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stream casino play Over the past 5 years, the online broadcasting industry (YouTube, Twitch) has been developing with giant strides. What started with vlogging and game recording platforms is now being applied in completely different fields. They also found active use in online gambling (poker streams, roulette live streams, slots).

It would seem, why would anyone watch someone else spin slots in an online casino or play poker? But these streams have found their audience. Thousands of people waste valuable time watching others' games online. They are attracted by the atmosphere of excitement, big money, and conversations with streamers.

While most poker players record casino live streams to advertise the poker rooms they represent or want to represent, self-advertisements, and in order to discipline their game, casino streamers are primarily interested in money. Not those that drop out to them on slots (this can be done outside streams), but in those that they receive additionally.

Why casino streams in Australian online casinos?

question If we compare the benefits of recording a game in an online casino and poker room streams, then the amounts will differ enormously, because a lot more money is spinning in the casino. Everyone who is even remotely connected with the online gambling industry knows about this.

The aim of an online casino stream is to show the streamer's masterful game, actively interacting with the live audience during the process. The streamer can be compared to the host of a popular show, to which the attention of a large number of viewers is riveted. The streamer's task is to keep the audience in attention during the entire live broadcast, interestingly commenting on the progress of the game on slots, listening to comments, and answering their questions from the live chat.

During the live broadcast, streamers give away substantial cash prizes and other gifts. However, the most important thing for streamers, in addition to being able to play well online slots, is the ability to easily and naturally communicate with the audience, appropriately making witty jokes or giving valuable advice on playing a particular slot.

Who watches casino streams?

twitch pngThe bulk of the audience of streams is made up of young people, who are always open to communication and willingly engage in dialogue with the broadcaster via online chat. Feedback is extremely important, because thanks to it, the streamer has the opportunity to delight viewers with pleasant rewards and, in turn, receive generous donations from them.

The organization of high-quality live broadcast is the key task of the streamer. No generous bonuses and prizes will save an online stream if its presenter does not know how to properly build a dialogue with the audience and create an indescribable atmosphere of the stream. It is these qualities that helped the streamer Cutter to become one of the most popular YouTube streamers.

Pros and cons of gambling streaming

Streamers say that the broadcasts help people "quench their thirst for the game." Such content partly allows viewers to join the game without launching video slots. Mr. Slotshunter sees another reason for the popularity of casino streams: "Many people often simply have nothing to do and they are looking for at least some kind of entertainment on the net." However, quality content is not only entertaining, it can be useful. Reviews of new slots give users the opportunity to quickly understand the mechanics and subtleties of the machine without real money contributions, simplify the choice of games in the stream of new products from developers. Often, such channels are organized by gambling operators themselves.

Real broadcasts also have negative sides. Many bloggers receive income not only from monetizing likes and clicks, donations, and ad insertions. Opponents of broadcasts claim that big wins are fake to attract new customers to the casino. Some authors give live links to sites with a dubious reputation or make stories aimed at minors. It was the attraction of users under the age of 18 that became the reason for tightening the rules in Twitch and YouTube, up to blocking channels.

How to choose a casino streamer?

youtube button png When a person plays in a virtual casino and shoots all this in an online format for his viewers, then this is called a stream. But it is important to remember that not all streamers can call themselves that, so it is important to choose the right specialist, taking into account:

general statistics when playing at online casinos;

experience and best practices that are revealed during the game;

features of streaming in accordance with possible options;

the attitude of the streamer himself towards his audience to create a pleasant atmosphere;

the quality of the content provided.

This is the only way to get all the required information data for subsequent use when playing in a casino. It is important that the streams are not only informational but also entertaining, which should not be forgotten when choosing the best offer.

Why do we need online broadcasts?

man at the computer The development of computer technology and the Internet makes our life simple and fun: now you don't have to go to the cinema to watch a new movie - visit the movie site, pay, and enjoy watching. One way or another, most of the usual entertainment is gradually moving into the “online” mode. The casino in this regard was no exception, now you can not only play yourself but also watch live blackjack on Twitch or enjoy Twitch slots stream of other players live.

First of all, they save people from sad and dull evenings and some from loneliness. Of course, the part of the streamer pursues the goal of not only entertainment for the public but also training and education. Others do streams at all by their work on an ongoing basis, getting very good money. Online broadcasts, in their own way, have become analogs of television programs, but with interactivity - viewers can directly contact the streamer, asking him questions via chat.

Slots live stream

online casino affiliate program During the stream, the host shows his game in the pokies, talks about the slot, and communicates with his viewers. To date, there are sites for watching streams where you can watch live broadcasts of popular casino streamers from Youtube and Twitch, and also learn how to start streaming yourself. Here are collected only official channels and licensed sites in which the game takes place. The sites contain a lot of useful information both for streamers and for players and viewers. For each streamer, detailed statistics on views, subscribers are collected, and you will see where this or that streamer is playing and which casino he recommends for playing. The database of such sites contains over 500 video recordings of live broadcasts.

Online poker streams

Streaming poker is a popular phenomenon. At the same time, thousands of real viewers can watch the broadcast of top players, while chatting in real time. Many people enjoy both playing and watching. First of all, broadcasting a game to a large audience is entertainment. Some streamers stand out from the crowd for their charisma and presentation style. You can often see how poker streams of frankly weak players are watched by many times more viewers than professionals.

Hundreds or even thousands of players like to listen to more experienced poker players, so the streams are also educational in nature. The second reason for its popularity is learning from more experienced players.

The popularity of such broadcasts is growing every day. This is due to the influx of new viewers and players, with the growing popularity of streaming platforms (Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, GoodGame, and so on).

