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binance coin casinoThe popularity of cryptocurrencies is increasing with each passing day. News about the use of digital money for various purposes, such as buying a business or real estate, now seems to be an everyday routine. Therefore, it is not surprising that representatives of the gambling business started to integrate the most popular cryptocurrencies into their institutions. 

The best online casinos have introduced options to open deposits, withdrawal, and play on cryptocurrency as the only and as additional payment system. The main goal of gambling portals that use cryptocurrency is to offer their visitors the opportunity to play their favorite casino games while ensuring complete anonymity of all their online activities.

On this page, you will find new online casinos that happen to be BNB casinos CA. Each Binance pay casino from the presented list will be a great option for players. But what exactly were our experts guided by when selecting the best Binance coin casino sites? It's no secret, and here are the factors you should pay careful attention to when searching for the best BNB online casinos:

  • wide range of entertainment;
  • availability in a particular country;
  • license and other official documents;
  • promotions, bonuses, and other good offers.

In addition, it will not be strange to study the actual feedback about a company. From them, you can learn about the most frequent mistakes and problems related to the work of the resource. In addition, it is the real feedback that allows you to form the right first impression of any Binance casino.

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What Is Binance Coin?

Binance Coin is a successful cryptocurrency that was created to support the operation of the Binance exchange. Meanwhile, Binance itself is a popular cryptocurrency exchange where tens of thousands of traders operate and its daily volume is estimated to be billions of dollars.  Having started operations in 2017, Binance has grown rapidly and emerged as a leader in terms of the trading volume. The influx was so large (up to a million new users a week) that in January 2018 the exchange was actually required to temporarily close the registration of new members. Binance offers its clients a wide range of services and opportunities, so BNB tokens are popular among investors and are constantly growing in value. Currently, the service ranks first in terms of capitalization and has an impressive audience of traders from all over the world.

At the beginning, Binance Coin or BNB Coin currency was developed as an internal payment instrument for the popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance. Using BNB Coin tokens, participants could buy any digital currencies that were on the exchange's quotation list. Moreover, if Binance members used the exchange's signature cryptocurrency to make transactions, they could pay the exchange 50% less in intermediation fees.

Binance Coin operating concept is based on the Proof of Burn algorithm, which involves periodic "burning" of a portion of crypto coins, which allows to maintenance the value of the token at the required level. However, there is no clear mechanism for the "burning" of these tokens. Crypto tokens are destroyed about once a quarter. The number of coins " being burned" is between 1-2 million units at a time. In fact, the creator of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange reportedly spends 20% of the exchange's profits every quarter to eliminate their tokens.

Where to Buy Binance Coin? 

The easiest way to become a BNB Coin owner is to buy tokens on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. To do this, it is enough to register an e-account on this exchange. Moreover, if you are looking for a place to spend BNB Coin, the exchange is the best place to do it. This is where you can exchange crypto for other currencies and also use it as a payment for commissions.

If you are interested in other ways to buy Binance coins, you can choose any cryptocurrency trading platform where this coin is presented, deposit your balance, for example, with a credit card and in the trading section place an order to buy Binance coins. You can see the exchange rate of the coin in the same window. 

In addition to your own account on the Binance exchange, tokens can be stored in third-party wallets. At the moment, support for BNB is provided in many cryptocurrency wallets such as Trust Wallet, Ledger Wallet, Enjin Wallet, Coinomi, and many others.

Binance coin casinos Anonymous? 

The great thing about Binance coin casino is that they offer a higher level of anonymity than regular safe casinos. Roughly speaking, all you need is a cryptocurrency wallet.  However, licensed casinos may still need to verify your identity, so make sure that the information you provide when registering is truthful. 

Security is one of the main issues to consider when it comes to disclosing personal or banking payment information and personal information. This applies to online Binance gambling sites as well. Those who know what cryptocurrency is also aware of its benefits in data storage security. Casino gambling with cryptocurrency deposits, such as Binance casino coin, is one of the safest ways of online gambling.

