Miami No other city in the South of the United States is as famous as Miami. The name of this city has become a household name, personifying the best sea vacations, the most luxurious hotels and the gambling industry. This characteristic is not accidental and in many respects corresponds to reality. Florida is the southernmost state of the United States, and the largest city in the state is considered to be a tourist mecca. Here abundant luxury beaches and fashionable hotels. Tourists are ready to entertain night clubs, discos and the best casinos in Miami day and night.

By the number of gambling establishments, Miami, along with the entire state of Florida, is considered the patrimony of the gambling business on the east coast of the United States. Every year, millions of tourists from all over the world come here on vacation. For vacationers, there are chic opportunities not only to luxuriously relax on the beautiful sea beaches, but also to have fun. Looking at the list of casinos in Miami, the number of entertainment venues and attractions, you begin to understand that this city is never boring.

Want a wonderful comfortable sea vacation, please! Entire kilometers of amazing sandy beaches are at your disposal. Tropical climate and wonderful weather throughout the year, the perfect combination for sea tourism. If you want to tickle your nerves, go to the alligator farm. Prefer to spend time at a game of poker, go play at a casino in Miami. In short, entertainment for every taste and at any time of the year.

The gambling business in Florida has a long history. Despite a formal ban on casino operations in the States, the gambling industry in Florida has never stood still. This was facilitated by the development of mass tourism, which swept the state of Florida in the middle of the 20th century. The heyday of the gambling industry began in the early 60s of the XX century? with the beginning of mass emigration from Cuba. As a result, the region received a developed network of entertainment venues, a well-equipped hotel business. Crowds of tourists came from all over America and from abroad, who were not least interested in playing for money at a casino in Miami.


For reference! While things are going well with real gambling in Florida and Miami, the online gambling industry is still banned in the United States. This state of affairs, however, does not prevent the Americans with great pleasure from playing blackjack in Miami on the sites of offshore online casinos. This type of entertainment is in great demand and is becoming increasingly popular among young people.

Consider the best gambling establishments in Miami. Which casinos should be distinguished from the general list and recommended for visiting.

The most popular and most visited gambling establishments in Miami

Only in the metropolis itself, with a population of half a million inhabitants, there are 5 casinos and gambling establishments of a similar profile. If you take into account all the immediate surroundings, the number of casinos will double.

The most popular and visited establishments in the city are as follows:

Miami casino Casino Miami. A traditional gambling establishment with a full range of services and with a diverse assortment. Visitors will find the good old roulette in Miami , tables for playing poker and blackjack. A large selection of slot machines with games from the best providers.

  • Magic City Casino (two institutions of the same name). Due to the fact that the institution is one of the first to open, it is especially popular among tourists and vacationers. A familiar set of offers, including board card games, roulette, scratch cards, lotteries and the best slot machines in Miami . The institution is open from 10 in the morning and closes only in the morning.

Both casinos are considered the most visited in the city. Information on the operating hours of gambling establishments is available in almost all guidebooks and tourist booklets.

  • Flagler Dog Track & Entertainment. A young, recently opened gambling establishment, popular among young people. Here you can play slot machines, Miami is secretly considered the capital of "one-armed bandits", play roulette, participate in a mini-poker tournament.

Miami Unlike casinos in other states, the rules of conduct for visitors in gambling establishments in Miami and Florida look more loyal. Dress code is a simple formality, and the age limit is not respected everywhere and not always.

Come to Miami! You will find a sea of pleasant sensations and emotions. Play and win, have fun and relax!

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