lotto online Lotto is called the most non-gambling among the known gambling. And all because she from childhood gave chances to feel the taste of triumph and test luck. This is entertainment where the age of the participants is completely unimportant. Since the principle and purpose are extremely simple - it is necessary to follow the actions of the leader, randomly taking kegs from the bag, and patiently fill out the number cards. The first player to close the ticket wins. It is fun, entertaining and, most importantly, harmless in comparison with cards and other gambling attributes.

So, the rules are known to many, but at the same time how many years the game of lotto is not every fan can answer. If you carefully delve into the history, it is easy to find information that the first rally was held in 1530 in Italy. In principle, the name of the game came from this country - from Italian “loto” is translated as a lottery. It turns out that soon the lotto will celebrate the landmark five hundredth anniversary. The age is significant, which does not affect popularity at all. Because today there are many varieties of entertainment. Including adapted to the format of online casinos and are in great demand in the circles of gamblers.

Whose Lotto Game: Eternal Disputes Over Authorship

Where the lotto appeared for the first time, we figured out, but this does not prevent different states from attributing to themselves the merits of the creators of this game. For example, the rapid growth in the popularity of entertainment in Italy has led to drastic government restrictions. And all because there was an excessive enthusiasm for the game among the population, and the first speculators, selling tickets at inflated prices, began to appear. As you know, in those years the barrels did not reach the conditional leaders from the bag, but large-scale raffles were held with large prize pools.

The variant of lotto, habitual for us, appeared in the 18th century in Russia. But unlike Europe, the game has become the prerogative of rich people. For ordinary people, such entertainment was not accessible by default. But in the higher circles of society at the celebrations and at the end of the evening meals there was time to try good luck with the barrels. Already then, having borrowed the coveted word “bingo” from the Italian language, the lucky ones joyfully shouted it after filling out the card, notifying everyone of the victory. Although some Russians are now answering the question of where they came up with the lotto, they are likely to answer that, in the usual form for us, the game appeared in their homeland.

Lotto today

If you set a goal, in any house you can try to rummage around on the mezzanine and find Soviet boxes with wooden barrels and a stack of tickets. In addition, on the shelves of shops come across modern pieces of plastic, which they are eager to purchase. Including as a child’s fun. In the classic version, the lotto is not forgotten, but on gambling sites there are also a variety of models of devices that simulate a game in real life, but with substantial cash rewards. Adding excitement and significantly expanding the audience of connoisseurs of simple rules.

Now that you know who invented the lotto and in which year, there was a great reason to recall the classics. Moreover, now there is the opportunity to choose the most convenient gambling format. Traditional desktop or online with unique features and benefits.