Usually, the main concern of players is the safety and correctness of transactions. To access your wallet, a user would need your login information, including two-step authentication, which is basically impossible. And this is just one of the reasons why cryptocurrency wallets are extremely difficult to hack. In general, cryptocurrency payments are based on a decentralized blockchain network. This method is very secure because every transaction is logged and cannot be changed.

Advantages and disadvantages of anonymous cryptocurrency:

Advantages Flaws
Security of personal data Increased transaction fees
Privacy Increased commissions
Minimal risks of losing the token Using anonymous money for bad purposes

Best Binance Casino Bonus

In order to attract new users Binance casino often holds various promotions and give bonuses for registration. Many platforms offer their members to complete a task and be rewarded for it. This is necessary so that players can make their first bets, and it is one of the types of no deposit bonuses. You can also start playing free spins casinos for free, getting your spins, earning your first money on them. 

And if speaking generally, Binance coin casino is not very different from the usual online casinos in terms of bonuses. You will usually get a starter pack for one or more deposits, and regular reload bonuses, which are usually awarded once or twice a week, should be available to you for the following replenishments. You can also expect to get cashback, birthday gifts, freespins, tickets for tournaments and lotteries as well as other promotions, but it all depends on the bonus policy of your chosen Binance Casino.

Casino Games You Can Play With BNB

There is no limitation in terms of the choice of games for players of Binance coin casino. After registering in crypto casino Binance and making a deposit, you can play any slot from the game collection. This can be slotted belonging to the classics, modern slots with complex mechanics and advanced graphics, or table games: craps, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, keno, poker. 

Binance Coin Roulette

Roulette is definitely one of the most popular games at BNB online casinos. Roulette players use Binance Coins to play against casino. Players can enjoy the fast action of crypto roulette while trying to win big.

Roulette gives players the necessary entertainment that doesn't require any knowledge, or much experience: players bet on the expected number that they want to see on the spinning roulette wheel at the end of their draw. This game of chance is based on pure luck and is very easy to play. Roulette bets can be of two types: an inside bet and an outside bet. An inside bet has a higher payout but lower odds, while an outside bet has a low payout and higher odds.

Binance Coin Slot Machine

Binance slots are slot machines that have a long history and a fascinating simple gameplay. There are a variety of slot machines to choose from, so you are definitely going to find a game to your liking. Many of them have good sound effects and graphics; some have storylines from popular TV shows or movies. Players at mobile online casinos will be able to play slot machines with bonus rounds where they can win money by completing some task. Gamblers will enjoy the interaction in this game because of the mini-games and reward features, thanks to which they can win large sums of money in a single spin. 

Binance Coin Blackjack

Blackjack is definitely the leader in popularity if we are talking about the best table games in all BNB online casinos. Blackjack has a small home advantage, so winning a blackjack game at even high roller casinos is relatively easy. Nevertheless, experienced players know very well that winning at blackjack combines skill and luck. Blackjack is very easy to learn, and the good thing is that the use of proper strategy will maximize your chances of winning.

Binance Coin Live casinos

Live casino Binance games are very different from regular slot machines, because in these games people shuffle and deal cards, instead of an algorithm. Live dealer games are unique because players will see all the action as the game progresses. You will experience a much greater connection between the players and your live casino dealer.  The function of the live casino Binance dealer is to answer any questions players have and to entertain them. Card and table games such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat are popular in both old and new online casinos.  

Binance Coin Sports Betting

Betting on sports involves predicting sporting events in some BNB online casinos. Bookmakers establish favorable odds for all matches, and each match has a great chance of increasing your bankroll. So, a player can predict the winner or loser of a particular game or the number of points that both teams will score. Bookmakers have many games for players, so you can bet on popular sports such as soccer, tennis and rugby, and take advantage of a large collection of additional features.