At the same time, up to ten thousand people can watch the broadcasts of popular players on Twitch. If this is a stream of an official tournament, such as EPT, UAPT, WSOP, then they can be watched by up to fifty thousand viewers at the same time.

How streaming affects the casino industry

stream online Streaming is a new way to express your love for gaming, which has recently also included casino games. The rise in popularity of streaming services has also impacted the casino industry. While some virtual casinos do not favor streamers who broadcast their bets online, other companies see marketing potential in streams.

Many of the top streamers manage to secure exclusive deals with gaming creators: they are granted access to exclusive games prior to the official launch. This is how the game attracts more attention even before its release in an online casino. The opportunity to fully understand the game before your first bet is a joy to many casino fans. This is another reason for the growing interest in streaming.

Of course, streamers also get bonuses from the casino streams themselves, because they can get funds from game developers. In addition, the top streamers are supported by their subscribers, who sometimes give their favorites financial gifts in order to help the further development of their channels. Both game creators and players benefit from casino streaming, so it's no surprise that this activity has become so popular in recent years.

The future of casino streaming

real money Casino streaming has a strong impact on the industry itself when it comes to live casino gaming. The virtual casino is constantly evolving, attracting more and more players from all over the world. Live dealer games are usually only available to players who play for real money, but many gamers want to know how this type of casino works and do not want to risk their funds. In this case, streams help them.

Streaming casinos allows viewers to get an idea of ​​how to play live, feeling everything that the player experiences while playing. Live dealer positions are also a form of streaming that has a bright future. More and more people are showing interest in this type of casino entertainment, so software companies have started working on innovative solutions that will introduce us to a new kind of online gaming.

As casino streamers gain more and more attention on platforms such as Twitch, Mixer, and Youtube Gaming, the casino streaming scene should continue to grow. Many gambling companies also believe in the future of casino streaming as they see a new way to attract fans and gain more popularity in the industry. All this explains why casino streaming is the next big step in the development of the industry. Therefore, everyone wants to jump on this HYIP train as soon as possible.

🎰 Who are the top online casino streamers?
Streaming games at online casinos have become very popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. The top streamers at the moment are LetsGiveItASpin, CasinoDaddy, Jarttu84, Stop & Step, and David Labowsky.
😎 What's the point of watching online casino streams?
To begin with, many people just like not to play casinos, but watch online. Nowadays, a lot of people prefer to watch someone play, rather than play on their own, or before starting to play. The situation is the same in the online gambling industry. In addition, streamers often hold various raffles, give out money, give out bonuses for casinos, and test new pokies.
🎪 What casinos do streams mostly take place at?
It all depends on the streamer. Sometimes a project buys ads and offers the streamer special bonuses to play and stream this project. However, as practice shows, most often broadcasts are carried out on FastPay and Bitstarz platforms.
🤓 How to get a promo code while watching the stream of an online casino?
All that is required from a gambler is to carefully watch the game broadcast. The streamer can show the promo code, or send it to the chat. We recommend you not to get distracted, and to watch the Australian twitch streamers carefully so as not to miss out on your bonus.
🤔 Can I become an online casino streamer?
Of course yes! All that is required from people to become slots streamers is: be over 18 years old, register on twitch, have a webcam, and stream the game in an online casino. It is not difficult at all.
🏆 How much do online casino streamers earn?
This amount is very volatile, and it is difficult to determine how much money is earned on twitch in the online gambling category. It all depends on a lot of factors: on the professionalism of the streamer, on its equipment, the availability of a partner program with a particular project, and so on. With the best of luck, streamers can earn over $ 10,000.
😉 Are there any online casino streamer contests?
Yves, there are similar ones. From time to time such contests launched by individual casinos, and sometimes by entire grids. An example of the latter is PlayAttack's StreamApocalypse with a prize pool of $ 300,000.
🎰 What pokies are commonly played in streaming?
Actually, heaps of pokies are popular for casino watch online. True, most of the spectators do not really like ordinary pokies. They prefer progressive jackpot pokies, bonus rounds, and the like, although, again, it all depends on the streamer. If he is able to present content in an interesting way, to tell about a particular pokie, then users will be interested in listening and watching his play. The top slot providers are Microgaming, 1x2Gaming, Yggdrasil, Spinomenal, and others.
🔘 How do I choose an online casino streamer?
When choosing a streamer that will be interesting for you to watch, you should pay attention to the following factors:
  • His equipment: although streaming pokies or other gambling games do not require a powerful personal computer like regular video games, the streamer's webcam, his microphone, room lighting, and so on play an important role.
  • The streamer's behaviour: his attitude towards the audience, his vocabulary, appearance, and other points that determine his attitude.
  • The quality of the content being created: what can he or she offer you? Does he give out any bonuses and promotional codes? How and what does he say about the games he plays? Whether he is exclusively a slots streamer or plays poker, roulette, LiveCasino, and the like.
  • Your personal preference: ask yourself what is right for you? What should the streamer be like, who you'd like to watch?
📺 Where is the best place to watch streamers, on YouTube, or on Twitch?
Let's start with which site do you like best? If you are used to watching videos and streams on YouTube, then you should pay attention to streamers who broadcast their game in online casinos on this very platform. If you like Twitch more, then look for streamers on this site. Also, do you have your favourite streamer? Then pay attention to which site he is streaming on. A lot of streamers show content both on one side and on another. However, there have been several problems with streaming on YouTube due to the rules of this portal, which may impose certain restrictions on the gambling game. It's easier on Twitch.

Author: Vadim Rotar

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