blackjack, players get back additional bets.

Double exposure

Both dealer's start cards are seen by players from the game start.


Player receives the additional card Instantly and for free.


A player can exchange the top cards between his or her 2 hands and increase winning chances.

Spanish 21

  • A common hole card makes the game clearer and increases players' chances.
  • A size of the win for a player's blackjack hand does not depend on a dealer's cards.

Super Fun 21

Player has 2 possible blackjack scores instead of one.


A player may buy up to 5 cards.

Live Blackjack

Among real casino games, blackjack takes first place, it may be played in any live casino section in the world. High-quality live casino games create a specific atmosphere of land-based establishments, even when playing for digital-only cryptocurrency in Bitcoin casinos.

Gambling software companies offer hundreds of blackjack games in 20 languages with numerous and varied dealers, skilled in the game and pleasant to talk to. In addition, when playing live online blackjack for real money in Canada, casino guests can chat, collaborating and exchanging tips and tricks with players from anywhere in the world.

Mobile Blackjack

All quality online casinos have mobile site versions with certain design adaptations. Therefore, for playing online blackjack Canada may use any smartphone and tablet with Android, iOS and Windows OS.

The best online casinos prefer mobile applications. The applications need additional memory and disk space, but they are perfectly fined for your particular device and have fewer chances for errors and delays during mobile playing. 

Mobile casinos strive to save all options of the desktop site: the same interface including full-screen mode, bet types and standard amounts, game selection, payment methods and customer service contacts. Moreover, by playing free online blackjack no-download mobile version, casino site users enjoy an advanced experience because of the touchscreen navigation.

Playing Blackjack for Free and Real Money

  • Finding a free and online blackjack for real money in Canada is an easy task: almost all casinos have a free mode for registered and even unregistered players. Usually, free play is allowed for all games, including slots machine, roulette and, of course, blackjack.

Fun playing does not differ much from one for real money: players place bets and receive winnings in the same ways, but using fun coins. A test balance is often infinite, but few casinos limit it and offer to play for money when it is over.

Free playing is especially useful for blackjack newcomers because of these 3 advantages:

  • Fun play helps to study blackjack rules and practice blackjack online without risking the start deposit.
  • It suits testing new strategies, checking tips and tricks, and selecting a certain game by its advanced features.
  • Free play brings only the excitement of gambling, but no stress of loss.

But, anyway, most blackjack fans start playing for real money and that is why:

  • Real money bets bring real money wins. In most casinos of a new generation, players may bet and win cryptocurrency, a promising investment. 
  • The success and respect that big real money winners have in a casino pass to their real lives after withdrawing the winnings. Even after receiving jackpots, players tend to keep great relationships with their relatives and friends.
  • The opportunity to win real money adds more thrill to gambling.
  • A real money deposit gives you the opportunity to get welcome bonuses of up to 5 deposit amounts, and real money bets even allow you to withdraw them. 

Counting Cards in Blackjack: Yes or No?

Counting cards in blackjack online casinos means tracking dealt cards to determine the ones that still have a chance to drop. This information allows players to adjust their strategies and increase winning chances. It is a popular winning, but its efficiency highly depends on the deck type and quantity in the blackjack game. 

If you play with a finite deck, the card counting allows you to adjust your steps and evaluate your winning chances more precisely. If you have humble chances for higher rankings, it is better to lower your bets or pass. When a higher card dropping is almost sure, rise your bets. But pay attention: the shoe is common, and a lucky pair can be dealt to both you and other players.

Card counting with an infinite deck is useless at all: you and your competitors may get any card without limits.

How to Choose Online Casino with Blackjack

Before looking for blackjack CA gambling sites, pay attention to the features of the best ones and not pass by the best experience and biggest winnings. The advanced online casinos are marked by the following:

  • Blackjack of various kinds and reputable providers of the Evolution Gaming level.
  • Meanwhile, Dama NV casinos are an interface quality standard.
  • If you look for a live casino game, pay attention to players' opinions in live chats.
  • Several payment methods that are convenient for you.
  • 24/7 Live customer support.
  • A reputable license, a high-rank developer, RNG certificates, SSL protocols and similar.
  • Self-excluding options, bet and deposit limits.
  • Mobile version of a site or an application compatible with your OS.
  • Look for welcome bonuses of 100% and more, card games cashbacks and recharges.


🤔 Is Online Blackjack Rigged?
No. The game results are determined by RNGs, and the RNGs are checked by reputable outer authorities. In numerous cases, blackjack games have an implemented Provably Fair calculator, and players may check the fairness of the games themselves.
🔝 How to Win in Blackjack?
An RNG mainly determines online blackjack results, but there are strategies to increase your chances and odds. The main ones are based on the standard blackjack steps: step and pass, split, double down, surrender and insurance. Read the details in the paragraph Blackjack Rules and Strategies.
🤑 What Are Blackjack Rules?
Blackjack is a card dealer game. At its start, a dealer and a player receive a hand of 2 cards. The total score of each hands ranking must be closer to 21 than the opposites but not exceed this limit. There are numerous types of blackjack with additional rules and conditions, read about them in the Blackjack Types and Their Advantages.
⚡ What is the maximum payout in blackjack?
Blackjack is a card dealer game. At its start, a dealer and a player receive a hand of 2 cards. The total score of each hands ranking must be closer to 21 than the opposites but not exceed this limit. There are numerous types of blackjack with additional rules and conditions, read about them in the Blackjack Types and Their Advantages.
💰 What Are Blackjack Types?
The main blackjack kinds are American and European. The additional types with advanced rules are double exposure, 3-card, switch blackjack, Spanish 21, Super Fun 21 and Pontoon.
🃏 What Are Blackjack Bet Multipliers?
The blackjack multiplier for a dealers or players win is 1.5x, and the push one is 1x. Numerous online casino sites provide additional bets and multipliers on rare card combinations. The maximum bet is a jackpot bet for two aces from a dealer and a player.
🤔 What Are Blackjack Hands?
In card games, a hand is a dealt card combination on a players or dealers hands.
🆓 How to Play Blackjack for Free?
Find a suitable legit casino and register if it is necessary. Then go to the section of table games, card games or a special blackjack section. Choose the live casino if you want to participate in a live broadcast. Then select a game, the demo mode, adjust the bet amount, size and play.
⚡ What Is the Difference between Blackjack and 21 Game?
There is no difference, it is the same game.
🃏 What Blackjack Is the Best?
The most profitable blackjack with advanced gameplay is 3-card turbo one with an option of splitting, extra bets and jackpots. But only you can determine the game that suits you the most.

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