Binance Coin Dice

The dice game is one of the most profitable even in dama nv casinos, and remains such when you play bets at Binance pay online casino. Take some time to learn this classy game, and this way you won't have any questions about where to win some Binance Coins. 

Alternatives to Binance for Online Gambling

If for some reason you do not have the opportunity to play with Binance Coin, you do not get upset, because now you can find alternatives that are just as good. Basically, there are six virtual e-currencies accepted to play, including bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, usdt, dogecoin, or tron coin. The cryptocurrencies listed above are the main currency for crypto casinos. In some cases, digital tokens can also be accepted for payment at traditional online gaming resources. Casinos that accept bitcoins and other digital currencies as a means of payment have several advantages over traditional online gaming services.

How quickly is the deposit credited to the casino balance, through cryptocurrency comparison:

Cryptocurrency name The speed of depositing to the casino balance
Bitcoin from 15 minutes
Bitcoin Cash from 10 minutes
Litecoin from 2 minutes
Binance coin from 5 minutes
Dogecoin from 10 minutes
Ethereum from 10 minutes
USDT (TRC, ERC) from 5 minutes

Pros & Cons of Using Binance Coin in Canada


Let's start with one of the most popular features of Binance Coin which is the possibility to stay anonymous or not to disclose any unnecessary information about yourself. Most of the traditional casinos require identification documents or obligatory binding of a bank account with further verification. Not many people want to disclose their personal data, and some people do not have that possibility, in the end, the Internet and the bureaucracy are a terrible combination.

Keeping your finances safe

Another weakness at conventional casinos is the security service, which can block your account at the slightest suspicion of fraud. Occasionally, it's enough to accidentally end up at the same table with cheaters who are laundering criminally obtained money to permanently lose access to your account. The security service will block your account and freeze your funds on it.

In BNB online casinos, the probability of blocking your account due to the suspicious origin of funds is extremely insignificant. Therefore, one of the key properties of Binance Coin works in crypto casinos which is that the user's money belongs to the user.


It is also worth considering that there are quite large and well-established players in the online gambling market, working for more than a decade, but only with traditional payment methods. This is an additional factor influencing the development of the cryptocurrency casino market. It is not an easy task to tempt gambling enthusiasts from traditional services, being differentiated from them only by operation with cryptocurrencies. All the above-mentioned points make best online casinos to continuously improve the quality of their services and to work individually with each client. It is in this industry that such services, which put the client's satisfaction at the top of the list, will be successful.

Game with no restrictions

It is quite possible that you live in a country where gambling is prohibited not only in real life, but also online. And serious online casinos simply do not allow you to play for real money. Of course, you can use the IP address of another country, but when you enter funds from a bank card or when identifying in the service your trick is probably going to be noticed. In the case of online Binance gambling portals such problems will not arise and even if you have to use a different ip address, your virtual coins will not tell anyone about who you are and where you are from.

High tech

Finally, we should highlight that by choosing Binance coin casino instead of a traditional gambling service, you are choosing new technologies, promoting their development and dissemination. Besides, you automatically become a part of one of the most entertaining and dynamic online communities.

Disadvantages of gambling on cryptocurrency and Binance Coin

  • Like any other payment method, the use of cryptocurrencies has disadvantages. In particular, enthusiasts of cryptocurrencies notice the difficulty of resolving problems. Because of high levels of anonymity and low levels of control, many companies are unable to provide full support to customers Canada. As a result, if a transaction is delayed or canceled, you may face a long-term investigation. Recently, however, the problem has become less and less relevant.
  • Cryptocurrency transactions cannot be reversed. Once a transaction has been confirmed, it cannot be reversed. This differs from recharging via electronic wallets or bank cards.
  • Another unobvious disadvantage of cryptocurrencies is the instability of their exchange rate.

