Nevada Welcome to Nevada ! Naturally, many at the mention of this state immediately recall Las Vegas. Yes. The world gambling capital is located in this region of the United States, but we are larger than the rest of the state. Are there any top casinos in Nevada besides Vegas gambling establishments? What is the state of the gambling industry in this vast territory and is it really necessary to go to Las Vegas to have fun playing poker?

The gambling industry in Nevada. How are things?

If you do not take into account Las Vegas with its world-famous gambling establishments, the state itself is not so rich in places for such entertainment. Most of modern Nevada is a desert sparsely populated land. Whereas the western and southwestern parts of the state are the most densely populated lands. This is the territory of compact residence of the indigenous population, the Uasho Indians. It is here that both locals and visitors go to play casinos in Nevada. The audience is attracted by tribal Native American casinos located in exotic places, near natural sites popular with tourists.

How much these gambling houses are popular and visited is difficult to answer. Naturally, comparing the number of visitors and the turnover of these casinos with similar indicators in Vegas gambling houses will be inappropriate. Nevertheless, according to numerous customers, here you can safely play blackjack in Nevada , place bets on roulette, play any other gambling. In terms of scale and quality of offers, Native American casinos of the state are in no way inferior to similar institutions of the gaming capital.

Nevada slots The gambling industry in Nevada has developed since the legalization of the gambling business in the United States. However, at the initial stage, almost all casinos were concentrated in Las Vegas, which was chosen by the federal authorities as one of the central gaming zones in the country. The heyday of gambling throughout the state began in the late 80s of the XX century, when the Indian tribes received the exclusive right to carry out activities in the field of gambling.

Soon, playing for money in a casino in Nevada became easy, simple and affordable. Native American tribal casinos at one time even competed with gambling establishments in Vegas. Tourists came in large numbers not only to stare at the beauties of Lake Tahoe and the exotic of the Mojave Desert, but also liked to play slot machines, Nevada and its Native American casinos could satisfy the needs of the most sophisticated players.

However, we will move away from historical background and analysis of the state of the gambling industry in this state. We are interested in another question. Where can I go in Nevada to fully relax and have fun with a gambler?

List of casinos in Nevada, the most famous and visited

The most famous gaming areas of the state are located in two places. This is in the Reno area and near Carson City. These resort towns are simply packed with modern fashionable hotels, restaurants, casinos and other entertainment complexes. Here in Reno are the following most famous state casinos:

  • Eldorado Resort Casino;
  • Club Cal-Neva;
  • Sands Regency Casino Hotel;
  • Diamond's Casino.

The range of gambling in these institutions is traditional: board card games, slot machines and the familiar roulette in Nevada.

Visitors note a rather tolerant service, professionally trained staff and a pleasant internal atmosphere.

In the town of Carson City, a number of other gambling establishments are concentrated, the services of which are in demand among the local population and among tourists. The most famous casinos are Slot World Casino, Casino Fandango, Cal Neva Casino, Bodins Casino and Gold Dust West-Carson City.

Carson City has the best slot machines in Nevada. Poker, baccarat and other board games are popular.

The schedule of all state casinos is different. Some establishments work during certain hours. However, the main mode of operation is around the clock .

Information for reference! With such an abundance of traditional land-based casinos, Americans and, in particular, residents of Nevada, more and more prefer virtual gambling. Despite the prohibition of interactive gambling, the popularity of offshore online companies is growing every day. Bypassing the blocking on alternative sites, you can play poker no worse than that, make bets on roulette, and fight slot machines.

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