fool rules of the game The Russian game Fool is one of the simplest card games, which does not spoil it at all, but only adds to its popularity among fans of excitement. It is not in demand abroad, such as poker or monopoly, but in Russia and the CIS every second person knows it. At least because there is no need for any special gambling skills and professionalism. Only a good memory is important, as well as a basic knowledge of suits and denominations.

The Fool game uses a regular deck of 36 cards. The number of participants - two or more, who can "answer" for themselves or be divided into a couple of teams. The title of the winner of the party is awarded to the one who can be the first to get rid of all cards in his hand. As for the varieties of the Fool and the nuances associated with them, it is worth talking about this in a little more detail.

Simple fool: the rules of playing cards in the "throw-in"

This variety is considered the most common - it also uses a deck of 36 cards as standard and involves 2 or more players. The rules are very simple:

  • at the start, a person is selected who performs the function of a leader and distributes to all participants (including himself) 6 cards per hand;
  • at the next stage, the leader reveals one of the cards, the suit of which is considered the main trump card throughout the game;
  • the player who has the smallest trump card at face value goes first - for this move, you can take any number of cards of the same status;
  • the initial "opening" round is usually counted after 5 cards;
  • the participant, "under which all other players go" can beat off cards with higher status of the same suit or a trump card;
  • you can also toss to the opponent those cards that coincide in status with the batter;
  • it is prohibited by the rules to give the player more cards than he can beat off based on the number of cards in his hand;
  • the participant who has successfully repulsed all the cards thrown to him is given the right to move - he must move to the player sitting clockwise from him;
  • before each new move, all the participants in the game take from the common deck as many cards as necessary so that they have exactly six on their hands;
  • if the player fails to recapture the cards, he must take them all for himself, and in this case, the participant sitting on the left side of the picker gets the right to move;
  • the winner is everyone who has run out of cards;
  • the last participant who had cards left lost - he was left “in the fools”.

Playing the Fool online is no longer a novelty. Rather, a rarity - these are gathering companies wishing to throw cards of cards. The rules in the simulators are the same as in the regular game. Varieties also exist - simple, where only the participant who has the right to move throws cards to the opponent; throw-in, where several players can attack simultaneously; transferable, when the player, under whom the move, can lay out a card of the same status next to the first card thrown to him and thus transfer the move to another participant.

Tactics to deceive opponents, winning strategies and other tricks in the Fool game

fool play online The main strategy of playing the Fool is the ability to memorize the actions of opponents and deftly confuse them. In other words, it is possible and necessary to cheat here, but only so that other participants do not notice it. It is cheating in such a simple entertainment that adds more lively interest and adrenaline to the process. However, "caught" on a cheat can be excluded from the game. Therefore, the emphasis was placed on doing it as discreetly and deftly as possible.

In online casinos, it is impossible not to cheat too much - the machines are smart and notice every little thing. But this type of entertainment is also not bad - you can play Fool with a computer as much as you like, understand the rules and hone your skills. This is exactly the game where you can easily alternate between the "honesty" and "cunning" modes, choosing the appropriate one according to the circumstances!