Slots where you can win the Jackpot

jackpotThe winning of jackpot is the cherished dream of all gamblers all over the world. It can make you waste an incredible amount of money and time, or can make you fabulously rich in one move.

What is the jackpot? When we talk about such a prize, we mean a fairly large amount of money. As a rule, it is more than the usual winnings in the game. The amount can range from «quite large» to «damn huge». This means, that the gambler, who wins the jackpot on a slot machine or wins the card game jackpot can instantly become a millionaire.

There are fixed and progressive jackpot pokies.

Slot machines with Fixed Jackpots

The Fixed JP amount is unchanged. It does not depend on the number of players, the sum of bets and other parameters. To hit the jackpot, certain conditions must be met. For example, you need to collect a combination of some symbols on the line, place a bet or complete a bonus level. The amount of the winnings is indicated on a special digital screen called the jackpot meter. It can be indicated in dollars, euros, aud or in national or crypto currency.

Slot machines with Progressive Jackpots

The Progressive JP is a great win, the sum of which is constantly increasing due to the bets of all players. It can be calculated in millions of dollars and can go to a random player, who made the minimum bet. As soon as someone wins the jackpot, its amount is zeroed or reduced to a certain level.

Depending on the type of a prize, slots are divided into Mega, Major, Minor, Midi, Mini, etc. The lower the payout, the more often you can win such a jackpot. Accordingly, only God knows how to play and win the Mega Jackpot. However, some lucky guys might argue with this expression.

Varieties of Progressive JP.

The following types of increasing jackpots are distinguished in online casinos:

  • In-House. This jackpot is generated inside the gaming portal. Just one or several slots participate in the drawing. Sometimes, gaming portals under the same management company can join their forces to create a united fund.
  • A Stand Alone Progressive Jackpot. In this case, the fund is formed from the percentage of the customers' winnings. It means, that every slot has its own jackpot. Therefore, the winning amount rarely exceeds $ 10,000, which increases the chances of hitting the jackpot.
  • Area Wide. Dozens of different online portals participate in the formation of the prize fund of such a jackpot. It is formed at the expense of the players' bets and reaches tens millions of dollars. The chances of winning in this case are extremely small.

In addition to the types mentioned above, there are other types of jackpot. For example, Mystery: the essence of this super prize is hidden in its name. Neither the amount, nor the conditions for obtaining such a jackpot is known to the player, until the moment when it is drawn among the participants in the race. Perhaps such a game inflames the excitement and tickles the nerves more than usual.

In the case of a double jackpot slot machine, an additional round is drawn upon receipt of an intermediate prize. It means, that the amount of the prize is doubled and the probability of winning increases in proportion to the size of the bet.

Progressive Jackpot Network

Heaps of online gaming portals are united by the «Progressive Jackpot Networks» system. The essence of this system is that a small percentage of the bets made on a particular slot machine with a progressive jackpot goes to the common prize pool, thereby forming the jackpot. Thus, due to the number of players participating in the system, the jackpot can reach tens and even hundreds millions of dollars.

A list of the epic slots offering progressive jackpots presented below:

The first on the list is Mega Moolah from the well-known provider Microgaming. This game is rightfully called «Millionaire Maker». The maximum winning on this slot at a time was about 20 million dollars, and the total amount of jackpots for the time being exceeds 1 billion euros. MicroGaming is also known for its other jackpot games, including the Legend of Olympus, Big Bad Wolf, Avalon II and other games. In addition, the software from this manufacturer is famous for its excellent compatibility with mobile devices.

The next slot on the list of Millionaire Makers is called HallOfGod, Divine Fortune produced by NetEnt. The one-time jackpot won on this slot has exceeded 2 million Euros. Based on statistics, this machine gives approximately 5 million euros in six months.

Another jackpot star is Mega Fortune Dreams. On this slot, which also belongs to the provider NetEnt, a player who wished to remain incognito won 2.5 million Euros in 2018.

This is followed by Arabian Nights from the same manufacturer. Here, the maximum jackpot was £ 1.2 million.

