Vadim Rotar

Vadim - Copywriter

Freelance copywriter collaborating with leading gambling and betting projects, as well as directly with online casinos and bookmakers. An experienced forecaster, project manager and interviewer. Vadim has deep knowledge of betting and gambling. For Slotsmegacasino he writes informative articles, guides, analytical materials on the global gambling markets and industry trends. Vadim's experience as an author in large gambling and betting projects is almost 10 years. During this time, he managed to prepare more than 5000 materials: news, reviews of gaming clubs, betting companies and services, guides, sports predictions and strategies (including exclusive strategies that include his own developments and real numbers), guides and analysis of research in the field of iGaming ... Vadim's articles will help you learn how to distinguish scripted casinos from licensed ones, learn a lot of useful things from the history of casinos, quickly understand the rules of games, the peculiarities of conducting monetary transactions on gambling resources.




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