How to Hack Pokies | Errors, Schemes Game process The crystal dream of a gambler in an online casino is to find “vulnerability” in one of the games, and thereby establish easy money earnings. Thats why shes a dream that her embodiment has little to do with reality.

Casino cheat schemes are either sought after by beginners or people too advanced in gambling. The first ones ask about hacking due to their inexperience and poor knowledge of the device's operation of pokies. They are driven by a thirst for easy money. The second category - on the contrary, is well acquainted with the features of classic pokies, and is looking for mathematical methods for solving the puzzle. In reality, almost no one can detect "holes".

The principle of the gaming machine

The heart of any device in a gambling club is a random number generator (abbreviated in English RNG, in Russian - RNG). This is an algorithm that guarantees the randomness of each new scenario during the gameplay. RNG determines which symbols appear on the reels of the pokie.

In fact, the spin in the online pokie that you do is visualization. The built-in algorithm determines the outcome of the spin in advance. How to Hack Pokies | Errors, Schemes Game process Even if you play in the risk round, the color of the suit or the face value of the card is a normal visualization. The device has already given a command to win or lose.

Another basic characteristic of the machine is the return indicator (RTP). This parameter shows how much the game "returns" to gamblers. For example, 97% means that the pokie takes away 3%, and the rest remains with the audience. Only here the return between the participants is distributed disproportionately at a particular moment.

The RNG algorithm is honed under RTP . That is, an array of "coincidences" should be driven into the framework of these payments. In theory, this leaves the gamblers a chance to gain an advantage over the one-armed bandit. But theory and practice in gambling are very different.

How to hack a pokie

How to Hack Pokies | Errors, Schemes Game process Short answer: no way. Indeed, a whole team with an appropriate level of knowledge and competence is working on the development of mathematics of games. And any new product is launched hundreds of thousands of times in test mode before entering the market. During such a run, testers find pokie bugs, which are then corrected by mathematicians. Do not think that you are smarter than companies with millions of revenues.

Nevertheless, there is a theoretical chance to find pokie errors. Offline there are dozens of stories when a team of hackers found vulnerabilities in devices. But before that, they got access to the RNG. A recent example is a group of hackers from Russia, which picked up the keys to Aristocrat products. They even wrote material about them in Wired.

There is even more content on the topic of how to cheat roulette, or how to win in blackjack (the famous group MIT). In offline comes to the use of laser technology, microcameras. In the same roulette, a person ejects a ball, which a priori does not guarantee complete randomness of the outcome.

How to hack online casinos? Is this real at all, even if you have access to RNG and you are a mathematical genius? In theory, this is real. But for this, you really need to be a mathematical genius, have a team of like-minded people, and disassemble the RNG pokies from now on. Information about the turnover in the machine and the current payment amounts simplifies the task. Obviously, one out of a million casino customers falls under these criteria. For example, employees of the gambling studios themselves.

Another way is to manually test the pokie. The final decision on the implementation of the RNG algorithm is made by the person. And where there is a person, there are always mistakes. Your task: to test the game on different settings:

  • Loan size;
  • Bet amount;
  • The number of active lines;
  • The total amount of the bet.

If this is the pokie of a company that, in fact, is not actively developing, then the chances of revealing a “hole” are growing. The fact is that providers can update product features if an error is found somewhere. If the manufacturer is not active, and his catalog has passed under the auspices of the new company, then at least more time will pass to fix the bugs.

But any testing is not cheap. Indeed, far from always the free mode imitates the behavior of the machine during real money bets. And to find some kind of bug, you need to allocate a budget for this.

Hacked Casino Games

How to Hack Pokies | Errors, Schemes Game process On the network you can find a lot of materials on the topic of hacked pokies. Discuss this topic in the forums. The truth is that even if a vulnerability was discovered in the device, it is quickly fixed on the developer's side. An exception is the old names, functioning without the support of the original manufacturer.

Often on the network they talk about bugs in titles from Igrosoft or Unicum. But this is a double-edged sword: the repeatedly analyzed RNG of individual games makes it possible to adapt them to your own parameters. And to find the same “ Fruit Cocktail ” on the original factory settings is now unrealistic.

A recent example of bugs and hacks are games on 1x family sites (1xBet, 1xPokies, Melbet, Betwinner, and so on). This grid has become a real testing ground for running new products from little-known manufacturers. They do not always have enough experience and competence in their work, but there is a desire for quick monetization. Holes are usually not in one-armed bandits, but in quick or mini-games.

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