European roulette in Australian casino: play without registration and for money Game process European roulette is not popular, as this game is in demand all over the world. And she owes her appearance to the famous scientist Blaise Pascal. True, he was not an ardent fan of gambling, but wanted to carry out a revolution in science and create a perpetual motion machine. But as a result of attempts by a physicist-mathematician, a prototype of the roulette wheel was born. Similar to what we see today in European.

The only difference between European roulette and the original version of the game is the presence of a zero sector (Zero), which provides gambling establishments with an advantage of 2.7%. But here it is worth recalling that, for example, in American roulette there are two zeros at once (Double Zero). And this significantly reduces the chances of players to get a plus.

European Roulette: the rules of the game and the main features

So, European roulette according to reviews is the very golden mean where you can win good money. And to understand how to do this, consider the main components of this entertainment:

  • Firstly, European roulette has a standard spinning wheel with a ball. It is divided into 37 sectors, numbered from 0 to 36. Zero is colored green, and the remaining numbers are sequentially red and black.
  • Secondly, there is also a special field for placing chips that duplicates the numbers on the wheel. Plus compartments for bets on equal chances.
  • Chips act as game currency.
  • And the winning sectors are determined by the completion of the wheel rotation. Where the roulette ball stops is considered effective.

European Roulette Betting

The rates in the European version are the same as in other variations. They are internal (Inside Bets) and external (Outside Bets).

The first category includes:

  • bets on one number (Straight Up) with a coefficient of 35: 1;
  • for a pair of neighboring numbers (Split) - 17: 1;
  • on three numbers located nearby, (Street) - 11: 1;
  • on the first three numbers 0-1-2 or 0-2-3 (Trio) - 11: 1;
  • corner bets on four adjacent numbers (Corner) - 8: 1;
  • on the first four numbers, including 0 (First Four) - 8: 1;
  • to six adjacent numbers in columns transverse to the playing field, (Six Line) - 5: 1.

And external rates are:

  • to the column (Column), that is, to the sequence of numbers 1-34, 2-35 or 3-36, with a payment of 2: 1;
  • by 12 numbers or a dozen (Dozen) - 1-12, 13-24, 25-36 with the same coefficient;
  • Even/Odd (Even/Odd) with payments 1: 1;
  • to more and more numbers 19-36 or small 1-18 (Big/Small) - 1: 1;
  • on numbers painted in red or black (Red/Black) - 1: 1.

Game benefits

Now once again, we note that regardless of the choice of bets, the casino advantage in this kind of roulette is always 2.7%. But she also has a number of undeniable advantages in the form of simplicity and the utmost openness of the rules. Thanks to this, you can practically not be limited in the application of different strategies, which almost always come down to raising rates. Indeed, the coefficients are standards, conditions are understandable, and even novice users can easily calculate the potential gain.

In European roulette, tactics are completely uncomplicated, which is why it is often recommended precisely for studying the basic principles of entertainment. The American is losing European in popularity due to the presence of Double Zero, which reduces the chances of winning. And French roulette is simply considered too confusing for beginners.

How to start playing European roulette without registration and for real money

Many online casinos offer customers the opportunity to take advantage of the demo game feature. Therefore, before you play European roulette for money, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the rules in this mode. In this way, you can also hone your skills and consider betting systems. Then, when you consider that the rules have been studied enough, you can proceed to the real risk.

No one is safe from losing in gambling. And roulette is no exception. Therefore, we can also recommend monitoring the bank and calculating strengths and carefully considering each bet. Roulette does not like rush and, conversely, generously rewards those who make informed decisions.

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