Also there are noteworthy slots produced by RealTime Gaming. These are high quality slots with random jackpots, that can be won anytime and with any bet size. The advantage of these machines is the fact, that they are available in most countries, including Australia. The most popular slots include Aztec's Millions, Megasaur, Jackpot Pinatas and others.

Speaking of quality jackpot machines’ providers, it is worth mentioning a company like PlayTech. This provider is widely known for its progressive jackpot machine games network called «Win The Jackpot». More than € 200 million has been paid since the launch of this network. Moreover, a series of games with multi-level progressive jackpots, based on the Marvel Universe, is very popular.

Last Words

Fixed and progressive jackpot pokies are attracting more and more players in pursuit of their dreams. This is for the simple reason, that the jackpot you win once can change your life forever.

🔥 How does the progressive jackpot work?
All online casinos use the «ProgressiveJackpotNetwork» system. This means, that no matter which online casino you play on a particular slot, a percentage of your bet goes to the total account, which forms the global ProgressiveJackpot. When any of the players wins this slot machine jackpot, information about it goes to the provider's central processing server and, after confirmation, the winnings are transferred to the player's account.
🤾‍♀️ Who does pay the jackpot?
The responsibility for paying the jackpot can be assigned to the online casino, if the winnings are generated within the gambling portal, or to the provider, that produces the gaming equipment.
👨‍💻 Can I play jackpot pokies for free?
It should be borne in mind that, unfortunately, most of progressive jackpot slot games for a free trial in demo mode are not available.
😊 Which jackpot slots providers are trustworthy?
First of all, you should only trust licensed manufacturers. Then, pay attention to the companies, whose slots give as many wins as possible. Among the leaders, it is worth noting the companies Microgaming, NetEnt and PlayTech. Such companies as EGT, RealTime Gaming & Fugaso also deserve a kind word. These companies value their names and produce first-class products.
✅ Is it possible to hit the jackpot by making the minimum bet?
Certainly it is! In the «ProgressiveJackpotNetwork» system, observing certain conditions, you can win a jackpot by placing a minimum bet.
📱 Is it possible to play the jackpot pokies from mobile devices?
Yes, absolutely! Most of the online casino games are designed with mobile phones and tablets in mind. This way you can not only play your favorite games without losing quality, but you can also enjoy the winnings, for example, as a citizen of Stockholm, who hit the jackpot of 8.6 million Euros with a bet of only € 1.5.
⚡ What are high variance slots?
Dispersion is the degree of risk, that the manufacturer has put into the slot machine. It can be high, medium and low. Low variance slots produce winning combinations more often, than high variance slots. However, their payout ratio is also lower. Highly dispersed slots attract players with high wins, but they rarely form winning combinations. Highly dispersed slots include such machines as Sultan’s Gold, Great Blue, Rome & Glory, Captain America, Panther Moon and others.
😞 Can everyone play jackpot pokies?
Certainly. However, you should remember, that only adult players have the opportunity to gamble in Australia. If aussie is under the age of 18, unfortunately, he is not allowed to play in the casino. We recommend you to not try to cheat the system. You will still have to go through the verification process, and if the fact, that you are under 18 years old is discovered, then your account will be blocked. All licensed operators strictly adhere to the Responsible Gaming policy, fear for their reputation, and make no exceptions. Be careful and responsible.
🎬 How do I sign up for the website with the jackpot slots?
Most often, the registration process takes a couple of minutes and does not require unnecessary information from the newcomer. Let's discuss the steps in order:
  • You need to go to the official website of the casino, and click the "register / sign up" button;
  • Enter your email, login, password, and select the currency;
  • Provide personal information such as your name, surname, and place of residence;
  • Confirm your account registration by clicking on the corresponding link, that will be sent to you in an email.
  • Done! Your account is registered and you can make a deposit, claim your welcome bonus, and enjoy the titles!
🎰 Do all casinos have jackpot pokie machines?
Yes, such titles are quite common and are available on almost all gambling websites. We recommend you to choose only licensed casinos, in order to avoid scammers and fraudsters. This article lists excellent operators, that have such games.
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