Frequently asked Questions

How to deposit money into a Binance casino account using cryptocurrency?
Depositing funds to the balance is not so simple and challenging for new players. First of all, you need to authorize in the personal cabinet on the selected site, then decide what cryptocurrency you want and enter all the necessary data. Do not forget that here you can also also specify the actual promo code for your deposit. After confirmation, your funds will be credited to your balance instantly.
What are the most popular games on online Binance gambling sites in Canada?
When registering in a modern Binance pay casino, players want to have access to their favorite slots. In Binance pay casino you can find the most popular slots: as a rule, the top slots of several current genres can be found here. On gambling portals you can find tables with live dealers, as well as card games, table games, scratch cards, wheel of fortune and other games.
Do Binance casinos offer no deposit bonuses?
Many online gambling establishments are trying to attract visitors with beneficial starter promotions, and special no deposit bonuses are extremely popular. These are special offers, to activate which the player does not need to deposit money into the account. Usually it is a cash bonus or a certain number of freespins. These promotions exist for a number of gambling resources, but they are not easy to find, and most importantly, there is a risk of getting into an unscrupulous casino.
Are BNB online casinos safe?
Perhaps the main advantage of BNB online casinos is specifically their high level of protection. The security of your personal information is ensured by minimizing the required information during the operations, because in this case there is no need to prove your identity. Cryptocurrency systems have also been actively increasing their security level. But remember, it is worth paying special attention to the availability of the companys license.
How do I start playing at Binance coin casino if I am from Canada?
Yes, all Canada players supported. In order to start casino online betting Binance, you usually need to go through registration procedure. Having chosen the appropriate option, it is necessary to carefully fill in a personal questionnaire, specifying real reliable data, including full name and address. Here you can also often choose the desired cryptocurrency. Already after confirming the registration, system members can make a Binance casino deposit and proceed to betting.
The best Binance casino at the moment?
Current rating of the most reliable and quality casinos is always available on our website. All cryptocurrency casinos recommended by our website are safe. In fact, their only difference from standard institutions is the presence of Binance coin and other virtual e-money in the payment menu. If you conduct transactions correctly, your money wont go anywhere.
Are BNB online casinos legal?
Cryptocurrency gambling has no specific laws governing it, since some cryptocurrencies are neither allowed nor prohibited. While there are countries where cryptocurrencies are banned, in most countries cryptocurrency gambling is legal and is offered by licensed casinos that accept cryptocurrencies. If you choose a licensed online casino, using cryptocurrencies is both safe and legal as well.
Do BNB online casinos offer casino bonuses?
Yes. Binance casinos offer the same bonuses as classic online casinos with conventional payment options. Sometimes casinos may even offer exclusives promotions and bonuses to players with deposits made using cryptocurrencies. However, if a particular institution doesnt have them, you still have a great opportunity to take advantage of other casino promotions such as the welcome bonus, freespins, etc.
Why should I try playing at Binance casino?
Most Binance casino attract players with a simple and fast registration process and quick withdrawals with zero fees.
Сan i send bitcoin direction to casino from Binance?
Yes, there is no reason why not. You are basically transferring it from one account to another.
Can I play at Binance Casino from my phone?
Of course, any good online casino is a mobile casino, and it gives you the ability to play from almost any phone or tablet that runs on popular operating systems.
Deposits and transfers to Binance Casino are instant?
Deposits usually take a few seconds to arrive, which is great as you dont have to wait before you start playing your favorite games. Withdrawals can usually require more time, but they are still faster than standard payment systems.
I love playing live games, should I try Binance Casino?
Of course, because such online establishments have long been able to compete on the selection of live games with the best online casinos. Youll have no problem finding Binance casinos with Live Roulette, Live Poker, Live Blackjack and on and on.
I only play for small amounts, will Binance casino suit me?
Yes, you should not think that such online casinos are created for millionaires, they just have a convenient payment system. In our ranking you will find great minimum deposit casinos where you can play with Binance Coin using small stakes.

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