card games - blackjack, poker Card games - the oldest gambling entertainment, which is a constant subject of controversy among people. Some consider them a colossal problem, others - quite harmless fun. But time passes, and critics and debaters do not come to a common opinion.

As for the popularity of cards, it is explained by the ability to instantly win entire fortunes. True, the defeats in them happen loud, but the demand for such entertainment does not decrease. The number of fans is growing and there are new interesting options for games - with a dynamic process and an exciting atmosphere of competition.

Today, card games are very different from those that were at the forefront in the 9th century. And all because the real passion has replaced the virtual passion. And this is not the worst format. On the contrary, it has its advantages. The fact is that now you can play 24/7, choosing high-quality simulators or software adapted for playing with a live dealer in online gambling clubs. Moreover, in the second version, “substitution” is practically not felt, since the opponent is real, even if he is at a distance.

For beginners, consider the main types of card games in a casino. That is, those entertainments that are presented in regular and online rooms most often.


poker We call it primarily because of its considerable age and reputation in the circles of gamblers. It is believed that the history of the existence of this entertainment dates back more than five centuries, but it became such to which we are accustomed only by the end of the 19th century. Popular types of poker today are the famous Texas Hold'em, Stud, Omaha High, Draw Poker (with exchange).

The rules in different forms differ in the number of party members and the number of cards in the distribution. And the main task for the players is to collect the maximum combination before the opponent. Moreover, this is also true in online games, which significantly oppressed entertainment from ground-based halls. But only in slot machines now there are such “buns” as doubling of winnings, and live casinos offer generous bonuses and the opportunity to take part in tournaments with large prize pools. Thanks to which poker fans have become much more lately.

Black Jack

black Jack Another name for this card game in a casino is 21. That literally in one word describes its rules. The one who collects cards with a total score of 21 or close to wins in blackjack. The main thing is that the dealer has less points in his hands at the time of opening combinations.

Why don't gamblers pass by? The secret to the popularity of blackjack is its simplicity. And by analogy with poker - a variety of variations with identical rules. This is convenient, because now online clubs often choose simple games where serious amounts are played.


baccarat game Another hit of recent years is baccarat, which is not distinguished by the intellect of poker, and does not require concentration, as for blackjack. It uses 6-8 decks and provides a special system for calculating the value of cards. And the task of the participants is not to win, but to name the winner, giving preference to another player or croupier.

These are just the three most popular varieties of card games in casinos, the names of which are well known to everyone. There are others, but it is poker, blackjack and baccarat that have taken root in the favorites of gamblers and manufacturers of gambling software, which made it possible to play online with really lively emotions. Using high-quality devices in both real croupier mode.

Online casino with card games

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